The most powerful members of the RECEPTOR family
RECEPTOR TRIO/QU4TTRO: the Ultimate Synth / Sampler - 
		Play VST plug-ins LIVE with the RECEPTOR QU4TTRO <sup>tm</sup> Hardware plug-in Player.


RECEPTOR TRIOtm & RECEPTOR QU4TTROtm : The Ultimate RECEPTORs: more power & flexibility = more music!

The first generation RECEPTOR caught on quickly among touring professionals, and since then, thousands of RECEPTORS have played the stages of the finest venues all over the world, covering all styles of music, operating in all kinds of conditions from the frozen tundras of Canada to the sweltering deserts of Dubai. The world's biggest bands and most famous performers are using RECEPTOR.

The RECEPTOR TRIO and QU4TTRO take RECEPTOR technology to the next level. These are our most powerful Receptors ever; the easiest-to-use Receptors ever, and they also has the most flexible I/O capability of any Receptor ever.

  • RECEPTOR TRIO & QU4TTRO have Muse R&D's proprietary Tetra-Coretm technology.
    With Tetra-Core processing, your plugins are dynamically balanced between the CPU cores with priority given to making music, not graphics or other less-important tasks.
  • All RECEPTORs utilizes Muse R&D's rack-oriented UI with LIVE MODE.
    First introduced with RECEPTOR VIP, the new Rack-mode UI and LIVE MODE are far simpler than the older Receptor UI, and are winning acclaim from players and reviewers alike.
  • RECEPTOR TRIO & QU4TTRO feature the most flexible I/O of any Receptor
    With the PreSonus AudioBox 1818 VSL interface, 8 analog inputs, 8 analog outputs, ADAT digital inputs and outputs, and S/PDIF inputs and outputs, I/O flexibility steps up to the next level for the RECEPTOR line.


  • Processor: Quad-Core Intel processor, 3.9Ghz peak (QU4TTRO), 3.7Ghz peak (TRIO)
  • Drive: 2TB (QU4TTRO), 1TB (TRIO) 7200RPM Hard drive with 64MB cache, Optional 256GB SSD drive.
  • RAM: 16GB (QU4TTRO), 8GB (TRIO) of 1333MHz high-speed DDR3 RAM
  • Power: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, Auto-ranging, Auto-power correction power supply.
  • Dimensions: 2U high (3.5" / 8.9 cm) by 11.25" / 28.6cm deep by 19" / 48.3cm wide (Case is 17.375" wide)
  • Audio interface: 1U high (x/x) ....
  • Weight: Unit weighs 14 pounds (6.3kg), 17.5 pounds (7.9kg) with pack-out kit and box.
  • 8 channels line level balanced inputs (X channel mic/instrument).
  • 8 channels line level unbalanced outputs.
  • ADAT optical output.
  • S/PDIF output
  • Front panel headphone output.
  • Full Size MIDI input.
  • Three USB ports.
  • VGA video output for viewing / editing software interface of plug-ins.
  • Phantom power.
  • Dedicated mic/instrument input volume control and 3 segment LED meters.
  • Ethernet port.

The RECEPTOR TRIO and QU4TTRO include the new user-interface introduced with the RECEPTOR VIP, coupled with breakthrough features that let you make use of all the power and expressivity possible with software instruments and effects without the hassles of a computer. These RECEPTORs are our new, top-of-the-line, fastest and most flexible RECEPTOR models with something for everyone.

What is a RECEPTOR exactly?

RECEPTOR is not a computer. And it's not a hardware synth or effects processor, either. RECEPTOR is a "hybrid music instrument" that serves as a stand-alone solution for running virtual instruments and effects software. With RECEPTOR, you don't have to buy a bunch of interfaces and install a bunch of drivers to start making music, since the RECEPTOR is a complete, rack-mount musical instrument and effects processor that works right out of the box. Nothing more to buy, install, or fiddle with to get working.

These RECEPTORs provide a custom front panel hardware user interface that lets you harness all the power and versatility of virtual instruments and effects with minimal hassle - no computer monitor required - making the RECEPTOR something that ALL musicians can use.

RECEPTOR is software-powered, but it employs a custom, purpose-built operating system and host application for running your software to let you make music without the worry or hassle of system conflicts, long boot and load times, slow disc messages, system hiccups, viruses, and the other stability problems that plague computers. Even better, the RECEPTOR is designed for superior playability, so your favorite virtual instruments and effects feel better than ever before.

RECEPTOR has something for every musician!

The RECEPTOR is software-based, so it can appeal to a very wide range of musicians, including keyboardists, guitarists (both electric and acoustic), vocalists, percussionists, and live sound mix engineers. And of course, if you happen to be a guitarist or keyboardist or percussionist who sings, well you'll be even more delighted because these RECEPTORs do more than one thing at once... You can process your guitar while you sing, or play that killer piano while your friend plays guitar or bass... or even process two guitars separately and simultaneously! RECEPTOR is one of those rare instruments that does many things well, yet still meets the specific needs of even the most demanding player. Here are some typical use cases.

Installed Software - Synths and Sample playback plugins (included free)

  • MusePlayer sample player: over 4GB of pristine sounds, including a 900MB piano.
  • AAS Player with dozens of custom presets
  • U-He Triple Cheese Karplus-Strong synth with dozens of high quality sounds.
  • ForeFront Amber Lite physically modeled grand piano
  • Peavey ReValver Guitar amp and effects modeling
  • MuTech MuVoice LE with dozens of vocal processing presets
  • WaveArts MasterVerb 4 professional reverberation effects plug-in
  • WaveArts TrackPlug 4 professional channel strip with EQ/Compressor/Limiter/Gate
  • Gallo Engineering Studio Devil BVC Guitar Amp Modeler
  • Kjaerhus Audio Classic EQ, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Limiter
  • IK Multimedia Amplitube 2 Duo Amp Modeler
  • Big Tick Dual Delay, Hexaline, TickyClav, Cheeze Machine
  • EVM Synths MicroSynth
  • AudioNerdz Delay Lama
  • Green Oak Crystal Synth
  • GTG Synths LOG Synth, PD Poly, Tranzister, Yuno 2
  • Rumpelrausch Taips ZR-3
  • Xoxos Synger
  • Smart Electronics H20, MadShifta, SupaPhaser
  • Destroy FX Buffer Override, EQ Sync, Monomaker, RMS Buddy, Scrubby, Skidder
  • GVST Gloop Audio Looper
  • Steinberg Karlette
  • Toby Bear CowDelay, Decimator
  • Wurr Audio Green Gate, Green Wah, Little Booster, GreenMachine Amp II
  • Virtual Creations Ultra Phazer

RECEPTOR is remarkably easy to use thanks to SoundFinder™

These RECEPTORs feature an entirely updated user-interface that takes only minutes to master called SoundFinder. This means that ANYONE, regardless of their technical sophistication, can start taking advantage of the remarkable world of software virtual instruments and effects with the turn of a knob and the push of a button.

Our exclusive SoundFinder interface organizes the hundreds of presets in the RECEPTOR into simple categories called TAGS. RECEPTOR starts up in PLAY mode, which lets you choose a category (TAG) of sounds or effects you are interested with the lower knob, then select a specific sound or effect you want to play with the top knob, and pressing either knob to load. That's all there is to it! We've even tested this interface with people who've never used an electronic music instrument before, and they were able to use it immediately!

Your RECEPTOR comes with pre-defined TAGS for the categories of sounds, like Acoustic Pianos, Electric Pianos, Pad Synths, etc., as well as TAGS for the type of effects you might need like Electric Guitar Effects, Acoustic Guitar Effects, or Vocal Processing Effects. This makes it incredibly easy to find a specific sound or effect quickly - just select the TAG and select the preset. It's as simple and fast as that.

Of course SoundFinder also lets you create your own custom TAGS to organize your sounds however you want. You can create a TAG for the sounds you use in a particular gig, or perhaps create TAGs that are specific to a particular recording project. What's even better is that once you have created a TAG of the sounds or effects you need, you can perform with them instantly using our exclusive LIVE MODE.

LIVE MODE: the breakthrough feature for performing live.

Virtual instruments and effects sound better and are far more versatile than hardware instruments and effects, often because the sounds are much larger and more detailed than what you find on a hardware synth. The only downside is that larger sounds take longer to load, which can cause delays when you are on stage performing. The RECEPTOR solves this problem with Muse R&D's proprietary LIVE MODE feature.

LIVE MODE lets you take the contents of any TAG and pre-load the sounds or effects in that TAG using our proprietary look-ahead intelligent caching technology. This lets pre-loads your sounds (up to the limits of the available RAM) and move from sound to sound (or effect to effect) instantly with no waiting for subsequent sounds or effects to load.

Using LIVE MODE is incredibly simple: select a TAG, enter Live Mode and start playing! LIVE MODE starts at the top of your list of sounds, and as you finish with your previous sounds, they are automatically unloaded and new sounds are loaded in their place. The previous preset you played is always kept available, as are several more that are "down the list", making it an ideal feature for moving quickly from song to song or cue to cue during rehearsals.

LIVE MODE gives you control over a variety of performance situations

When you're performing live, being able to select which preset you want is just as important as having that preset be loaded ready to play. Because of this, we've given you a number of ways to control LIVE MODE function, allowing it to adapt to almost any performance situation.

  • You can use the front panel preset knob to select a sound, just turn to the name of the preset and it loads automatically.
  • You can attach a mouse and monitor to the back of your RECEPTOR and click on the large preset increment or decrement buttons on the LIVE MODE window. The big buttons make it easy to find and hit the target even on stage.
  • You can send a MIDI program change from your keyboard or controller to select presets, which instantly move to the next sound in the list.
  • You can connect a footswitch into the back of the unit and select presets by pressing the footswitch. There is even support for a TRS jack adapter to connect TWO footswitches, one for moving down the list, one for moving up!
  • You can connect a Wi-Fi router to the back of the RECEPTOR and use a mobile device such as a smart-phone, tablet computer, or laptop to run a VNC viewer application (available as a free download for most devices). This gives you wireless control via the LIVE MODE performance screen, and was specifically designed for easy viewing and control from a tablet device such as an iPad.

LIVE MODE also features a NOTES function that lets you enter performance reminders such as lyrics, key signatures, tempos - anything you want or need to see on stage! It's great for reducing performance anxiety and making sure your shows run smoothly.

LIVE MODE also lets you over-ride volume and panning levels that were saved with the preset, making it possible fine tune your set without having to re-save your sounds. This is great for fast and easy modifications to your list of presets without ever having to leave the LIVE MODE performance screen.

LIVE MODE is a breakthrough feature that is only found on RECEPTOR QU4TTRO, TRIO, and VIP. It's the ideal way to perform with the incredible sounds inside your RECEPTOR live on stage, move efficiently from sound to sound in the studio, or to demo sounds quickly when searching for that "just right" instrument or effect!

Premium Plugins that come with the unit in Demo Mode for 15 to 30 days

  • Applied Acoustics: Lounge Lizard 3, Ultra Analog, String Studio
  • Cakewalk: z3ta+
  • Dash Signature: Combo Sister, daAlfa2K, daHornet, EMM Knagalis,
  • GSI: VB3
  • IK Multimedia: Total Workstation bundle with Sonik Synth, SampleTank 2, Miroslav Philharmonik, SampleMoog, SampleTron, T-Racks 2, CSR Reverb
  • GForce: impOSCar, M-Tron PRO, Minimonsta: Melohman, Oddity, VSM Virtual String Machine
  • Kjaerhus Audio: GEQ-7 parametric EQ, GMO-1 modulator
  • OhmForce: Predatohm, QuadFrohmage, Hematohm, Mobilohm, OhmBoyz effects
  • LinPlug: daOrgan
  • Modartt: Pianoteq 3
  • Nomad Factory: Blue Tubes Bundle, Essential Studio Suite, Rock Amp Legends
  • Native Instruments: KOMPLETE 8 and KOMPLETE 8 Ultimate
  • PSP Audioware: PSP MixSaturator, Lexicon PSP 42 and 84, MixPack, Stereo Pack, Nitro, Vintage Warmer
  • Rob Papen: Blue, Predator, RG Guitar, SubBoom Bass, RP Verb
  • Sonalksis: CQ1 Multi-Band Compander, DQ1 Dynamic Equalizer, SV-315 Compressor, SV-517 Equalizer
  • Sonic Projects: OP-X, OP-X PRO, Stringer
  • The Sound Guy: SFX Machine Pro
  • Wave Arts: MasterVerb 5, TrackPlug 5, FinalPlug 5, Panorama5, MultiDynamics 5

Don't see what your favorite in the list above? There are hundreds of other plug-ins that work on RECEPTOR and can be installed at the factory for you. For a complete list of supported software, please visit the website and click on the Plug-ins tab.

RECEPTOR - Easy to use, yet it grows with you.

The RECEPTOR is really easy to get started with thanks to SoundFinder. But the RECEPTOR is also the most powerful and flexible system that empowers you to create complex and evocative sounds of your own. To do this, its best to view the RECEPTOR graphical user interface, which can be viewed by simply connecting a VGA monitor, USB mouse, and USB keyboard to the back of the unit. Once connected, you'll not only see all the TAGs and presets that make up SoundFinder, but you'll also see the "virtual rack" with all the available virtual instruments and effects included with your RECEPTOR.

RECEPTOR's "rack-style" interface lets create your own custom presets using a simple drag and drop paradigm. Just select a plug-in of interest, drag it into the central "rack" area (instruments on top, effects on bottom), and play. You can also edit the instrument or effect's GUI by simply clicking on it, giving you all the editing power that comes with the plug-in. RECEPTOR's GUI is immediately familiar and makes it easy to tweak the factory sounds, create complex layered sounds, or split sounds in to "zones" across a keyboard and more... And saving your creations is easy, at which point they can also be "tagged" easy recall later using SoundFinder or LIVE MODE.

RECEPTOR TRIO and QU4TTRO come with over $900 of software to get you going.

These RECEPTORs come with a complete assortment of premium virtual instruments and effects software, ready to use, right out of the box - over $900 worth in total, making every RECEPTOR an exceptional value. The included software covers a wide range of instruments and synthesis styles, with over 4GB of quality sounds built-in (MusePlayer by UVI), various virtual analog and physical modeling synthesizers (AAS Player, Alchemy Player, and Forefront Amber), as well as a comprehensive set of effects that includes guitar processing (Peavey ReValver HP, Amplitube Duo), vocal processing (MuVoice LE), and superior studio-quality effects (MasterVerb4, TrackPlug4, and more). Here's what one magazine reviewer said about the software that comes pre-loaded and ready to use on your QU4TTRO:

"These plug-ins cover pretty much all the bases for composing, playing, and recording music, if not full mixdown or mastering; they’re from well-respected names and virtually all of them have been around a while and established great reputations" Mike Metlay, Recording Magazine.

RECEPTOR TRIO and QU4TTRO also come to you with dozens of "premium" virtual instruments and effects that you can "try before they buy". Each software title comes with a free trial period (up to 30 days), during which the software is fully functional, and then you can purchase an iLok dongle license to use it indefinitely. There's even an exclusive "dongle garage" underneath the unit to keep your licenses safely "parked" inside!

Speaking of built-in software, every RECEPTOR QU4TTRO also comes with Native Instruments KOMPLETE 8 and KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE pre-installed, ready to check out in demo mode, and then easily authorized using a serial number that you can buy either with the unit or from your local music store. The RECEPTOR QU4TTRO makes it incredibly easy to take advantage of the vast world of instruments and effects that are out there, without the hassle and drama of software installation.

Of course the RECEPTOR lets you load in new programs as they become available, or add new sample libraries to products like KONTAKT 5 that comes with KOMPLETE 8. The result is that your RECEPTOR can expand and grow with you. Quite simply, the RECEPTOR will likely become the most versatile and useful piece of music gear you've ever owned!

RECEPTOR - easy integration in to your current setup

RECEPTOR TRIO and QU4TTRO use the Presonus 1818 audio interface to provide 8 analog inputs with microphone preamps, 8 analog outputs, ADAT digital out as well as S/PDIF outputs.

On the back panel of the RECEPTOR , you'll find a full-size MIDI input, and a TRS footswitch jack for changing patches (use a Y-adapter to connect two switches: one for incrementing, the other for decrementing).

Also on the back are four USB 2.0 ports for connecting to a mouse or keyboard, or connecting to a class-compliant MIDI keyboard. You can connect a VGA monitor to the VGA port and view the GUI of the RECEPTOR, or view the GUI remotely over a network by connecting a computer or Wi-FI router to the gigabit Ethernet port.

Rounding out the rear panel is a universal AC power input that let's you take your RECEPTOR anywhere, thanks to the auto-ranging, auto-power factor correcting power supply.

Road Ready, Tour Proven, and Ready to Go

With years of touring experience with our RECEPTOR line, we know what it takes to build a product that will survive the ravages of the road. As a result, we've designed and built the RECEPTOR to be super-rugged, with a chassis that is fabricated in the USA entirely out of steel and aluminum. RECEPTOR is designed to deliver years of reliable music making, and since it is rack-mountable you won't need to worry about someone walking away with it while you're on your break. Most importantly, if it does get knocked over or dropped at a gig, you won't be sweeping up the pieces as you would with a laptop!

  RECEPTOR TRIO and QU4TTRO - Check them out at your local music store or book a demo!

Doesn't your music deserve the best sounds and effects available? Then check out the RECEPTOR TRIO or QU4TTRO by visiting your local music store and requesting a demo. Listen to the great sounds and see the unit in action by visiting the RECEPTORLAND channel on You Tube. Or contact Muse Research and book a demo with a local sales expert, available in the major metropolitan areas world-wide. .

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