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RECEPTOR 2+ Classic: the Ultimate Synth / Sampler - 
		Play VST plug-ins LIVE with the RECEPTOR 2+ Classic Hardware plug-in Player.


The RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC is the the fastest, most expandable RECEPTOR 2 ever. It is the smarter, faster, and better way to run your favorite virtual instruments and effects. It delivers the pure performance muscle you need whether you perform on stage, record in the studio, or compose for the screen.

Available as a refurb model only, this RECEPTOR is an update to the prior top-of-the-line RECEPTOR 2+ PROMAX, with a new 2TB hard drive and 8GB of system memory. This is the big brother of the RECEPTOR used by most touring professionals, in the same rock-solid, gig-proven, dependable package. The case may have a few scratches and dings, but you will love the price and the performance of this RECEPTOR!

  • 2 TB drive
  • 8 GB memory
  • 3.3 Ghz Dual-Core Intel processor

Many of the world’s top touring professionals and composers of TV and film soundtracks have discovered that RECEPTOR is an invaluable tool, since it works with unrivalled efficiency as a stand-alone instrument as well as in concert with your existing computer DAW system to accelerate it. RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC is fitted with a 2 TB SATA 2 hard drive for storing huge sample libraries and delivering faster than you ever thought possible. Its 8GB of high-speed memory and 3.3 GHz dual-core Intel processor enable you to run more plug-ins with super-low latency and high polyphony. (To see pictures of the front and back panels of RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC, click Here).

The key to RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC is its completely customized software that extracts all the power possible from the hardware. The new software has unique features such as LIVE MODE and a completely redesigned UI, or you can run the classic UI with all the features you have come to expect in a RECEPTOR such as the MIDI Filter, Snapshot presets, and Z-load functions.

Legendary stability and sonic performance

You can rely on our legendary sound quality, with balanced line-level inputs and outputs, S/PDIF digital input and output, high performance front panel instrument input, and 8-channel ADAT optical output. Whether you run at 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88kHz, or 96kHz, you’ll find that RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC gives you inspirational sonic performance with minimal latency… It’s as if your virtual instruments and effects suddenly became real! And of course RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC is super-stable, and even if you do find yourself facing a bug in a plug-in you’re running, you’ll reboot instantly and be back on the musical path.

RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC – The ideal studio and composition tool

RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC provides the working professional with the best-in-class hardware designed for optimal performance combined with custom designed, super-efficient software that drastically improves your workflow and maximizes the amount of time you can spend making music. But RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC also works in concert with your existing computer system by letting you run power-hungry virtual instruments without bogging down your DAW. So whether you make hit records in your studio or write scores for TV of blockbuster films, you’ll find the RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC is the ideal production partner. It is simply the smarter, faster, better way to make music using virtual instruments and effects.

RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC is the perfect choice for demanding players both live and in the studio. We start with a super fast 3.3GHz dual-core Intel CPU so you can run lots of effects or instruments with high polyphony. We then marry this processor to a super-fast hard disc subsystem and 8GB of high speed RAM so you can run huge sample libraries. Add to that enhanced networking bandwidth so you can transfer files and back up your unit in no time, and you have a system with serious power under the hood. (To see pictures of the front and back panels of RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC, click Here).

World famous sound and super great playing feel

We harness all this computing power with highly tweaked audio I/O drivers to avoid the annoying latency that plagues most systems. And speaking of audio – RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC employs the same legendary audio I/O design of the original RECEPTOR, with 24-bit codecs, balanced line level inputs and outputs on 1/4" TRS connectors, super-clean front-panel instrument input, ADAT optical 8-channel digital output, and support for up to 96kHz sample rates.

RECEPTOR’s Unique Software Platform

Optimized hardware is only the beginning, since RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC lets you exploit all the power and speed the hardware has to offer thanks to Muse Research’s proprietary host environment, available only on RECEPTOR.

The Muse host software has been custom designed and highly-optimized for the task of running virtual instruments and effects. The simple mixer-like interface enhances your workflow, letting you select presets without having to open a plug-in interface, and letting you control all aspects of a plug-in as well as the mixer itself using MIDI. The powerful MIDI filter lets you quickly create splits and layers, as well as re-channelizing and re-pitching your sounds instantly. All of this results in more time spent making music, and less time with your creativity on hold waiting for your gear to get out of the way.

Great Audio is Muse’s Top Priority

The Muse host software is built on top of Linux, the “industrial strength” operating system that consumes as little as 5% of the available RAM compared with as much as 40% with other computer operating systems. Furthermore, Muse prioritizes audio tasks over less-important tasks such as graphical redraws, which means that the operations that matter when making music receive higher priority than all others, unlike a computer that typically emphasizes graphics performance over all else. Finally, Muse host software has been made more efficient by eliminating all the extraneous functions that bloat and drain the performance of a computer system – there are no printer drivers, email programs, automatic updates or other programs to sap the CPU’s power and interrupt you from what matters: making music.

Not only powerful, but also versatile and efficient

RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC is a poster child for versatility, working as a keyboard synth, sampler, or sound module, serving as the world’s most amazing guitar processor, or an absolutely stunning drum module. Attach a mic preamp and you have an astounding vocal processor, or simply connect the line inputs to your rig for the most impressive effects processing you’ve ever used.

And that’s only the start of RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC’s versatility, as you can control it entirely from the dedicated hardware front panel controls and the cool, blue LCD, or you can attach a monitor, mouse, and keyboard to the back panel to view our mixer-like software interface in action. Of course, you can also edit your virtual instruments and effects using their GUIs. And finally, RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC will connect to your computer (laptop or desktop, PC or Mac) using a single Ethernet cable, letting you view RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC’s interface over your ethernet network!

RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC: the smarter, faster, better solution on stage and in the studio

RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC gives you all the performance muscle you need to create an amazing amount of music all in one rock-solid two-rack space package. Its been proven time and time again in tours all over the world, from the frozen extremes of the Winter Olympics to the sweltering heat of a summer amphitheater tour in the American Southwest, and in the orchestra pits in New York and the theaters of the West End. It provides a super-stable, high-performance environment in which to run your favorite virtual instruments and effects, and delivering your creativity with amazing sonic quality. The Muse Research RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC. Because you deserve tools that are as dedicated to music as you are.

Additional Benefits

Includes MusePlayer!!
The RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC comes with $500 worth of sounds in the form of the MusePlayer plugin from Univers Sons pre-installed and ready to use. A gorgeous sounding collection of presets that rivals any dedicated synth or sampler you can find on the market. You'll find that RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC enables you to start making music instantly with minimal hassle and maximum results.

Plug-ins pre-installed
The RECEPTOR 2+ CLASSIC is available only from the website. We can pre-install software so you can take it out of the box and start making music immediately.

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