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Muse Research Debuts Receptor with Komplete 5 Inside at AES

The ultimate instrument for NI virtual instruments and effects

New York, New York. October 5, 2007—Muse Research, Inc. announced today that they would be unveiling their Receptor with Komplete 5 inside, a special configuration of their Receptor hardware plug-in player with Native Instrument's Komplete 5 pre-installed, pre-authorized, and ready to make music. This configuration of Receptor lets you take your entire world of sounds with you wherever you go, thanks to Receptor's complete integration of MIDI and Audio hardware (including a high quality guitar input) combined with its exclusive hardware front panel user interface. Native Instrument's comprehensive collection of virtual instruments and effects offered in Komplete 5 lets you cover any style of music with Akoustik Piano, Elektrik Piano, Kontakt 3, B4II, Pro53, FM8, Absynth 4, Reaktor 5, Battery 3, Massive, and Guitar Rig 3. Owners of the current Komplete 4-based Receptor with Komplete Inside are eligible for low or no-cost upgrades to Komplete 5 depending on date of purchase. Receptor with Komplete 5 Inside is available immediately through authorized Muse Research dealers.

Receptor with Komplete Inside: your favorite virtual instruments in hardware form
Keyboardists, drummers, producers, composers, and guitarists around the world have discovered Receptor to be the ultimate platform on which to run their favorite virtual instruments and effects. Now, Receptor with Komplete 5 Inside provides a comprehensive collection of instruments and effects available instantly without having to install or authorize the software – just take it out of the box and you'll be playing the 11 award-winning virtual instruments from Native Instruments within minutes. And Receptor's superior performance provides improved usability and significantly less latency over a desktop or laptop computer, letting you get on with the task of making music instead of fussing with your gear.

Receptor with Komplete Inside: powerful, portable, and compatible with your gear
Receptor works with any keyboard controller, guitar, or drum trigger system, and even lets you mix in your current sounds with those in Receptor thanks to its analog inputs. And Receptor's performance-optimized software gives you incredibly fast response and flexible sound creation ability, which is why the world's biggest bands and artists use Receptor to run their virtual instruments and effects instead of a computer. Whether you play live, or work primarily in the studio, Receptor gives you the ability to take all our sounds with you live in a compact and robust package. And in the studio, Receptor lets you un-burden your studio computer by running processor-hungry instruments and effects on Receptor and leave your DAW to focus on sequencing, recording, and mixing thanks to Muse Research's exclusive UniWire™ technology.

The ultimate in convenience saves you both time and money
Usually, the convenience provided by having software pre-installed and authorized would command a significant premium over purchasing the product separately and then installing it. However, that's not the case with Receptor with Komplete Inside: not only does this configuration save you many hours of installation time, but it actually costs you less than if you were to purchase the software separately and install it yourself. Not only does Receptor with Komplete Inside satisfy your right-brain's urge to make music without the hassle or complexity of a computer, the incredible value it gives you by saving you both time and money satisfies your left-brain's desire to make the best possible decision after careful analysis.

"We know that many Receptor owners already use our software for their creative work every day," says Daniel Haver, CEO of Native Instruments. "We fully endorse the versatile concept of the Receptor, and we are happy to team up with Muse Research to now provide this powerful combination to musicians in an even more affordable and convenient way."

"We're very excited to have Receptor with Komplete Inside running the Komplete 5 collection of virtual instruments. " explains Chris Halaby, President and CEO of Muse Research. "Nothing else on the market compares to Komplete 5's comprehensive collection of pianos, organs, synthesizers, drums, orchestral sounds, and guitar amp effects. Its everything you need in a compact, portable, and powerful package that gives delivers superior performance both live and in the studio." he concludes.

Receptor with Komplete Inside

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