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Sounds Online and Muse Research Announce Receptor / Colossus Bundle

Massive sound library comes pre-installed on a specially configured Receptor

San Francisco, CA. October 6, 2006—Muse Research, Inc. and the online distribution company Sounds Online (a division of East West), have announced a special model of Receptor that comes with an extra gigabyte of RAM and the massive 32GB Quantum Leap Colossus sound library pre-installed on Receptor. The model, offered only through, is being offered at a limited-time-only bundled price of $1999.

Colossus – a massive sound library with something for everybody
The Colossus library from Quantum Leap has 32GB of pristine samples covering virtually every instrument imaginable, providing you with over 160 instruments at your fingertips. Coupled with Receptor’s remarkably low latency and phenomenal audio I/O section, the Receptor Colossus combination puts the sounds found in traditional sound modules and keyboard synthesizers to shame.

Receptor with Colossus – an ideal combination for musicians on the move
For touring musicians, Receptor + Colossus is the ultimate combination to have on the road or in a club. Colossus has incredible instruments of every type for song writing, film scoring, multi-media production, in the studio, or on stage. The combination of Receptor and Colossus is an indispensable production tool that has you completely covered.

“Live, the combination of Receptor and Colossus is ideal for the performing musician. And in the studio, what we like most about the Receptor is the way it can do all the virtual instrument processing on its own, so your computer can focus on mixing and mastering without any strain.” Comments Stefan Leiste, VP of Sales for East West.

“The combination of Receptor and Colossus is a real winner,” notes Bryan Lanser, VP of marketing for Muse Research. “The large variety of sounds available coupled with the flexibility of Receptor make it a very versatile tool to have on stage or in the studio”.

For more information on Receptor, visit or send an email request to For more information on the Colossus sample library, visit


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