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Muse Research Adopts PACE InterLok Security System

iLok USB smart key to protect pre-installed software on Receptor

Anaheim, CA. January 15, 2004?Muse Research today announced a licensing agreement with PACE Anti-Piracy ( to offer software vendors the opportunity to protect their software on the Receptor plug-in player using the iLok smart key dongle ( The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

iLok enabled InterLok technology protects pre-installed software
The Receptor plug-in player will ship with an assortment of pre-installed software . Muse Research has adopted the InterLok system to facilitate software demonstration on a "try-before-you-buy" basis and provide seamless copy protection. Receptor owners can then purchase a license to the software they desire over the company's website.

Revolutionary iLok smart key provides portable license management
The key component of the InterLok system is the iLok USB dongle. This "smart key" allows software licenses to be moved from Receptor to Receptor, and all authorizations ? regardless of software vendor ? are stored on a single key. This makes activation of software purchases simple and convenient.

Convenient Software authorizations through
Purchasing software for Receptor is simple: just plug the iLok into a computer with Internet access, log on to the website, enter a credit card number, and an authorization is made available. The user then plugs the iLok into their Receptor and the software is immediately authorized to run.

"PACE has significant experience in this area and their solution offers the most transparency to our customers" comments Chris Halaby, CEO of Muse Research. "Using a single solution with Receptor eliminates the conflicts that occur when there are multiple protection systems from different vendors. Both customers and developers win" he adds.

"PACE has provided a state-of-the-art system for Receptor's electronic software distribution system that requires little or no effort on the part of the plug-in vendor", states Allen Cronce, President and CEO of PACE Anti-Piracy, Inc. "For the end user, there is a single easy to use product that allows them to manage their licenses. The flexibility of this system is un-matched in the industry."

The iLok solution in conjunction with the MUSE plug-in distribution system will provide customers with efficient means to try products and subsequently purchase them. The results are automated and immediate, making software purchase and installation fast and pain-free.

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