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Minimonsta:Melohman Now Available on Receptor

Menlo Park, California, May 26th, 2005—Muse Research, Inc. announced that Minimonsta:Melohman, the incredible emulation of the venerable mini Moog synthesizer developed jointly between GMEDIA Music of England and Ohm Force of France is now available on Receptor. Minimonsta:Melohman is usable as both a synth as well as an effect plug-in, allowing users to make use of the incredibly phat filters on other synth plug-ins as well. Receptor owners can download Minimonsta:Melohman from After installation, you will be able to use the fully functional plug-in for a period of 30 days after which point it may be purchased for $149.95.

A highly detailed and accurate emulation of the original Minimoog
Minimonsta:Melohman has all the classic Minimoog features and sounds including faithful reproduction of all waveforms, a painstakingly accurate resonant filter, responsive ADS envelope generators, and the powerful Mini loop-feedback function. Using just these parameters, the Minimonsta covers a huge tonal range, suitable for all styles of music, from pop to fusion to hip hop to soundtracks.

Updated modulation features bring the Minimoog into the 21st Century
GMEDIA and Ohm Force have improved on the classic Minimoog by adding impressive and powerful new features, including the ability to modulate any parameter using LFOs or MIDI controllers. And a unique and powerful Melohman feature allows you to dynamically morph between twelve different patch settings, providing remarkable expressivity. Minimonsta:Melohman also features a unique ability to intelligently randomize sounds, letting you quickly and easily take this monster of a synth into uncharted sonic territory.

“Receptor is the perfect synergy of software and hardware” comments Dave Spiers of GMEDIA Music. “It lets you take Minimonsta:Melohman live without the hassles of a computer” he concludes.

“We are really excited about Minimonsta” comments Bryan Lanser, VP of Business Development for Muse Research. “We believe it is the best software emulation of the Minimoog available, with unrivalled features, incredible sounds, and unbeatable value” he adds.

Plugorama’s the place for new Receptor Plug-ins
The dedicated support site for Receptor, called, is where you can get all the latest information and download the latest plug-ins for Receptor. In addition, a comprehensive knowledge base provides you with technical resources for your Receptor around-the-clock. Receptor has hundreds of software synths and effects pre-installed, and dozens of these come from “premium” developers whose products can be purchased directly on the web.

For more information, visit, or send an email to , or call +(650) 326-5400. For more information about Minimonsta:Melohman or GMEDIA Music, please visit For more information about Ohm Force visit


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