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Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater Tours with Ivory and RECEPTOR 2

Menlo Park, CA (June 9, 2009) ? Keyboardist Jordan Rudess has just embarked on a world tour with Dream Theater in support of their new release, Black Clouds and Silver Linings. A critical part of his sound for the tour is Synthogy's Ivory virtual piano, which he runs on the Muse Research RECEPTOR 2 hardware plug-in player.
Rudess had this to say about his choice, "Ivory is my absolute favorite virtual piano and the Muse Research RECEPTOR 2 runs it like a dream. The sound is rich and full and playing it on the RECEPTOR 2 is always a completely satisfying musical experience." He also used this sonic combination exclusively for his newly released solo piano album, Notes on a Dream.

Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater Tours with Ivory and RECEPTOR 2A logical choice for touring bands that want to take the lush, full sound of Ivory and other virtual instruments on the road, the portable Muse Research RECEPTOR 2 offers unique advantages in this scenario. With an ultra stable Linux-based platform built just to run virtual instruments and effects, RECEPTOR 2's rugged construction, light weight, massive processing power, and pristine sound offer musicians the perfect solution for performing live with virtual instruments.

And Rudess' choice of Ivory as his piano sound is a no brainer. Ivory offers stunning, world-class piano samples without any of the pitfalls of touring with a piano. There's no tuning, no mic bleed and no hefty moving costs. Recorded in the finest concert halls and studios with state of the art equipment, each piano in the Ivory collection is sampled with extreme attention to detail by award-winning sound designer and Synthogy co-founder, Joe Ierardi. Mr. Ierardi, comments, "No question, Ivory runs on the RECEPTOR 2 with exceptional performance. The fact that it can stand up to the demands of a virtuoso like Jordan Rudess is strong testimony to that. We're thrilled that Jordan and so many other major touring acts have made the Ivory/RECEPTOR 2 combination their piano of choice."

Find out more at:,, Synthogy is distributed in the U.S. by Ilio.


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