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RECEPTOR 2 PRO and PRO MAX Blow The Doors Off Winter NAMM 2009

Faster, Smarter, Better RECEPTOR 2 PRO Models Introduced

Anaheim, California. January 15, 2009?Muse Research, Inc. is showing their new RECEPTOR 2 PRO and RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX versions of their esteemed Receptor line of dedicated hardware virtual instrument players at this year's NAMM show in booth 6729. These two new models feature all new computational engines and entirely new software foundations that make them significantly faster than the previous generation, as well as sporting impressive new front panels including new LCDs, knobs, and graphics.

The RECEPTOR 2 PRO features a dual-core 2.53GHz processor and a 500GB 300Mb/s hard drive, while the RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX features a 3.0GHz dual-core processor and a 1 Terabyte (1000GB) hard drive. Both models feature 4GB of super high speed RAM to deliver exceptional performance even under very heavy loads. Designed for touring and studio professionals, the RECEPTOR 2 PRO has a MAP price of $2599, and the RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX, designed with the film and TV composer in mind, has a MAP price of $3199. Both models come with the Plugsound BOX collection of virtual instruments pre-installed, and are available now from leading music stores and on-line retailers worldwide.

RECEPTOR 2 PRO ? The ideal machine for studio and touring players
Keyboardists, drummers, producers, composers, and guitarists around the world have discovered Receptor to be the ultimate synth, sampler, and sound module thanks to its optimized combination of hardware and software running on top of a proprietary operating system. Now, the RECEPTOR 2 PRO increases performance by doubling the processing power, memory size, and memory speed, as well as tripling the 500GB hard drive bandwidth. The result? RECEPTOR 2 PRO is smarter, faster, and better than ever before.

RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX? The ultimate composers platform
Many esteemed film and TV composers use our original Receptor in the creation of jingles and scores for many popular shows. The new RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX will greatly enhance your workflow and output thanks to its ultra-fast 3GHz dual-core processing engine, 4 GB of super-fast RAM, a whopping 1000GB (1 TB) drive, and an E-SATA port for connection to external drive arrays. Add to that the RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX's highly efficient software platform, and you have an ideal production partner that will run massive sample libraries with ease.

RECEPTOR 2 PRO and PRO MAX add power to your current DAW
Both the RECEPTOR 2 PRO and the RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX will deliver significant benefits when used in conjunction with your current DAW system thanks to Muse Research's exclusive UniWire technology. UniWire lets you off-load processor intensive tasks to the RECEPTOR 2 PRO or PRO MAX, preserving your main CPU for running your DAW software and UniWire works better than ever thanks to the new gigabit Ethernet port found on both models.

The RECEPTOR 2 PRO and RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX also feature updated factory sounds, including hundreds of presets based on the Plugsound BOX collection of virtual instruments. This collection of keyboards, synths, GM sounds, Drums, and Urban sounds and Loops is now included with every standard Receptor ?? an astounding $700 value ? at no additional charge. For those who desire an even large palette of sounds, you can add either the IK Multimedia Total Workstation Bundle or the Native Instruments KOMPLETE 5 collection to either the RECEPTOR 2 PRO or RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX pre-installed for a nominal extra charge.

The RECEPTOR 2 PRO and PRO MAX are available now from major music retailers and online providers. To learn more about these exciting new products visit, send an email to, call (650) 326-5400, or contact your local dealer.


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