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Muse Research Announces New Virtual Instruments & Effects for Receptor at AES

Large number of new virtual instruments and effects now call Receptor home

New York, New York. October 5, 2007—Muse Research, Inc. announced that Receptor now supports dozens of new plug-ins at this year's AES convention in New York City. Receptor, well known for its exceptional performance as a hardware plug-in player, now has software pre-installed from discoDSP, Rob Papen / LinPlug, Camel Audio, Wave Arts, Synthogy, GMEDIA Music, Sonic Projects, Native Instruments, Studio Devil, ModArtt, and Mu Technologies. All software has been thoroughly tested in the Receptor environment, ensuring that the virtual instrument or effects runs with optimal performance and stability. The software from these developers is available for download from Muse Research's Plugorama website, and will come pre-installed on future Receptors or available for installation by users.

DiscoDSP: New Discovery PRO is a huge step up from already impressive Discovery
discoDSP's new Discovery PRO 32-voice virtual analog lead synth represents a great leap forward from the popular Discovery synth. Discovery PRO features 12 oscillators four layers deep, four Moog-modeled filters, and the ability to import both Nord Lead 2 and Nord Lead 2X patches. Featuring two new oscillators, a new graphical modulation feature and hundreds of new patches, Discovery PRO is a must-have in your synth collection. Available for download from on a 30-day fully functional free trial basis, after which time you can purchase a license for Receptor's iLok.

Rob Papen and LinPlug: Euro Synth Guru's three outstanding synths on Receptor
Muse Research is pleased to offer the update of Albino 3, the impressive virtual analog synthesizer from Berlin's LinPlug, with sounds by Rob Papen. Speaking of Rob Papen, the synth wizard of Holland has been busy collaborating with Jon Ayres to develop two synths, namely Blue, an all-in-one FM/PD/Wave Shaping/Subtractive synth, and Predator, an new, incredibly rich and organic virtual analog synth. All of these plug-ins are available on a 30-day free trial basis from, at which point you can purchase a license for any or all of these great synths.

Camel Audio: Unique effects + Additive Synth bring new dimension to your sounds
The entire range of virtual instruments and effects from Camel Audio is now available pre-installed on Receptor. The esteemed Cameleon 5000 additive / morphing / modeling synth heads the charge, with its incredibly expressive additive synthesis engine and the ability to morph between four sounds in real time. On the effects front, Camel Space, Camel Phat, and Camel Crusher provide a diverse palette of effects to choose from. All are available for download from on a 30-day trial (Camel Crusher is free).

Wave Arts: Impressive suite of processing plug-ins sports new look / features
Dr. Bill Gardner and his crew have updated their amazingly efficient suite of effects processing plug-ins from Wave Arts, including TrackPlug5, a powerful channel strip processor, MasterVerb5, the astoundingly efficient and easy to use reverb, FinalPlug5, the peak-limiting and volume maximizing mastering plug-in, MultiDynamics5, a multi-band dynamics processor, and Panorama5, a 3-D virtual acoustic simulation processor. Available individually or as a suite, these must-have plug-ins move your Receptor firmly into the realm of being an incredibly versatile effects processor. All effects are available for download with a 30-day free trial from

Synthogy: Ivory gets even better with some spicy Italian piano expansion sounds
The incredible Ivory piano plug-in from Synthogy is widely appreciated in the Receptor community due to its ability to deliver higher polyphony and lower latency running on Receptor than any computer system at any price. And now Ivory users will be delighted to know that the famed Fazioli grand piano that was sampled in the Italian Grand expansion sound set is now available for Receptor as a user-installable plug-in.

GMEDIA Music: New versions of Oddity and Imposcar.
Oddity 1.18 and ImpOSCar 1.1 updates are now available on Receptor, updating these two classic synths. Owners need do nothing besides downloading the new instruments from as there is no upgrade fee for Receptor users. Check out these synths today as no synth arsenal is complete without these classic sounds.

Sonic Projects: Classic Obie and String sounds now available on Receptor
Fat. Rich. Brassy. The classic sound of the Oberheim OBX has graced many records during its production, and remains a highly sought-after sound to this day. Now you can get the warm sound of the OB synths on Receptor thanks to Sonic Projects stunningly accurate virtual recreation of these classic synths: The OP-X and OP-X PRO. Or perhaps you crave the sound of the ARP Omni, the Logan String Melody II or the Welson Symphony? You're in luck with Stringer, the string machine with two separate engines that can be mixed and layered together for classic synthesized string sounds. All three are available for download from with a 30-day fully functional free demo period after which you can purchase the license for the software.

Modartt: Incredibly impressive Pianoteq physical modeled piano
The clever folks at Modartt in France have taken a project from the Institute of Mathematics at Toulouse and turned it into the world's first truly modeled piano. Complete without samples, this incredibly expressive and adaptable program uses mathematical models of hammers, strings, soundboards, lids, etc., and creates a true virtual piano from these elements. Even more impressive is that the model can be manipulated so as to give you exactly the response you are looking for. Not only is this piano very playable, but its versatility in modifying the sounds to your preference make it something that every Receptor user will want to try, free for 30 days. Simply download it from and experience this exciting new technology yourself.

Native Instruments: Komplete 5 now on Receptor
The astounding, comprehensive, award-winning collection of instruments from Native Instruments will be available pre-installed and pre-authorized on Receptor in a special configuration called Receptor with Komplete Inside. The Komplete 5 collection of virtual instruments and effects from Native Instruments gives you everything you need to tackle any music situation, and when installed on Receptor, you'll get unbeatable sound, stability, and portability to take all your sounds with you wherever you go. Muse Research offers a service for installing Komplete on any Receptor, contact the factory for details.

Studio Devil: new free amp model gives any guitar or synth that great tube sound.
Every once in a while a free plug-in comes along that just has to be promoted on Receptor. Such a plug-in is the new tube amp emulator from Studio Devil of New York. Studio Devil BVC is a free plug-in that can be installed on any Receptor using the unsupported method. The plug-in lets you add the sound of an over-driven tube amp to ANY sounds, and is especially satisfying when you plug your guitar in to Receptor's front panel preamp and crank up this mighty impressive free plug-in. Look for a deluxe version with more models and more features coming to Receptor in the months ahead.

Mu Technologies Mu Voice: the impressive new pitch corrector / harmonizer
Imagine a plug-in that allows you to tune your vocal performance, applying special effects and adding natural sounding harmonies all in real time. Look no further, as Mu Technologies is releasing Mu Voice, the proprietary spectral analysis and synthesis vocal processing effect and its available now on Receptor. Mu Voice is unique in its ability to process vocals with incredible realism in real time with only a 5.8mS delay, and when combined with Receptor's ultra-low latency, you now are empowered with the ability to create stunningly realistic vocal harmonies live on stage.

Receptor: the ultimate platform for these and all your other favorite plug-ins
Receptor makes it easy to run your favorite virtual instruments and effects with low latency, superior sonic performance, and supreme stability. That's why the world's biggest bands, artists, engineers, producers, and composers are adopting Receptor as their"go to" device when they want the most out of their software. And Receptor makes it easy to take advantage of all benefits that virtual instrument and effects software has to offer with its plugorama website for downloading new software that you can try before you buy. And of course Receptor's exclusive UniWire™ technology makes it easy to integrate all this power into your favorite DAW environment, whether its Mac, PC, desktop, or laptop.

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