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First Big Fish Audio Plug-in for Receptor

First Call Horns now user-installable on Receptor

San Francisco, CA. October 6, 2006—Muse Research, Inc. has announced that the first plug-in from Big Fish Audio is now user-installable on Receptor. The plug-in, First Call Horns, is a popular collection of sample brass section sounds that includes performance keys that change articulation in real-time. Customers who own First Call Horns can install it on Receptor via the “user-installable” method. First Call Horns is available at music retailers and has a retail list of $299.95. The installer helper file that supports the installation of First Call Horns is available free for download from

Impressive brass section sounds from Big Fish Audio, ready to rock on Receptor
This is your "first call" library for a modern horn section – no longer do you have to use orchestral brass for your jazz or rock-oriented compositions. Whether you play pop, latin, jazz, big band, and rock n' roll, this virtual instrument, based on the Kontakt Player engine, has everything you need with unprecedented sound quality and programming. You get trumpets (played open as well as with various mutes), soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxes, trombones (including mutes), flugelhorn and French horn. Instruments are presented in both solo and section contexts with chromatic samples, plus there are a large assortment of riffs, combinations and improvisations to inspire you. Combined with the power and simplicity of Receptor, you have a traveling brass section at your immediate disposal with all the sound and none of the hassle!

"We are very pleased to now have Big Fish Audio plug-ins available on Receptor." comments Tom Meadows, President of Big Fish Audio. We look forward to having our new line of Vir2 Instruments available soon on this exciting new platform." he concludes.

“Its great that you can now run Big Fish Audio First Call Horns on Receptor” said Bryan Lanser, VP of Marketing for Muse Research, Inc. “The sounds of First Call Horns blows away the brass sounds found in keyboard synths and modules in terms of realism and control. With First Call Horns on Receptor, you get the best of both worlds – awesome sound quality in a stable, portable, performance-oriented package”

For more information on Receptor, visit or send an email request to For more information on the Big Fish Audio plug-ins or sample libraries, visit


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