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Thomas Robertson Dolby to join Advisory Muse Research Board

Musician, engineer, producer, and entrepreneur also is Receptor user

Menlo Park, Ca. May 1, 2006—Muse Research, Inc. announced today that Thomas Dolby has joined their advisory board. Mr. Dolby decided to become involved with Muse Research after discovering the Receptor hardware plug-in player for use in his live performances. Mr. Dolby is most famous for his career as a synth pop pioneer, but is also well known as an engineer and producer for such artists as Peter Gabriel, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, Roger Waters, and Stevie Wonder. As an entrepreneur and businessman, Dolby was the founder of Beatnik, a pioneer in web and mobile phone audio and ring tones.

Dolby brings diverse background to Muse Research as an advisor
Besides being a customer, Dolby’s experience in the electronic music scene as both a programmer, performer, and producer will assist Muse Research in defining new features and future products that better meet the needs of the live and studio musician. As an individual who has always sought to understand and enhance the convergence between music and technology, Dolby provides unique insights into how Receptor can further the aim of musicians to express themselves without polluting their artistic vision with unnecessary diversions and distractions.

“We’re thrilled to have someone with Thomas’ diverse background join our advisory board” comments Chris Halaby, President and CEO of Muse Research. “His insights into the music world as well as the consumer electronics space will greatly benefit our future technology and product direction in the years to come,” he concludes.

“Receptor is cool, and Muse Research that has very positive upside.” Comments Thomas Dolby. “I’m both a customer and an advisor"

About Thomas Dolby
Thomas Dolby is a British musician. His work covers a wide range of musical styles and moods. His most recognized song is "She Blinded Me With Science". As a sideman he has also worked also with Def Leppard and David Bowie. In 1993, Dolby established himself as a successful business entrepreneur after founding Beatnik Inc. (formerly Headspace), a technology company specializing in mobile phone digital audio formats, such as polyphonic ring tones for mobile phones. and Retro Ringtones LLC in 2002, which produces the award winning RetroFolio(TM) ring tone asset management software suite for companies involved in the mobile phone ring tone business.

He is often a major speaker at technology conferences such as Comdex, Websphere and Nokia. He has also worked as a producer and a soundtrack composer for both movies and video games. In 1998, Thomas received a Lifetime Achievement in Internet Music award from Yahoo! Internet Life.

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