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Muse Research Announces Additional Plug-ins for Receptor

New Plug-ins further expand the sonic potential of Product

Frankfurt, Germany. March 29, 2006—Muse Research, Inc. today announced new plug-ins for their dedicated-hardware Receptor plug-in player, including Garritan’s Jazz and Big Band, Best Service’s Chris Hein Horns, and East West’s Stormdrum. These three new plug-ins join the hundreds of other plug-ins on Receptor that make Receptor the ideal platform for running virtual instruments. Customers can download the installer programs for these plug-ins by visiting

Stormdrum from East West / Soundsonline
What would happen if you gave Godzilla a pair of drumsticks? Stormdrum answers this question with huge drum sounds and rhythmic beds that are a film composers dream come true. Stormdrum comes in both Intakt and Kompakt formats for installation on your Receptor so you can bring your Godzilla with you onstage or to the studio.

Jazz and Big Band from Garritan
The creator of the phenomenally successful Garritan Personal Orchestra dons a goatee and creates a complete Big Band Jazz orchestra, complete with all the instrumentation necessary to score a swingin’ tune. Jazz and Big Band on Receptor gives you a complete rhythm section, sax section, trumpet section, trombones, and keyboards with special attention paid to intonation and articulation to make your music swing. The Kontakt player engine powers Jazz and Big Band for ultimate control over your sounds.

Chris Hein Horns
Best Service brings you Chris Hein Horns, an outstanding virtual brass section, complete with alto Saxes, tenor Saxes, trumpets, and trombones. Unique controller functions include growl control, air control, spit control and many others. Keyswitches provide real-time control over the various articulations, up to 44 in all. Powered by the Kontakt player, Chris Hein Horns on Receptor is a horn section in a two-rack space package, perfect for spicing up your arrangements.

For more information please visit, send an email to , or call +(650) 326-5400. For information on Best Service plug-ins, visit For information on East West plug-ins visit For information on Garritan plug-ins, visit


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