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Muse Research Unveils Receptor™ Software Plug-in Player at AES

New software programmable hardware runs plug-in software in highly portable package

New York City, NY. October 10, 2003—Muse Research today announced the company's first product, Receptor, which can be seen in booth 1259 at the 115th AES Convention in New York. Receptor is a software programmable synthesizer, effects processor, and guitar processor based around the VST™ plug-in standard developed by Steinberg®. The product, which appeals to keyboardists, studio users, guitarists, and more, is packaged in a two rack space box with a hardware user interface. Receptor is expected to ship in Q1 of 2004.

Receptor: A breakthrough music and audio product
Receptor is designed to make it easier for users to take full advantage of plug-in software, offering the following features and benefits:

  • Receptor is a complete synthesizer and effects rack in a box. Receptor has a hard drive pre-populated with a large number of plug-ins, and the unit is complete with hardware user interface, MIDI I/O, high end balanced audio I/O, digital I/O, and even a guitar input.

  • Receptor is convenient and easy to use. Housed in a road-worthy 2-rack space package, Receptor allows you to use plug-in software live at a gig, or take your plug-ins from studio to studio, or use plug-ins in fixed installations such as schools.

  • Receptor gives you control over 16 channels of audio or synths with up to 57 effects. Receptor's 32-bit mixing architecture provides you with full MIDI automation of the all audio parameters as well as preset-based total recall of a complete set of inputs, synths, and effects.

  • Receptor is compatible with Mac or PC computers. Ethernet support lets you remotely manage all aspects of Receptor from your desktop. This allows you to integrate Receptor with popular DAWs and sequencer packages such as ProTools®, Nuendo®, Sonar®, Digital Performer®, Logic®, Cubase®, and more.

Ushering in a new class of music and audio products
Receptor represents a new class of audio and music product which combines software and computer technology with the functionality of traditional hardware synths and effects processors. Muse Research has taken the best of both worlds, providing the cutting-edge innovation of the computer software market fused with the reliability, predictability, and portability found in hardware products.

"Naturally we're really excited about this first product," comments President, Chris Halaby, "Computers have positively changed the way that musicians work, but they're not perfect for everything. Receptor will supplement the existing computer applications and create opportunities for these technologies to reach out to new musicians who find computers too complex."

Receptor is also capable of benefiting from advances in new VST plug-in software, since it is entirely software programmable. It not only opens the VST market to a larger number of users, but also assists with the difficult task of demonstrating plug-in software at the dealer level, since it can serve as a demo kiosk.

"Receptor technology represents a breakthrough for the VST development community", comments VP of Business Development Bryan Lanser. "We are pleased to see a large number of developers pledge their support for the platform, and we look forward to working with them to grow the market for plug-in software technology by allowing a larger customer base take advantage of the remarkable advances that are occurring in the plug-in world." he adds.

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