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Muse Research Announces BFD and BFD Lite for Receptor

BFD Lite plug-in provides BFD functionality at a bargain price

New York, NY. October 7, 2005—Muse Research, Inc. is showing the FXpansion BFD and BFD Lite drum plug-ins at AES in New York. BFD is well established as one of the "must have" plug-ins for laying down drum parts. BFD Lite is a new version of BFD that is highly efficient and is available with special drums kits only on Receptor. BFD and BFD Lite install on Receptor using a special installer helper file that is available to all registered Receptor customers from the company's website.

BFD: Realistic drum sounds in a powerful and versatile package.
BFD has already established itself as a powerful production tool in the studio. Now with the ability to run BFD on Receptor, this same power is available to everyone, whether you use Macs or PCs, or whether you use ProTools, Cubase, Logic, Live, Nuendo, or Sonar since Receptor works with all hosts and platforms. BFD owners can cross-grade to Receptor by contacting FXpansion, and download the installer helper file free from the website.

BFD Lite: Three amazing kits with performance to spare.
The new BFD Lite plug-in makes BFD power available at a very attractive $99 price. Featuring three of the best kits from the BFD library, BFD Lite is the perfect drum plug-in for musicians looking for a cost effective way of having state-of-the art drum sounds on their recordings or in their live performances. The BFD Lite plug can be downloaded from, or purchased as an installation CD from Muse Research.

"FXpansion has developed some amazing plug-ins like the DR005 and DR008 which already run well on Receptor" comments Bryan Lanser, VP of Marketing for Muse Research. "Now with the addition of BFD and BFD Lite, the entire range of great percussion plug-ins from FXpansion can be utilized on Receptor" he concludes.

"We're pleased to be able to offer BFD Lite pre-installed for instant unlock on the Receptor platform" notes Angus Hewlett, MD of FXpansion. "BFD and BFD Lite are ideal for use in a live situation; Receptor makes access to these ultra-realistic sounds incredibly convenient, whether as a turn-key solution for e-drummers or composers, or as a way to free up resources on your DAW" he adds.

For more information on Receptor, visit, or send an email to, or call +(650) 326-5400. For more information on BFD, visit


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