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Muse Research Announces EASTWEST library compatibility

Professional sample libraries now ready for the road

New York, NY. October 7, 2005—Muse Research, Inc. today announced compatibility with several of the EASTWEST sound libraries, including EASTWEST/Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Silver, Gold, and Platinum, as well as EASTWEST RA, Colossus, Symphonic Choirs, and Bösendorfer 290. These libraries can be installed on to a Receptor by any EASTWEST customer using the standard installer discs by simply downloading an installer "helper" file. The Receptor installer helper files are available for free to all registered Receptor owners at

Now anyone can play anything almost anywhere…
Receptor has become the platform of choice for many professional musicians who need reliable, portable, hassle-free access to their favorite plug-in sounds. Now with the support of the EASTWEST sound libraries, the universe of sounds has expanded dramatically. Even the massive EWQLSO Gold or Platinum libraries can be installed on Receptor by upgrading to the optional 160GB hard drive, allowing you to take the same library you use in the studio with you to a gig, or giving you instant access to the library as you move from studio to studio. A true breakthrough for musicians on the go who need a huge array of sounds available instantaneously, the combination of Receptor and EASTWEST sound libraries is a dream come true.

"We're really pleased to be working with EASTWEST to bring so many of their products to Receptor" comments Chris Halaby, CEO of Muse Research. "They have a great range of exceptional sounds, and their uncompromising attitude towards quality permeates through their entire line of sampler and synthesizer products. Now anyone can take anything from Colossus with its 160 high-quality instruments to the incredible EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Edition anywhere they want to go."

"The long sought combination of hardware and software instruments has now arrived with the successful integration of our award-winning 'East West/Quantum Leap' range of software instruments and the Muse Research 'Receptor' VST-player." States Doug Rogers, CEO of EASTWEST / SoundsOnline. "We have been amazed by the ease with which Receptor handled our most demanding product, 'Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Edition'. As an 'on the road' solution, this combination is unbeatable, as the world's top performers are discovering for themselves. Now with UniWire, multiple Receptors can be linked to create a monster playback system in the studio as well" he concludes.

Celebrating their collaboration with an incredible deal
Muse Research and EASTWEST have decided to celebrate the availability of their collaboration with a special promotion available only to EASTWEST customers. The special promotion consists of a custom model of Receptor designed specifically to run EASTWEST libraries as well as deep discounts on EASTWEST libraries.

Details are at:

For more information on Receptor, visit, or send an email to, or call +(650) 326-5400. For more information on EASTWEST sound libraries, please visit


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