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Muse Research Receptor Now Running IK Multimedia Plug-ins

Sample Tank, Sonik Synth, and Amplitube now on Receptor

New York, NY. October 7, 2005—Muse Research, Inc. announced that IK Multimedia plug-ins are now compatible with their Receptor hardware plug-in player. All three of the best selling, award-winning plug-ins – Amplitube, Sonik Synth, and SampleTank can be installed on Receptor. Users simply download an "installer helper" file from the website, and complete the installation using their original IK multimedia installer discs. The installer helper file is available free of charge to all registered Receptor customers.

NOTE: The installer for Amplitube is NOT yet available on Plugorama. We hope to have it released very soon.

Receptor and IK multimedia plug-ins provide portable, powerful music making.
Receptor solves the problem of needing to recreate the sounds of your studio when playing live by providing a stable, real-time performance platform for software plug-ins. Now with the addition of the IK Multimedia line of plug-ins, keyboardists are able to have instant access to a huge range of sounds and perform with them live or in the studio. And Receptor's high quality guitar input is a perfect compliment to Amplitube's impressive array of amplifier sounds and guitar effects.

"The IK Multimedia plug-ins offer musicians a diverse array of keyboard and guitar sounds that are ready to go with just the twist of a knob" comments Bryan Lanser, VP of Marketing for Muse Research. "The combination of the Receptor platform with IK plug-ins gives musicians incredible freedom and convenience, allowing them to take their studio sounds with them whether moving from studio to studio when recording or from venue to venue when playing live."

"When coupled with IK's Sonik Synth and SampleTank plug-ins, Receptor becomes an even more powerful tool for composition and live performance." comments Dave Kerzner of IK Multimedia and Sonic Reality. "It is a great way to take quality workstation sounds with you wherever you go." he concludes "Also, having Amplitube on Receptor brings new possibilities for guitarists to take the sounds they use in the studio with them to the gig. IK and Receptor are an all around great combination."

For more information on Receptor, visit, or send an email to, or call +(650) 326-5400. For more information about IK Multimedia plug-ins, visit


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