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Muse Research Announces Sonalksis Plug-ins for Receptor

Award-winning processing plug-in are now portable in Receptor

New York, NY. October 7, 2005—Muse Research, Inc. is showing the Sonalksis plug-ins running on their Receptor hardware plug in player at the 119th AES show in New York. This award winning set of four plug-ins offer incredible compression, fixed equalization, level dependent equalization, and frequency-selective expansion, and are sure to find a loyal following among keyboardists, guitarists, and audio engineers alike. The plug-ins are available for download from the company's website. Receptor users can use the plug-ins for 30 days for free before purchasing.

Four powerful, musical new effects for the studio and for the road.
Receptor has really resonated with demanding professionals who need robust, portable, versatile synthesizer and effects processor. Sonalksis provides several more reasons to use Receptor both on stage and in the studio with their award-winning 'Essentials' processors: the SV-315 Compressor and SV-517 Equalizer. For even more expressive power, you'll find the Sonalksis CQ1 and DQ1 plug-ins particularly useful, as the level-dependent equalization or frequency selective expansion effects are a unique and really innovative way to tackle the extreme precision sculpting requirements of a live situation.

"I think the Sonalksis range of audio effects with their 'analogue modeling' technology are an indispensable compliment to the Receptor platform, because the technology underpinning our plug-ins allows us to achieve a zero-latency signal path internally perfect for a real-time environment and therefore ideal to take advantage of the low-latency Receptor." Says Gus Miller, Research and Development director for Sonalksis. "Of course another great benefit of installing our products on the Receptor is the ultimate portability it allows - Receptor provides an exceptional platform for our plug-ins in a performance environment. "

"We've been truly impressed with the Sonalksis plug-ins since the first time we saw them" comments VP of Business Development Bryan Lanser. "They are not only powerful effects processors, they are also extremely musical, and a great compliment to the wide array of instruments and effects already on Receptor" he adds.

For more information on Receptor, visit, or send an email to, or call +(650) 326-5400. For more information on Sonalksis plug-ins, visit


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