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Vector Sector from General Vibe Now Available on Receptor

Menlo Park, California, May 19th, 2005—Muse Research, Inc. announced that Vector Sector, a new synth plug-in from VST developer General Vibe is now available on Receptor. Vector Sector is an authentic recreation of the esteemed Prophet VS synthesizer from the mid-eighties, developed by Sequential Circuits. Vector Sector provides complete control over four independent waveforms that make up a single voice, including the ability to traverse from one waveform to another in real time using the joystick control or envelope generators. Receptor owners can download this plug-in from After installation, you will be able to use the fully functional plug-in for a period of 30 days after which point it may be purchased for $129.

An authentic recreation of the venerable Sequential Circuits Prophet VS
The Vector Sector synth plug-in from General Vibe is a completely authentic representation of the original, complete with plug-in versions of the original factory presets. True to the original, Vector Sector has four oscillators for each of the 16 voices, and a selection of 126 waveforms or noise for each of the waveforms. A four-pole low-pass filter with resonance gives Vector Sector its distinctive sound, and a complete modulation matrix round out this very capable synth.

“I'm very pleased to have Vector Sector available on Receptor" comments Josh Jeffe, President and founder of General Vibe. "Receptor allows musicians to perform live using classic Prophet VS sounds, and the flexibility of layering multiple instantiations of Vector Sector on Receptor and combining it with effects creates a whole new environment for sound designers" he adds.

“We’re very excited to be able to offer Vector Sector on Receptor,” explains Bryan Lanser, VP of Business Development for Muse Research. “Vector Sector combines a unique vocabulary of synthesis along with an easy-to-understand interface, further distinguishing Receptor as the ultimate synth, sampler, and sound module for live performance” he adds.

Plugorama’s the place for new Receptor Plug-ins
The dedicated support site for Receptor, called, is where you can get all the latest information and download the latest plug-ins for Receptor. In addition, a comprehensive knowledge base provides you with technical resources for your Receptor around-the-clock. Receptor has hundreds of software synths and effects pre-installed, and dozens of these come from “premium” developers whose products can be purchased directly on the web.

For more information, visit, or send an email to , or call +(650) 326-5400. For more information about General Vibe or Vector Sector, visit


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