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Muse Research Announces New Distributors in Europe

Europe's top distributors chosen to sell Receptor

Menlo Park, California, June 4th, 2004 - Muse Research today announced the selection of an esteemed group of distributors from Europe to manage the distribution of their Receptor hardware plug-in player. The distributors are Luthman in Scandinavia, Music Works in Benelux, New Musik in Denmark, PEK AG in Switzerland, and Innovative Music in Spain. Together these distributors represent the "cream of the crop" for distribution in Europe, joining SCV Audio in France, Hyperactive in Germany, and SCV London in the UK.

Luthman to handle distribution in Sweden, Norway and Finland
Luthman is Scandinavia's most prestigious distributor of music technology. Well known for distributing many of the best brands in the music business, Muse Research is pleased to welcome Luthman to their distribution team.

Pär Olsson, General Manager of Luthman, said, "Luthman's experience and understanding of music technology distribution is unparalleled in Scandinavia, and a perfect match for the opportunity that Receptor represents. We are very excited about our future with Muse Research."

Music Works signs up for distribution in Benelux
Distributing Muse Research products in Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg is Music Works Distribution. Music Works Distribution brings a great record of success in this territory, and Muse Research is delighted to welcome them as the Benelux distributor.

Leon Padmos, General Manager at Music Works, said, "Receptor is a natural in our marketplace, and a real compliment to our existing lines- it represents a natural evolutionary step in the usage of audio plug-ins. We are thrilled to be partnering with Muse Research in Benelux."

New Musik to manage distribution in Denmark
Bringing Receptor to Denmark is New Musik, an esteemed distributor with an impressive line card. Muse Research is very pleased to welcome New Musik as its exclusive distributor for Denmark.

Mogens Balle, marketing and product manager for New Musik in Denmark sees a bright future for Receptor: "New Musik has long been an advocate of new technology, and Muse Research's Receptor represents a great fit for our customers as well as the other products within our lines. Receptor is the next evolutionary step in plug-ins, and represents a real breakthrough- I've personally been waiting for a product like this."

PEK AG signed up to distribute products in Switzerland
Thomas Kübler, Managing Director of PEK AG in Switzerland, distributes a number of the leading music technology brands, and they are very particular about the companies they choose to associate with.

"We are offered many brands for distribution, and only ever consider the very best. This is what we are known for, and how we have earned the trust of our customers. As the first in a new breed of multi-purpose pro audio solution Receptor represents a new product type that our customers will immediately understand and enjoy."

Innovative Music brings Receptor to market in Spain
Muse Research has selected Innovative Music to distribute Receptor in Spain. Innovative Music has a long-standing reputation for effective distribution of high tech music instruments.

Carlos Paps, Director of Distribution for Innovative Music said, "The market for audio plug-ins in Spain has grown remarkably in the last few years. Receptor addresses a need in our market for a stable dedicated platform that will allow plug-ins to shine. Innovative Music, the leader in music technology distribution in Spain, is proud to partner with Muse Research and to nurture the growth of this new product type."

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