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Muse Research Announces European Distributors

Europe's top distributors chosen to sell Receptor

Frankfurt, Germany, March 31st, 2004—Muse Research today announced the selection of an esteemed group of distributors from France, the United Kingdom, and Germany to handle the distribution of their Receptor hardware plug-in player. The distributors are SCV Audio in France, SCV London in the UK, and Hyperactive in Germany.

SCV Audio to handle distribution in France
SCV Audio has been chosen to represent Muse Research in France based on their proven track record of distributing professional plug-in software and music technology products. Additional factors include SCV Audio's ability to make an immediate impact in the marketplace, as well as their reputation for high quality service and peerless support.

SCV London to handle distribution in the UK
SCV London is an independent distributor who has been chosen to distribute the Receptor product in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland. Founded in 1986, SCV London has a long illustrious history of introducing innovative new products to market. Their strong background related specifically to music software distribution bodes well for Receptor acceptance in the UK .

Steve McDonald, SCV London's Sales & Marketing Manager added “The Receptor is one of the most innovative and exciting hardware solutions for today's VST users I've seen. The stability and ease of use of the Receptor will make it a hit with our customers.”

Hyperactive to handle distribution in Germany
Based in Taunusstein near Weisbaden, Hyperactive is a distributor of an impressive line of high technology products catering to the pro and project studio user. With their proven ability to bring new products to market and long standing relationship with the German music dealer network, Hyperactive was an obvious choice for distributing the Receptor product.

For more information, contact , or phone (650) 326-5400.


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