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Muse Research Welcomes Arturia and Kjaerhus Audio to the Receptor Platform

Frankfurt, Germany, March 31, 2004—Muse Research today announced that two more software developers have agreed to support the Receptor platform: Arturia of France and Kjaerhus Audio of Denmark. Arturia are the creators of the esteemed CS-80V, Moog Modular V and minimoog VST instruments, and Kjaerhus Audio specializes in high quality audio processing plug-ins, including GEQ-7 and GMO-1. These two great companies join a growing list of Receptor supporters including Applied Acoustics, DASH Signature, DiscoDSP, FXpansion, GMEDIA Music, LinPlug, Native Instruments, Ohm Force, reFX, rgc:audio, PSP Audioware, and Wave Arts.

Receptor serves as hardware player for Arturia synthesizers
Arturia has established itself as a premier developer of software re-creations of classic synthesizers. Receptor is a stand-alone VST player which allows you to run plug-in software all in a portable and easy to use hardware package. Combined, Receptor allows Arturia synth plug-ins to be used at live performance, or to be moved easily from studio to studio. The end result is the great sound of classic synths available in a portable and compact package, ready for the road.

"Arturia is pleased to be collaborating with Muse Research in bringing Arturia software to the Receptor platform" comments Frédéric Brun, co-founder and President of Arturia."Now Arturia customers have a hardware form of CS-80V to take to live performances, and a new platform which opens new possibilities for music creation."

Receptor serves as dedicated hardware for Kjaerhus Audio effects
Kjaerhus Audio of Denmark is rapidly earning praise from many in the recording industry with their effects plug-ins. On Receptor, Kjaerhus Audio effects plug-ins can be used live in sound-reinforcement or fixed sound applications, or installed as a dedicated processor in a studio. This allows the Kjaerhus software to be reliably utilized in a variety of environments with optimal sound quality and ease of use.

"In my opinion, Muse Research has done a fantastic job on the Receptor and we are very pleased to be associated with them.” comments Torben Larsen, founder of Kjaerhus Audio. “Our Gold Series Plug-ins are especially made for live performance and studio use. With Receptor, we are now able to reach the users who still prefer to work with hardware units or platforms that are currently not supported."

“We are very pleased to welcome both Arturia and Kjaerhus Audio to the Receptor platform” says Bryan Lanser, VP of Business Development for Muse Research. “Both companies have distinguished themselves in their respective fields and we look forward to expanding the opportunities for their software via the Receptor platform.”


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