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Muse Research Unveils Receptor Developer Partner Program

Program offers expanded visibility for Developers Who Support the Receptor Platform

Anaheim, CA. January 15, 2004?Muse Research today announced a Developer Partner Program for software creators who support their new Receptor VST plug-in player, which can be seen in booth 1012 in Hall E at the Winter NAMM show. The program aims to enhance the visibility of a developer's products and offers three tiers of benefits based on the level of participation the developer has with the Receptor product.

Receptor serves as a software distribution vehicle
Receptor is designed to make it easier for musicians to take full advantage of plug-in software and represents a new class of audio and music products that combine the software programmability of computer technology with the simple and reliable functionality of traditional hardware synths and effects processors.

Muse Research has partnered with several leading VST plug-in developers whose software runs on the Receptor platform. The Developer Partner Program has been created to ensure that customers are aware of the products that are available on Receptor and also to raise the awareness in general of plug-in software.

Developer Program Increases Awareness of Developer's Products
Developer program enhances the experience of supporting Receptor.
Muse Research created the developer's program as a way of increasing the visibility of the software that is contained on the product, and consists of three levels (silver, gold, and platinum) which are attained through different levels of participation with the product. The program is open to all plug-in software developers who make VST software in Windows format which has been approved for use with Receptor by Muse Research. Developers must sign a distribution agreement to be distributed on the platform, and in doing so they are automatically qualified for the developer program.

"Our Developer Program is designed to ensure that our developer partners get maximum exposure and recognition for their participation with Receptor" explains VP of Business Development Bryan Lanser. "We understand that marketing plug-in software can be challenging, so we devised several marketing activities that ensure that our partners get the exposure they rightly deserve" he adds.

"Receptor takes plug-in software from being subordinate to the host music software and makes it the star of the show on Receptor" explains Chris Halaby, President and CEO of Muse Research. "Receptor is optimized for doing one thing: running plug-in software, so now musicians and audio engineers can fully exploit the power of this software, while developers can promote their software as a fully functional product instead of a plug-in component"

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