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Muse Research Unveils RECEPTOR VIP

Completely New Entry-Level RECEPTOR Model Debuts at NAMM

Anaheim, California. January 19, 2012—-Muse Research and Development, Inc. is debuting a completely new entry-level RECEPTOR called RECEPTOR VIP (Virtual Instrument Player). RECEPTOR VIP makes use of an entirely new user-interface inspired by the MuseBox, and includes an incredibly simple front panel hardware interface to find and manipulate your virtual instrument and effects presets quickly. Sporting a new 2U rack-mount design, this product is ideal for customers who need more power and channels than a MuseBox, and the RECEPTOR VIP provides a lower-cost alternative to the top-of-the-line RECEPTOR 2+ PRO and PRO MAX models. The RECEPTOR VIP model will replace the existing base model RECEPTOR 2+, and will ship in March with a MAP price of $1599.

New Hardware, New Software, New functionality, New Price Point!

The RECEPTOR VIP is an entirely new design. It features high-quality stereo inputs and outputs on the rear panel, a full size MIDI input, a footswitch input for incrementing or decrementing through presets, as well as front-panel guitar and microphone inputs (with phantom power). The front panel volume control and headphone output round out the I/O, letting you listen in private.

The front panel hardware interface is entirely new, featuring backlit buttons for selecting presets and changing channels, as well as a backlit blue 2-line LCD. The unique "PLAY" mode of RECEPTOR VIP lets you quickly browse factory presets with the turn of a knob, and calling up presets at a gig is as simple as pushing a button. In fact, the front panel hardware interface is so easy, even a non-musician can start using RECEPTOR VIP without instruction!

Like its big brothers, RECEPTOR VIP's high performance is a given

Like all RECEPTORs, the RECEPTOR VIP features a dual-core processor with 4GB of high speed RAM and a 1TB hard drive to make your virtual instruments and effects perform like the dedicated hardware devices they replace. And just like RECEPTOR PRO and PRO MAX, you're assured of remarkably low latency, superb audio quality, and superior stability whether you are playing live or recording in the studio.

And gigging musicians will love RECEPTOR VIP's unique Dongle Garage™ - a place to keep your iLok dongle safe and secure during transport but easily accessible for adding licenses. With your dongle safely parked in the Dongle Garage, you'll never be stuck at a gig without your software security key!

New OS 2.0 Software Makes RECEPTOR VIP a Very Impressive Product

Tying all of the new hardware together is a completely new software platform called Muse OS2.0. Muse OS2.0 provides all the high-performance VST hosting benefits of previous RECEPTORs, but adds new user interface features that make it a delight to use. For example, MuseOS 2.0 features the exclusive SoundFinder™ feature for navigating through the factory presets. This allows even a novice user to take advantage of the immense power and functionality offered by RECEPTOR. Additionally, the graphic user interface features a truly simple drag-and-drop interface for creating your own sounds, letting you run up to 16-instruments or effects at one time. Also new to MuseOS 2.0 is complete MIDI Learn functionality, which lets you marry your RECEPTOR to your controller keyboard or MIDI guitar foot pedal with ease. Finally, the stereo mix channel with configurable effects makes this a truly comprehensive device suitable for any performance situation.

RECEPTOR VIP is ready to go, right out of the box.

Unlike a computer, RECEPTOR VIP has tons of virtual instruments and effects built in with presets created by world-renown sound designers. RECEPTOR VIP comes with MusePlayer by Universons pre-installed, as well as great virtual instruments and effects from Camel Audio, Applied Acoustics, ForeFront, WaveArts, MuVoice Technologies, and others. Also installed in demo mode on RECEPTOR VIP are various virtual instruments and effects that you can try in a fully functional demo period before purchasing giving you the opportunity to truly "try before you buy". And finally, thanks to Muse Research's partnerships with Native Instruments and IK Multimedia, you'll have the KOMPLETE 8 collection and the Total Workstation Bundle pre-installed in demo mode and ready to authorize, letting you expand your sound palette quickly and easily.

“RECEPTOR VIP is a breakthrough product for Muse Research" comments Bryan Lanser, VP of Product Development at Muse Research. “This product delivers the unrivaled world of virtual instruments and effects to musicians in a portable and robust package with a user-interface that is incredibly easy to use. We're really excited that we are able to empower musicians with this unique combination of software and hardware, and look forward to sharing this solution with the market.”

RECEPTOR VIP will ship in March 2011 and will have a US MAP price of $1599.

Find out more at, send an email to, call (650) 326-5400, or contact your local dealer.

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