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Massive and comprehensive collections come ready to authorize

Menlo Park, California. December 12, 2011—-Muse Research and Development, Inc. has enhanced the RECEPTOR 2+ line with KOMPLETE 8 pre-installed and ready for authorization on all models, and KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE pre-installed and ready for authorization on the RECEPTOR 2+ PRO and PRO MAX models. With RECEPTOR 2+, you are able to use KOMPLETE 8 as if it were in hardware form thanks to RECEPTOR's built-in MIDI interface, audio interface, and versatile user interface - simply dial up one of the thousands of presets in KOMPLETE 8 and start playing. With Native Instruments’ KOMPLETE 8 bundle you get a comprehensive collection of sounds to tackle any music situation, and since they come pre-installed on RECEPTOR 2+, you can hit the ground running by simply authorizing the software to use it. Muse Research also offers the software for sale with the RECEPTOR 2+, so that it comes to you pre-authorized and ready to use - just turn it on and start playing! The KOMPLETE 8 and KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE collections are now shipping on all RECEPTOR 2+ models starting this month.

Native Instruments’ KOMPLETE 8: the sound collection that covers all genres

Native Instruments’ KOMPLETE 8 collection comprises 27 products with 11,000 presets and over 100GB of sampled sounds. If you were to buy these separately, you'd pay over $3,600 for all the instruments and effects in this collection, but you can purchase KOMPLETE 8 for just $550 and then authorize it in seconds on your RECEPTOR 2. And since RECEPTOR is a completely self-contained, high-performance platform for running virtual instruments and effects, you'll be able to enjoy all that KOMPLETE 8 has to offer with super-low latency and optimal fidelity. It's the ideal package to run on the optimal platform for running your virtual instruments and effects!

Even more impressive is the KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE version, which is available preinstalled and ready to authorize on the RECEPTOR 2+ PRO and PRO MAX models. KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE features 50 outstanding musical tools and over 240GB of sampled sounds and data, including the amazing SESSION STRINGS PRO, ALICIA’S KEYS and STUDIO DRUMMER not found in KOMPLETE 8. All this is available for just $1099 US- a huge savings over the $6, 350 that this software collection would cost if purchased separately. Like KOMPLETE 8, the Ultimate version comes pre-installed and ready to authorize for immediate use on your RECEPTOR 2+ PRO or PRO MAX, and can also be purchased pre-authorized on the RECEPTOR itself.

When purchased as part of a RECEPTOR, KOMPLETE 8 or KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE comes with the installation disc(s) and license card so you can run it on both your DAW computer as well as on your RECEPTOR. That means you can combine the power of RECEPTOR with your workstation computer and significantly enhance the power of your production studio!

RECEPTOR 2+ is the industry standard for mission-critical music making

With RECEPTOR 2+ and KOMPLETE 8, you are able to conquer even the most formidable musical challenge, whether you need to score a soundtrack, lay down some beats for a Hip Hop track, or rock a stadium full of fans. RECEPTOR has become the industry-standard for running virtual instruments and effects live, providing you with consistent, high-quality performance that won't let you down whether you play keys, guitar, drums, or use it as an effects processor.

Guitarists will really appreciate GUITAR RIG 5 that provides an incredible array of amp models and effects and gives you that "just right" guitar tone. And RECEPTOR has a superb-quality guitar pre-amp built right into the front panel of RECEPTOR, so you can simply plug-in and start playing the spectacular presets found in GUITAR RIG 5. Drummers will love KOMPLETE 8's BATTERY 3 along with the new STUDIO DRUMMER sample library found in KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE. And playing electronic drums is a pleasure since RECEPTOR features super-low latency for enhanced feel and accurate grooves.

Keyboardists will appreciate RECEPTOR's amazing features like SnapShot presets that let you switch from one sound to another in the time it takes to send out a MIDI program change. And those sounds are all easily mixed and processed with RECEPTOR's versatile and powerful internal mixer feeding the studio-grade, balanced outputs.

“KOMPLETE 8 is an amazing update to an already-impressive collection of virtual instruments and effects,” comments Bryan Lanser, VP of Product Development at Muse Research. “We are pleased to work closely with Native Instruments once again to empower musicians to take advantage of all that KOMPLETE 8 has to offer. The combination of KOMPLETE 8 and RECEPTOR lets musicians harness that huge variety of sounds with an absolute minimum of effort.”

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