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Musikmesse's Agora Stage powered by Muse Research RECEPTOR 2

Frankfurt, Germany, March 22, 2010 -- Muse Research & Development will provide dual RECEPTOR 2 Hardware Plug-in Players to power sound production on the Agora Stage at Musikmesse 2010 in Frankfurt, March 24 - 27. Each RECEPTOR 2 will be loaded with Native Instruments Komplete 6, enabling performers to use a suite of the hottest, best-sounding virtual instruments and effects running on RECEPTOR's awarding-winning, super-stable sound platform.

Featuring sixteen performances a day for each of the four days of the Musikmesse fair, the Agora stage is sponsored by Peavey and actually consists of two active stages that make up the center performance arena for a wide variety of musicians of all styles and genres. Highlights include daily performances by an Allstar Band featuring Uli Jon Roth, Elliott Rubison, and Carmine Appice/Dave Lombardo plus several performances by Herman Li, Sam Totman and Dave Mackintosh of DragonForce.

"The RECEPTOR 2 with Komplete 6 provides a wealth of sonic choices for a diverse set of performances by many of the industry's top musicians," commented Chris Halaby, CEO of Muse Research. "We are proud to provide RECEPTOR's reliable, responsive performance power for Musikmesse's Agora stage."

"We see software plug-ins becoming a bigger and bigger part of the FOH tool set," added Andy Rust, Peavey's European marketing manager. "The RECEPTOR makes them easier to use in our fast paced jobs. Plus, the easily accessible knobs on the front allow for a more familiar work environment."

The award-winning Muse Research RECEPTOR Hardware Plug-in Player is used by the world's leading bands and artists, such as U2, Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen, Herbie Hancock, Jordan Rudess, and Billy Joel. Featuring a beefed up specification with a 320 MB hard drive, 4 GB of high speed RAM and a 2.8GHz dual core AMD processor, this powerful, super-stable dedicated hardware plug-in player runs hundreds of virtual instruments and effects with the convenience and portability of dedicated hardware. RECEPTOR 2's super-low latency and massive polyphony enable plug-ins to perform and feel like real instruments.

Hear the Muse Research RECEPTOR 2 on the Musikmesse Agora Stage from March 24-27, 2010 in Frankfurt Germany. Tour RECEPTOR at Musikmesse at EMC, Hall 5.1 C47.

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