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AAS Plug-ins for Receptor Now HALF PRICE

AAS Half Price Sale What can possibly be better than unbelievably expressive Rhodes and Wurly sounds? What can be more engaging than string sounds that let you modify them to fit exactly with the mood of your composition? Or more moving than oscillators used to create warm pads, thumping basses, and searing leads?

How about ANY or ALL of these amazing sounds at HALF OFF...??

Yes, it's true. For a limited time only Muse Research and Applied Acoustics Systems are offering a special promotion for Receptor customers only... buy any Applied Acoustics Systems Virtual Instrument for Receptor at 50% off the regular price! And, since more of a good thing is always nice, you can also purchase ALL THREE of the Applied Acoustics Systems plugins for just $299. That's a savings of $358 over the normal price of $657!

You definitely should have these virtual instruments in your arsenal!

This special half-price offer won't last long, so DON'T LET THIS INCREDIBLE OFFER PASS YOU BY!

Lounge Lizard EP-3 BuyLounge Lizard EP-3
$114.50 ($229)

Buy the incredibly expressive Electric Piano virtual instrument for just $114.50 instead of $229.

"The industry leader for realism and tonal flexibility", Stephen Fortner, Keyboard Magazine

"Lounge Lizard is one of the most impressive virtual instruments I've seen to date", Sam Inglis, Sound On Sound

Ultra Analog VA-1 BuyUltra Analog VA-1
$99.50 ($199)

Buy this unbelievable virtual analog lead, pad and bass synth for just $99.50 instead of $199!

"Analogue heaven -- Ultra Analog is a joy to use. As an instrument, the patches are richer then some other re-creations... Simple yet powerful - an excellent way to create both classic and unique sounds.", Hollin Jones, Music Tech Magazine

String Studio VS-1 BuyString Studio VS-1
$114.50 ($229)

Buy this versatile and powerful string synthesizer that gives you total control over your sounds for just $114.50 instead of $229!

"its most exciting aspect is the ability to create new monophonic and polyphonic stringed instruments that sound believable, react to your playing technique like acoustic equivalents, and can be pushed in directions that no other synth can emulate.", Martin Walker, Sound On Sound

"String Studio is an exciting and powerful tool that goes beyond the realistic simulation of string instruments and puts forth a new approach to sound design by giving new meaning to the word virtual", Robert P. Oleysyck, Remix Magazine

AAS Bundle BuyString Studio VS-1 + Lounge Lizard EP-3 + Ultra Analog VA-1
$299 ($657)

Purchase ALL THREE of the Applied Acoustics Systems plugins for just $299. That's a savings of $358 over the normal price of $657!


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