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Muse Research to Demo Direct Install Technology at NAMM show

Allows any Windows VST plug-in to be installed by users

Anaheim, California. January 17, 2008—Muse Research, Inc. will be demonstrating a new technology that allows you to install Windows VST plug-ins on your Receptor hardware plug-in player without requiring any additional files or preparation. Receptor, the high-performance music instrument from Muse Research, previously has required installer files provided by Muse Research. Muse Research's new Direct Install technology will let you install software using just the installation program that comes with the virtual instrument or effect itself, vastly expanding the range of software that you can run on the platform. The Direct Install technology will be demonstrated continually at the NAMM show in booth 6729 and is expected to ship in the first quarter.

Technology demo to show how easy it is to install software on Receptor

Receptor currently supports three types of software:

  1. Pre-installed ilok-protected software from leading developers that give you a 30-day, fully-functional free trial after which you can purchase the software by downloading a license on-line.
  2. Pre-installed or user-installable freeware that can easily be installed as long as the software has no or minimal copy protection.
  3. User-installable software using special "installer helper" files that assist you during the installation and authorization process. This method requires you to download files from the Muse Research Plugorama website.

Now with the invention of Direct Install, customers will have the option to install software directly from a .exe or setup file without having to use the installer helper files. Direct Install knows where various files need to be installed on Receptor, and will guide users through installing and authorizing software on Receptor.

Support included for Native Instruments Service Center
The Direct Install technology also works with the Native Instruments Service Center letting you install any and all Native Instruments software using the installer discs that come with the software package. This technology will let the installed base of Receptor customers install the wildly popular Komplete 5 software collection from Native Instruments on their Receptors.

Direct Install allows you to use the CD/DVD drive in your Mac or PC to install your software on a Receptor over a network connection. Once the network connection is established, your plug-in's installer program will run on Receptor just as it would on your desktop machine, allowing you to install a huge range of programs. A database maintained by Muse Research provides up-to-date information about plug-in compatibility, and banks of patches to integrate your plug-in into the Receptor mixer.

Be sure to come by the Muse Research booth 6729 in Hall A at the Winter NAMM show and see the Direct Install technology in action. While you're there, check out how Receptor is the superior platform for running your favorite plug-in software, whether you play keys, guitars, drums, or work your magic behind a console.

Learn more about Receptor by visiting, or by sending an email to, or by calling (650) 326-5400.


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