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Muse Research Announces Antares Software Support for Receptor

Industry Standard Vocal Processing Software to be shown at NAMM

Anaheim, California. January 17, 2008—Muse Research, Inc. has announced that it will be showing their highly versatile Receptor running the entire line of Antares Audio Technologies' vocal & instrument processing software in booth 6729 in Hall A at the 2008 Winter NAMM Show. Antares Technologies software is well known for its Auto-Tune pitch correction software, and Muse Research will be showing Auto-Tune 5, along with the AVOX collection of vocal processing plug-ins that includes THROAT, DUO, CHOIR, PUNCH, and SYBIL. Finally, Muse Research will be showing the new Antares Harmony Engine Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator, which features four independently controllable formant-correct voices. The Antares vocal processing software will be demonstrated in booth 6729 in Hall A.

Receptor: an astoundingly versatile instrument / processor for stage and studio
Receptor is well established as an ideal way to take your virtual instruments with you when you play live or when you need to move from studio to studio. Now with the addition of the entire range of Antares vocal processing technology, Receptor becomes an indispensable tool, providing the functionality of Antares software in a hardware package. Receptor features pristine 24-bit balanced inputs and outputs that let you simply send your vocal or instrument channel through the Receptor for instant pitch correction, timbre modification, doubling, harmonization, and more.

Antares Software: stunningly powerful & expressive pitch correction / modification
Antares software enjoys a well-deserved reputation as the worldwide industry standard in pitch correction and modification. The perennial favorite Auto-Tune, now in its 5th generation, has become the worlds largest selling audio plug-in and has fixed far more vocal tracks and instrumental solos than any performer is likely to admit. The AVOX vocal tool kit gives users the power to create stunning vocal tracks in any musical style as well as design unique vocal effects for audio post-production applications. And the new Harmony Engine, the quickest, easiest tool for creating realistic harmonies, puts professional-quality harmony arrangements within reach of any songwriter, producer, musician or engineer.

Learn more about Receptor by visiting, or by sending an email to, or by calling (650) 326-5400. For more information about the Antares range of vocal processing software technology, visit

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Antares Audio Technologies
Antares Audio Technologies is the worldwide leader in the development of unique vocal processing tools. Having revolutionized vocal production with the ground-breaking Auto-Tune pitch correction technology, Antares is committed to providing producers, engineers, sound designers and musicians with powerful, innovative, easy-to-use tools for enhancing and manipulating the human voice.


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