Muse Research Receptor - artists

Terry Lawless
Programmer and keyboardist, U2

"It isn't often that you can step into the cutting edge frontier in the music business. I am convinced that the Muse Research Receptor has already changed the face of touring and playing live. I was looking for a product that provided the highest quality sound along with the largest palette of sonic colors available, all in a small, simple, flexible, accessible package."

"Eureka! I've found it!"

"The 2 rack-space Receptor allows me to use all my favorite VST instruments and effects. It lets me configure complex splits and layers, manage sample playback, and act as a digital mixer with analog inputs for my favorite traditional synth. It is, simply, the power of my studio in a portable live package. I absolutely could not do a show without the two Receptors that are in my rig. Anything less would be a giant step backwards!"

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