Muse Research Receptor - artists

Billy Bush

"We love the Receptor and it's made our lives so much easier... Receptor has been a dream for us. Due to the logistics of how we tour, we need to have three identical sets of gear and the process of building three identical keyboard rigs has always been a serious obstacle for us. Originally I had envisioned replacing the racks of synths and samplers with a laptop. Not only was I concerned about how road-worthy one would be in the hostile environments we perform in, but also the cost was something to consider. Then I found the Receptor and it has changed our lives. I've replaced racks of keyboard modules and samplers with a two-space unit that does far more than the rack it replaced. Being able to take M-Tron and Kontakt on the road and using the new Z-Load Technology has allowed us to duplicate or sample the sounds we used on the albums with zero limitations!"

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