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Muse Research Musings September 2009

- UniWire upgrade brings RTAS support and more!
- Announcing RECEPTOR 2 OS V1.8.20090821
- RecepTOUR News: Depeche Mode, Toby Keith, More!

UniWire Upgrade Brings RTAS Support And More!

Download UniWire 1.3With our newest upgrade to RECEPTOR 2's OS (see below), we've also taken a bold step forward with our UniWire technology including support for RTAS so now you can use your RECEPTOR 2 with ProTools! Not only will RECEPTOR 2 take on the heavy processing tasks of running your favorite plug-ins, it will also allow you to use more plug-ins than ever before with ProTools.

If you have a RECEPTOR 2, be sure to download and install this important update that allows you to get even more from your Receptor.

Announcing RECEPTOR 2 OS V1.8.20090821

Download Latest UpdateWe've been slaving away adding more plug-in compatibility and some nice stability improvements to your new RECEPTOR 2 in the new V1.8.20090821 software release. This release includes the CDRM copy protection technology required to run the new V1.7 versions of Ivory and the stand-alone versions of Italian Grand and Uprights, in addition to supporting Spectrasonics Omnisphere, FXpansion BFD2, Pianoteq 3, M-Tron Pro and several other new plug-ins.

Click Here To Find Out More And Download 1.8.20090821 NOW!

RecepTOUR News

Paul Mirkovich On Tour With P!nk

RecepTOURWhere have you heard that name before? Maybe it was on CBS TV three times a week… Paul previously was music director for Rockstar: INXS and Rockstar: Supernova, and recently headed to Australia to join P!nk on her record 58-show stint down under. For the gig, he and others in the band rely on a scaled down rig that is powered by RECEPTOR. He tells us, "We use two Receptors in each keyboard rig and they pretty much host all the sounds. We mainly run Komplete 5, Ivory, Atmosphere and a few others. There's so much power in each box and the diversity of sounds you can get is unlimited!"

Mirkovich has been a musical director, keyboardist, singer, programmer, arranger, composer, and songwriter for over 20 years. He has toured the world extensively with major established artists and has played live for millions. His credits as musical director / keyboardist / vocalist include Cher, Janet Jackson, INXS, Anastasia, Whitesnake, Jeffrey Osborne and many others. Paul has recorded with such artists as Peter Gabriel, Shawn Colvin, Janet Jackson, Cher, The Calling and Billy Preston.

Patrick Warren

Patrick WarrenPianist, keyboardist, and arranger Patrick Warren has worked with Seal, Tom Waits, Aimee Mann, Avril Levigne, Fiona Apple, Bruce Springsteen, T-Bone Burnett, Tracy Chapman, John Legend, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Joe Cocker, Sheryl Crow, and many, many more. You can be sure he finds his Receptors indispensable for his varied touring assignments. "I've been using Receptors for three years now in tough touring situations across the globe and they are nothing but rock solid!" He shares, "I can run Ivory, Akoustik, and a ton of Kontakt instruments at the same time with patch changes on the fly, and it's never failed me. I simply can't say the same of laptop based live programs that have crashed mid show... not pretty...! Plus, I always love the look of confusion I get from new FOH engineers as they try to figure out where all the rich sounds are coming from when all they see is a piece o' crap controller and only a two-rack space Receptor...!"

Depeche Mode Upgrades From Emulators To Receptors

Engineer, tech, programmer and keyboardist Paul Eastman has amassed some impressive credentials as the keyboard tech and programmer for headliners like Bush, Phil Collins, Doves, Massive Attack, Jeff Beck, Snow Patrol and The Verve. You can also hear his audio beds and samples on CBS and ABC, as he writes and produces for shows such as Desperate Housewives and Ghost Whisperer. Today you'll find him on tour with Depeche Mode, where he employs the services of several Receptors after retiring their Emulator samplers.

Here are some pics of his rig he's shared for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to catch Depeche Mode on their current world tour!

Depeche Mode Rig

Receptor Powers Stellar Performances At Glastonbury

If you were fortunate enough to attend England's Glastonbury Festival this summer and managed to get through the mud on the way to several of the main stages, you were sure to hear the Receptors doing their thing.

Glastonbury takes place on 900 acres in the Vale of Avalon, an area steeped in symbolism, mythology and religious traditions dating back many hundreds of years. This year's line-up several bands who rely on Receptor's superior sound and rock solid touring capabilities, including The Black Eyed Peas, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Tom Jones, Pendulum, Kasabian, Rumblestrips, and exciting newcomer Alberta Cross.


Tori Amos Tours With RECEPTOR 2

The incredibly talented Tori Amos is on the road again on a world tour for her new album Abnormally Attracted to Sin. Titled from a line from Guys and Dolls, this new musical adventure explores the nature of power and self-discovery, challenging the listener to ask "Who Am I? What do I believe in?" Apparently her crew believes in Receptor as they have acquired a new RECEPTOR 2. Be sure to check out Tori when she swings through your neck of the woods.

Brett Tuggle Joins Fleetwood Mac With RECEPTOR 2

Brett TuggleThe ever-versatile road veteran Brett Tuggle has been Fleetwood Mac's go-to guy for over a decade, covering keyboards, guitar and background vocals. For this tour he's picked up RECEPTOR to take with him. He shares, "I had been hearing a "buzz" about Receptor for a couple of years, but wasn't sure what the fuss was all about. After checking one out in rehearsals we ended up purchasing 3 RECEPTOR 2s for the Fleetwood Mac 2009 'UNLEASHED' world tour. I even have one of the RECEPTOR 2's backstage in my dressing room with a keyboard and a PowerBook to work on songs at every show. My PowerBook performs so much better not having to run all the plug-ins on its own.

"The RECEPTOR 2 has become an essential tool for me on tour and I can't wait to get it into the studio. Having this much power and flexibility in a two space rack unit is just unbelievable!"

America's Toughest Tour Made A Bit Easier With Receptor

Toby Keith and his Easy Money Band, with Rex Mauney on keyboards, blew through the Bay Area this month on America's Toughest Tour. Supported by an impressive Trace Adkins, Toby brought his hard partying country music a huge gathering of faithful fans. Along the way, Rex is continuing to explore the capabilities of his Receptor, and has the honor of being the first person that we know of to use a Jaw Harp sample in Kontakt 3 on the new hit single "American Ride," a rather self-effacing look at life in America today.

Of course one could also assume that this tune had a double meaning, referring to a different kind of American Ride... Seems the tour sponsors were kind enough to supply a few absolutely stunning Harleys for running errands and the like... or getting the lay of the land around each venue perhaps? Now THAT'S what we call an American Ride!

Rex Mauney Butch and Rex
Keyboardist Rex Mauney on his American Ride. Just looking, honest! Butch Sunderland, keyboardist with Trace Adkins, and Rex Mauney

David Rosenthal Update

We mistakenly mis-credited the Receptor programming duties for the Broadway musical, "A Tale of Two Cities." Based on the Charles Dickens' novel of the same name, this critically acclaimed audio/visual spectacle was fortunate enough to employ the magic touch of David Rosenthal for the job.

David's multi-faceted career has taken him to studios and stages across the globe with many of the most prominent artists in the business. Mostly known for his dynamic association with Billy Joel, with whom he is currently touring and has been for 16 years, he has also recorded and/or toured with Bruce Springsteen, Enrique Iglesias, Robert Palmer, Whitesnake, Steve Vai, Ritchie Blackmore and Rainbow, Cyndi Lauper, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Little Steven.

He tells us, "The Receptor is the ultimate tool for bringing the power of plug-in technology to the stage. Its reliability and great sound give me the confidence I need to integrate software based instruments into my live rig."

Read Our Full Interview With David Here

Brain fart!

OOPS! Bryan got very confused with the role of noted keyboardist Doug Sisemore in previous issue of Musings. Could it be because Bryan is a drummer? We'll leave that to you to decide, but one thing is certain: Doug Sisemore (with an 's', not a 'z') is the music director and KEYBOARDIST for Reba McEntire. When not "On The Road with Reba," (hey, sounds like a hit song title to us!) then Doug is busy producing, composing, and recording music in Nashville. Everyone (except Bryan) knew he was too good a musician to be a guitarist. So let's see... we've managed to insult drummers, guitarists...Oh yes... About those Viola players...

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