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Greetings from Muse Research!

Did you manage to get to the City by the Bay for what was a really great AES? If so, then you saw the debut of the new Receptor Pro configuration, the announcement of RTAS support for UniWire, several new plug-ins running on Receptor, and a new upgrade program for existing customers. If you were really lucky, you got to attend the Muse Research AES Event held with Neve, Westlake Audio, The Annex Recording Studios, and Sienna Digital. Get the complete story below, along with all the other news from Muse Research that you really just have to know.


What are you doing on October 27th and 28th? If you live in LA, you'd better get your fine self over to the:


George Duke and Jay Oliver are our special guests. Check them out as they play live on their Receptors!

Jointly presented by Native Instruments, Muse Research, IK Multimedia, and Ilio, this clinic is NOT TO BE MISSED since it includes a performance on Friday night by the amazing Jay Oliver from the Dave Weckl Band, and the legendary George Duke on Saturday.

Be sure to come by and see the latest plug-ins from Native Instruments, including Komplete 4 and Massive, and witness first hand how incredibly well Receptor runs Spectrasonics, Synthogy, and Applied Acoustics plug-ins! more info...

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AES Wrap-up

The 121st AES Convention was held in San Francisco's Moscone Center. Killer audio was all around, including above you in the skies as Muse Research presented the Blue Angels naval aviation demonstration team. You could hear and see them for miles around as they flew their F/A –18 Hornets above Moscone, performing their amazing routines. We were proud to be a part of it! (Okay, they were actually there for Fleet Week that happened to overlap with the AES, but it's okay to dream, right?)

Carl Wakeland tearing it up on Receptor

What we DID sponsor (honestly) was event of the show, according to many attendees. Friday night we held a party along with Neve, The Annex, Sienna Digital and pro audio suppliers Westlake (sister company to West LA Music). With live music in three rooms, including the Bay Area's famous White Album Ensemble performing the music of the Beatles, The Carl Wakeland Duo (featuring Muse Research's Bryan Lanser on electronic drums (powered by BFD and DFH, both running on Receptor) and Carl Wakeland playing Trilogy and Ivory, also on Receptor), and San Francisco's esteemed DJ Romanowski back in studio D.

The White Album Ensemble at
The Annex / Muse Research HQ

FXpansion's clinician John Emrick came by to blow people away with BFD's new Jazz and Funk expander pack. Awesome Texas BBQ was catered by Armadillo Willys, and some incredible local microbrewed beer and Celebration Cabernet from Rancho Cienega Vineyard (thanks Matt!) rounded out a great event.

Muse Research was at the show debuting the new Receptor PRO configuration, sporting a zesty ML-44 processor, a whopping 750GB hard drive, and performance-tuned 2GB of RAM. This configuration, designed for professional composers and no-compromise players, is available now as a special, built-to-order configuration. Already own a Receptor? You'll be pleased to know we have left no customers behind as AES was where we announced the Receptor Upgrade Program that allows Rev A and Rev B Receptor users to upgrade to the latest / greatest Rev C configuration. For more info, please send an email to

Also at the AES was the announcement of the availability of First Call Horns, our first software plug-in from Big Fish Audio on Receptor, as well as imminent support of the Pro XP libraries from East West, and some new titles from Zero-G including Nostalgia and Sounds of Polynesia.

Website gets an extreme makeover!

Have you visited recently? If not, be sure to check out our new clean look, with improved navigation and dramatically new look. Thanks to Chris, Ben, and Egor for making our website as handsome as Receptor itself! Look for new videos and a lot more interesting content coming to the site in the next few months!


Recent Artist purchases of Receptor include Jay Oliver from the Dave Weckl band, the incredible jazz legend Herbie Hancock, Korel Tunador (keyboardist, guitarist, saxophonist, and vocalist with The Goo Goo Dolls), Patrick Warren (keyboardist with Seal), Jason Halbert (MD and keyboardist for Kelly Clarkson) Jon Gilutin (keyboardist with Linda Rondstadt), Guy Allison (keyboardist for the Doobie Brothers) and both David Ryan Harris and Jamie Mahuberac with John Mayer.

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Left to right: Korel Tunador of The Goo Goo Dolls at Abbey Road Studios with Receptor, Kelly Clarkson and Jason Halbert, John Mayer digging Receptor.

Check out all the latest cats who are using Receptor at:

By the way, unlike other companies that pay people to use their gear, there are no paid artist endorsements at Muse Research. We really appreciate the fact that so many artists and bands of significant note put their trust in Receptor. We are honored that they choose to use our products, and we will continue to earn their trust by continuing to make Receptor the coolest box out there!


RTAS for UniWire is coming! Our engineers have been busy finishing up the RTAS version of the UniWire plug-in, allowing you to run your Receptor plug-ins in your Pro Tools rig as if they were running inside your computer. Stay tuned for more news as we near the release of this long anticipated feature!

DID YOU KNOW... You can use Receptor in a “dual mono” mode by instantiating two line inputs with separate inputs and then using the free “GH-LRSelector” available via

You can use the fact that controllers are hard-wired to the physical channel of Receptor to selectively fade in a layer! Simply instantiate the plug-in you want to fade on Receptor's mixer channel 1, and layer it with another plug-in on mixer channel one. Set the MIDI filter so that both channel one and channel two listen to MIDI channel one, so that both plug-ins respond to the MIDI you are sending on channel one. By sending Controller 7 on channel one, ONLY the fader level of mixer channel one will be affected, allowing you to keep the left fixed on the plug-in on channel two, and fade the mixer channel one's level using controller #7! Thanks a latte, Rick Escobar, for this great tip.

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