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Greetings from Muse Research!

NAMMNAMM came, NAMM went, NAMM will come again. What did you miss? A lot if you didn't get by the Muse Research booth. First there was Ivory, Akoustik Piano, Elektrik Piano, Charlie, String Studio, Lounge Lizard 3, and Ultra Analog running on Receptor.

Also there was BFD and BFD Lite, as well as DFH Superior connected up to an Alternate Mode DrumKat, as well as Stylus RMX. Finally, there was a UniWire demo station where you could play a keyboard through USB to a laptop, send that MIDI data to Receptor, get those audio results back through Cubase, and then listen to the audio output through an M-Box, all with latency that is as good or better than most portable music systems!

NAMM was a bit of a "Who's who" in Hall E. Okay, we were located a bit out of the way (we are suspicious that Hall E, located downstairs at the convention center, was the initial inspiration for portable GPS systems). However, our location didn't stop a whole slew of musicians from seeking us out, such as George Duke, Simon Phillips, Paul Mirkovitch (Rockstar:INXS), Debbie Shair (Heart), Shawn Pelton (Saturday Night Live), Chris Stone (film composer), Rob Arbitter (Stevie Wonder), Steve Milo (Michael Bolton), Alan Steinberger (Film composer), Adrian Belew (King Crimson), Mike Klooster (Smash Mouth), Jeff Babko (Jimmy Kimmel Live), Abel Pabon (Joss Stone). Plenty of others also came by and we apologize if we didn't mention your name, but thanks for checking out what's new with Receptor!


Chris Halaby with U2 keyboardist Terry Lawless
Chris Halaby with U2 keyboardist
Terry Lawless

Michael Ost with the legendary George Duke
Michael Ost with the legendary
George Duke

Producer, Engineer and Drummer Simon Phillips
Producer, Engineer and Drummer
Simon Phillips

Bryan Lanser with Paul Wickens (Paul McCartney) and film composer Chris Stone
Bryan Lanser with Paul Wickens (Paul McCartney) and film composer Chris Stone
Jeff Babko (Jimmy Kimmel Live) Terry Lawless (U2) and Paul Mirkovitch (Rockstar:INXS)
Jeff Babko (Jimmy Kimmel Live) Terry Lawless (U2) and Paul Mirkovitch (Rockstar:INXS) talk about Receptor in the Native Instruments booth.

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Recent Artist purchases of Receptor include Michael Bolton, Aerosmith, Kitaro, Tom Jones, Train, Smash Mouth, Heart, and the Broadway stage version of Wedding Singer, about to open on Broadway, as well as Jeff Wayne's touring version of "The War of the Worlds". Oh, and Receptor recently featured in the closing ceremony at the Winter Olympics, in Ricky Martin's rig!

Be sure to check out the latest artists using Receptor at our Artist showcase.

By the way, just to set the record straight, there are no paid artist endorsements at Muse Research.

  DID YOU KNOW... You can take the output of your keyboard controller and put it into the Receptor's audio inputs to add effects to it and mix it with the sounds generated by Receptor? Use your controller to issue patch changes to change Receptor's sounds and the effects or mix levels of Receptor, just like having a MIDI-controlled mixer!

What's new with Receptor?

UNIWIRE IS IN BETA! Finally, you can check out what Receptor can do when used in conjunction with your computer by downloading the V1.5 beta version from Plugorama. UniWire allows you to connect Receptor to your laptop or desktop computer (Mac or PC) and then run a UniWire plug-in in your host software (currently supporting Cubase, Nuendo, Ableton Live, with support for Sonar, Logic, Performer, and ProTools coming soon!).

Version 1.5 also benefits live performers with the new MIXER SNAPSHOTS feature. This feature solves the problem of having multiple plug-ins that use samples loaded into the Receptor, allowing you to selectively by-pass the plug-ins not being used with simple program changes, and keeping all the plug-ins loaded in to RAM for instantaneous transition from one to the next!


Musik MesseBe sure to visit Muse Research staffers showing the latest and greatest on Receptor at the Musik Messe Pro Light and Sound show in Frankfurt, Germany from March 29th through April 1st.

We will be taking Receptor through its paces in the Hyperactive booth located in Hall 5, Level 1, Walkway B, Stand 54!

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