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Greetings from Muse Research!

(sung to the tune of the SPAM song by Monty Python)

Lovely NAMM, Wonderful NAMM...
Lovely NAMM, Wonderful NAMM...

Like it or not, NAMM has come and gone in lovely, wonderful Anaheim, California. It was a rather significant show for Muse Research as we “graduated” out of Hall E (downstairs and a million miles from our VST development partners) into Hall A where we were delighted to have our friends from Synthogy (Ivory) and AAS (Lounge Lizard, String Studio, Ultra Analog) right across the aisle, and our new friends from Sonivox right next door. The booth on the other side of us had some fairly esoteric analog synths that emitted some extremely odd sounds, much like what you might hear in a Proctologist's office. We never quite figured them out...

Many came, many saw, many played

The BoothThe Muse Research booth hosted a ton of dealers and musicians who came by to see the latest and greatest in Receptorland and to jam a little as well. Muse Research did something different this year, showing Receptor in four distinct configurations, starting with a keyboard station that featured Receptor PRO along with The Italian Grand expander for Ivory, Real Guitar, and HardCore Bass. Next to it we had a guitar station featuring SFX Machine Pro, Rock Amp Legends, and Guitar Rig 2. Next to that there was a Roland V-Drum system being used as a trigger interface to a custom-version of Receptor called “The Freddy” with BFD Jazz and Funk and Percussion pre-installed along with custom presets by John Emerick. Finally, we had a UniWire studio demo station showing the new Universal Binary-compatible AU versions of the UniWire plug-in. The UniWire demo station had two Receptors, one running EWQLSO Platinum PRO XP string libraries, and the other running Toontrack's DFH, all being controlled by a Mac Mini (Intel) running Logic. At the risk of sounding cliché by quoting Borat, we deftly point our thumbs skyward and say “Niiiiiiiiiice.”

Star Sightings in the Muse Research Booth

A ton of Receptor users as well as users-to-be came by the booth, including some artists you probably aren't aware are using Receptor:

David Rosenthal
Chris Halaby shows UniWire to Billy Joel's keyboardist, David Rosenthal...

Billy Hulting
Zappa plays Zappa plays Receptor. Billy Hulting from Dweezil Zappa's band digging it.

Steve Gaboury
Cindy Lauper's keyboardist Steve Gaboury checks out Akoustik piano
on the Receptor Pro...

Ted Stockwell, Billy Sherwood, Tony Kaye
Receptor user Ted Stockwell, guitarist / producer Billy Sherwood, and original Yes Keyboardist Tony Kaye come and check out the latest and greatest in Receptorland.

Omar Hakim
When not playing with Madonna or Sting, the incredible Omar Hakim checks out BFD on Receptor.

Korel Tunador
Ricky Escobar shows the guitar potential to Goo Goo Dolls
Korel Tunador

Jordan Rudess
Jordan Rudess hangs a bit with Bryan Lanser and Joe Squillaciotti...

Jeff Babko
Ted Rackley and Jimmy Kimmel Live's Keyboardist Jeff Babko in a rare moment of serious reflection

Paul Mirkovich
Paul Mirkovich, the MD for CBS's ROCKSTAR show comes by to check out the Receptor PRO.

New Receptor Configuration – Receptor Pro 400

ReceptorBased on the success of the Receptor PRO 750 configuration announced at AES, and input from various touring musicians that a 750GB drive was really overkill for their application, we have announced the Receptor Pro 400, with the same best-in-class 64-bit processor and the full 2GB helping of performance-tuned RAM as the Receptor PRO, but with a 400GB hard drive instead of a 750GB drive. Additional announcement was that Receptor Rev C now comes standard with 2GB of RAM. This configuration now gives us three models and price points:

  • Receptor Rev C: 2GB RAM, 160GB Drive, standard processor, $1999 MAP
  • Receptor PRO 400: 2GB RAM, faster processor, 400GB Drive, $2399 MAP
  • Receptor PRO 750: 2GB RAM, faster processor, 750GB Drive, $2799 MAP


Congrats to Receptor Artist John Mayer for his Grammy Award for his latest release "Continuum"! We're pleased to be providing plug-in sounds for their live show and we're all looking forward to what John serves up next. Across the pond, congrats go out to UK sensation Corrine Bailey-Rae whose keyboardist played his Receptor PRO on the Brit Awards...

Recent Artist purchases of Receptor include the venerable Jools Holland from the UK, who reportedly found the solution to all his problems running Ivory by picking up a Receptor. Other UK news includes the presence of Receptors in the pit of the West End of London production of “Porgy and Bess”. The new movie turns musical “Legally Blonde – The Musical” opens in San Francisco for a tuning run before mounting on Broadway with multiple Receptors providing all the synth and piano parts. Other recent Receptor spottings include Tony Banks from Genesis in their upcoming tour, Patrick Warren who is on tour with Seal, Adriana Balik and Jason Chapman, the keyboardists for PINK, Bob Kinkel, founder and keyboardist of the Trans Siberian Orchestra, and Ricky Pageot, keyboardist with Cirque Du Soleil!

Check out all the latest cats who are using Receptor at:

What's new with Receptor?

UniWire 1.1, including Universal Binary and Audio Units support, is ready to go!

UniWire 1.1 Now Available!

Whether you own a Mac or PC, there is something to be gained by downloading the new UniWire 1.1 update. First off, the new Receptor Remote for the PC provides the MUCH WELCOMED feature of one button drive log-on, which means installing new software or samples on your Receptor via a PC is as simple as can be! And Apple users will be pleased to hear that UniWire 1.1, and Receptor Remote, are now Universal Binary compatible, which means you can run your non-compatible plug-ins on your Receptor, and still control Receptor from your Intel Mac, giving you the best of both worlds!

Check out UniWire 1.1 today at

DID YOU KNOW... You can control your Receptor via wireless LAN? Simply connect Receptor to an 802.11b or 802.11g Wireless Ethernet router, and then you can connect to Receptor via Remote Control running on your wireless LAN equipped Mac or PC laptop. This is particularly cool if you want to edit some patches while listening to Front of House mix of the band... you can tweak your sounds and effects while listening to the entire mix of the band! Take that, all you lead guitarists!!
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