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Greetings from Muse Research!

Q: What do U2, Garbage, The Rolling Stones, Nine Inch Nails, Dream Theater, Joss Stone, Billy Joel, Earth Wind and Fire, George Duke, Tears for Fears, Flock of Seagulls, George Strait, and TV shows like Rockstar:INXS and The Jimmy Kimmel Live show all have in common?
A: They've adopted Receptor as their solution for using plug-ins live!
Find out more about who is using Receptor by visiting our Artist Page
That's right. Receptor, the dedicated hardware virtual instrument and effects player from Muse Research has quickly become the “must have” device for professional musicians around the world. With its proprietary, highly-stable host environment with built-in MIDI and audio I/O, integrated 16-channel digital mixer, convenient front panel control over the entire box, as well as ability to display a plug-in's graphical user interface either by connecting a monitor directly to the unit or connecting it to your Mac or PC (laptop or desktop) via Ethernet, Receptor gives you high performance that you can count on!  
Garritan Personal Orchestra
Garritan Personal Orchestra's graphical user Interface as seen on a Macintosh via Receptor Remote software
"Receptor is the most powerful rack unit I have ever experienced in my music-making life. It's mind-boggling to think about the sonic potential that lives inside this box"

Jordan RudessJordan Rudess, composer and keyboardist for DreamTheater
[Photo by Paul Undersinger]

  Take, for example, Jordan Rudess, the remarkable composer and keyboardist for Dream Theater. Jordan uses tons of plug-ins in the studio, but was faced with the dilemma of what to do when it came to playing live. After picking up a Receptor, not only did he determine it was the ultimate tool for using plug-ins live, he used it extensively in the studio due to Receptor's powerful features, thanks to the Muse Machine software inside. As a result, you can hear Receptor on their latest album and on their current world tour!

Be sure to check out Jordan's latest work with Dream Theater in the release of “Octavarium” and catch Jordan live on tour this Summer and Fall.

For more information on tour dates and the new album, visit dreamtheater.net.

New Web-based Videos now available, presented by Jordan Rudess

Check out Jordan as he takes Receptor through its paces by viewing our new series of web video tutorials. This concise series of 7 videos takes you through every aspect of Receptor. You must have QuickTime installed on your computer, but other than that, just click, sit back, and enjoy!

Watch Jordan's introduction to Receptor [32 MB video]

Why choose Receptor?
We all know that virtual instruments have taken the world by storm, providing continuously evolving expressive power and convenience. But running virtual instruments can be a nightmare, requiring you to master complex host software, and tweak your computer again and again so that it delivers acceptable performance. Then you hope that everything works properly and pray that nothing upsets the delicate balance required to run your plug-ins without glitches. Receptor plays your plug-ins using dedicated, purpose built hardware and high performance software.

To learn more about what makes Receptor's hardware special, click here [15 MB].


Jordan Rudess

All Receptor Videos
1:  Introduction
2: Receptor Hardware
3: Front Panel
4: Controlling Receptor from your Computer
5: Receptor's GUI
6: Plugins and Plugorama
7: Introduction to UniWire


Receptor makes using plug-ins as easy as Plug-in, Play.
Receptor eliminates the pain and hassle of running virtual instruments. It features dedicated, high-performance host software, called MuseMachine, that is based on Linux, the industrial-strength operating system, and optimized for making music. MuseMachine is designed for live performance, with super-low latency drivers for superior speed and maximum polyphony, and a variety of fail-safe system features that ensure rock-solid stability. But don't take our word for it. Listen to what Craig Anderton said in Keyboard magazine about Receptor:

"A quality piece of gear that is both deep and straight- forward… simplicity, efficiency and reliability sing a real siren song with live performance, and for these reasons, as well as the thoughtfulness with which the package is put together Receptor receives our Key Buy Award" Keyboard Magazine, November 2004 Keyboard - Key Buy Award

Unleash your creativity with Receptor.
Since Receptor was designed to do one thing – run your virtual instruments and effects–you'll find no better place in which to create lush sonic soundscapes, intricate real-time performance environments, and amazing arrays of effects, all configurable with a single patch change. You can control Receptor entirely from the front panel, or connect a mouse, keyboard, and monitor directly to Receptor or control it remotely over Ethernet from your computer. Receptor lets you edit a plug-in using its own graphical user interface, so a plug-in acts and feels just like it is running on a computer! Once you've got your sounds all dialed in, you can save everything as a preset for install recall at a gig, either through a MIDI patch change or directly from the front panel. Let Jordan explain the Receptor's front panel interface by clicking here [16 MB].

Receptor has 16 dedicated channels for running virtual instruments or processing audio through three effects insert slots. In addition, Receptor provides 32-bit mixing of all your sounds, that is also controllable via MIDI. Speaking of MIDI, everything is MIDI controllable in Receptor. And be sure to check out the new MIDI mapping and zoning feature that makes the creation of splits and layers an exercise in creativity, not frustration. Check out Jordan's introduction to Receptor's Graphical User Interface and 16 channel mixer by clicking here [18 MB].

Finally, Receptor is as useful in your studio as it is at a gig. Receptor integrates with your computer via Receptor Remote software (included) letting you control every function of your Receptor via Ethernet. Even more impressive is the advanced I/O mapping that lets you route any of Receptor's 16 audio channels to either the analog, S/PDIF, or ADAT outputs, including separation of the effects busses for use as separate stereo outputs. Receptor serves as a “turbo charger” in your home studio and takes the load off your main CPU. Let Jordan take you through the Receptor Remote software and connection to a computer via Ethernet by clicking here [5 MB].

Tears For Fears

“I am overwhelmed every time I turn on this machine

Who said this?
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Artist Page

Tears For Fears have been on the comeback trail with a popular new album called “Everybody Loves a Happy Ending” and have been touring extensively around the world. Always lushly orchestrated with a strong keyboard bias, Tears for Fears has featured acoustic piano on many of their smash hit singles. After struggling on tour with an acoustic grand piano, and dealing with the incessant tuning and shipping problems presented by a full sized piano, they discovered Receptor running the astounding Bösendorfer 290 piano virtual instrument from East West and never looked back.

Tears For Fears

"I love my Receptor- it is exactly what I've been waiting for! Finally I can use the same quality sounds live that I use in the studio without having to worry about a laptop. It's great in the studio as well as it takes some of the burden off my main computer. I don't know what I would do without it" Doug Petty, Keyboard player for Tears for Fears Doug Petty
Photo by Wayne Perez

Check out all the artists who are using Receptor by visiting our Artist Page.


  DID YOU KNOW… That you can use Receptor as your keyboard instrument, as a guitar effects processor, and you can mix in a stereo line input and add effects to the input, all at the SAME TIME?
What's new with Receptor?
Glad you asked! Since Receptor launched a few months ago, we've already had three feature updates and another one is just around the corner. We've added nearly 50 new premium plug-ins as well as adding compatibility with hundreds of freeware instrument and effects. Our last update added a new feature called Z-load that you won't find anywhere else – it loads a plug-in as fast as most plug-ins change their presets! Our latest update, released this month, features extensive support for sampling plug-ins like Kompakt, and Kontakt, with added support for multiple output plug-ins.

Minimonsta, Oddity and Vector SectorNew Plug-ins:
The following virtual instruments and effects now run on Receptor:

  • All Spectrasonics plug-ins including Atmosphere, Trilogy and Stylus RMX.
  • Minimonsta:Melohman from GMEDIA and Ohm Force.
  • Oddity and ImpOSCar from GMEDIA.
  • Vector Sector from General Vibe.
  • Discovery, Phantom, and Vertigo from discoDSP.
  • FinalPlug from Wave Arts.
  • Garritan Personal Orchestra from Garritan.
  • Absynth 3, Guitar Rig, Guitar Combos, and Elektrik Piano from Native Instruments (with Kontakt 1.5/2, Battery 2, and more coming soon).
  • Nitro from PSP Audioware.
  • East West / Quantum Leap / Sounds Online Symphonic GOLD, SILVER, and PLATINUM sound libraries, as well as Colossus, and Bösendorfer 290.
  • FXpansion DR005, DR008, and now BFD and BFD Lite!!
  • PMI sampled pianos: The Emperor, Yamaha C7, and The Old Lady.

Learn more about these plug-ins as well as the hundreds of others that work on Receptor by visiting www.plugorama.com. Or, Jordan explains Plugorama to you in this web video [23 MB].

Receptor is about to become as indispensable in the studio as it is on the road. Get ready for UNIWIRE™ - The simple, all-in-one interface connection between your host computer and your Receptor. UniWire is a single cable connection between your Receptor and host computer that sends MIDI, audio, and remote control data back and forth over an Ethernet network. In doing so, UniWire turns your Receptor into a modular DSP add-on box to supplement the processing power of your computer, whether it is a Mac, PC, laptop or desktop machine. Need more processing power? Just connect more Receptor's to your network. It's a dream come true and coming to Receptor in August as a free software update. Check out Jordan as he gives a “sneak peek” at UniWire in this web video [18 MB].

Living Large? Now you can super-size your Receptor!
Now available for Receptor: the 160GB hard drive upgrade! That's right, now you can keep all your sample libraries resident on Receptor. You can special order the hard drive upgrade from your local dealer and have it installed at the factory, or order it as an accessory direct from Muse Research. While you're at it, you can upgrade the RAM as well, and nothing sings sweeter than a Receptor with 2GB of RAM installed!

See all Receptor can do for you today at your favorite dealer. If they don't have it, ask them to carry it!

And for more information, visit www.museresearch.com, for more info about what plug-ins run on Receptor visit www.plugorama.com, or send your specific questions to info@museresearch.com.