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Big news for May from Muse Research!

In case you missed the news RECEPTOR 2 is now shipping! The little brother to the RECEPTOR 2 PRO and RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX sports a super fast SATA-2 250GB hard drive, a single-core, 2.6GHz 64-bit AMD processor, and 4GB of high speed RAM. This model is available in four configurations:


RECEPTOR 2 Standard: includes the Plugsound BOX collection of instruments with hundreds of presets ready to go, right out of the box, as well as all the premium RECEPTOR software such as Pianoteq, M-Tron, Discovery PRO, Albino 3, and Lounge Lizard 3, all available on a 30 day free-trial basis.

RECEPTOR 2 with Komplete Inside: Comes with the entire collection of award-winning instruments from Native Instruments, pre-installed, pre-authorized and ready to make music NOW. Featuring such award winning plug-ins as Akoustik Piano, B4II, Pro 53, FM8, Kontakt 3, Absynth 4, Massive, and many many more, this collection of plug-ins covers an astounding range of musical styles and situations. Also has hundreds of presets brought out to the "mixer" level so that you can select cool sounds directly from the front panel... no programming required!

RECEPTOR 2 with Komplete Inside

Total Workstation Rack powered by RECEPTOR 2: This configuration, available exclusively through IK Multimedia, features the entire Total Workstation Bundle pre-installed and authorized on your RECEPTOR 2. You'll love the incredible range of sounds you get from Sample Tank 2, Sonik Synth 2, Sample Moog, Sample Tron, and the Miroslav Strings... in addition to the bonus plug-ins Amplitube Duo and Ampeg SVX Uno. These plug-ins all sound great and load instantly... it's the ultimate ROMpler!

Total Workstation Rack powered by RECEPTOR 2

RECEPTOR 2 SPIRIT: This special version of RECEPTOR 2, available exclusively through Sweetwater, for the Worship market. This version of Receptor is similar to the RECEPTOR 2 with Komplete Inside with the addition of hundreds of megabytes of custom sounds by the Sweetwater Sound Design team, and hundreds of presets designed to cover the needs of virtually any worship team, modern or traditional.


Upgrades If you haven't done it yet act soon because time is running out on the offer!

Many of you have chosen to upgrade your old Receptor (regardless of vintage) to the new amazingly powerful RECEPTOR 2 PRO or PRO MAX... and the reviews have been great! More power! More sounds! More polyphony! More music!

Upgrading is simple: just visit the website, click on UPGRADES, and enter in some information about your Receptor. Basically you have the option of upgrading to a RECEPTOR 2 PRO (500GB hard drive, 2.53GHz dual core processor) or the RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX (1000GB hard drive, 3.0 GHZ processor). Upgrades include an entirely new motherboard, heat sink, cooling fan, processor, RAM and hard drive.

You can choose between a standard drive, a drive with KOMPLETE 5 pre-installed, or a drive with IK Multimedia Total Workstation Bundle installed. If you don't own either of these two packages, we can add NI's Komplete 5 to your Receptor for a mere $499, or add the IK Multimedia Total Workstation Bundle for just $499! These special bundle offers are for a limited time only, so don't delay!

Own other large libraries that you want installed? We can do this for you too as well, but you'll have to prove you own the stuff before we can install it. You can even upgrade to the latest cosmetics with the optional RECEPTOR 2 front panel option so that your unit is as new on the outside as it will be on the inside.

Or, consider doing a trade in! A lot of customers have told us that it would be preferable for them to just send in their old unit and get a new unit in return for a reduced price. Depending on which model you have, and what condition it is in, we are willing to take your unit in on trade towards the purchase of a brand spankin' new RECEPTOR 2, RECEPTOR 2 PRO or RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX. Please contact the factory for more details, or send a message to


RecepTOURSpring tours are hot and heavy and heading into summer! Here is what's new in RECEPTOUR Land:

Simply Red goes Receptor Blue on World Tour!
David Clayton and Andy Scade
Keyboardist David Clayton (left) and Keyboard Tech / Programmer Andy Scade are all smiles with the great new keyboard sounds they're getting from their Receptors.

Blue-eyed soulster Mick Hucknall has been wowing audiences around the world in the recent Simply Red tour with Dave Clayton covering the keyboard chair, assisted by keyboard tech Andy Scade. Here they are in Mexico, posing with the rig backstage:
Simply Red

Their Receptors have performed flawlessly and Dave reports being blown away with how good his rig sounds!

The Rumours are True. Fleetwood Mac is "Unleashed" on tour again!

Legendary and perennial favorites Fleetwood Mac have embarked on tour again, and this time they'll be using RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAXs with both their on-stage and off-stage keyboard rigs.

Mac veteran Brett Tuggle will be covering the on-stage keyboard rig after Christine McVie's retirement. Tech / keyboardist extraordinaire Will Alexander, fresh off of tour with Receptor users YES and The Rolling Stones is handling the tech as well as covering some supplemental parts. Sound Designer / programmer / keyboardist Michael Kianka is covering some offstage keyboard parts as well, fresh off his stint programming Receptors for the Broadway hit musical "Tale of Two Cities." Hats off to the Lindsey, Stevie, John and Mick for believing that live music should indeed be live!

This will be one of the touring highlights of the year, so be sure to check them out if they come through your part of the world!

Michael Kianka
Michael Kianka covering off-stage keyboards
(MacBook is running Receptor Remote)
The off-stage rig
The off-stage rig »

Will Alexander and Brett Tuggle
Will Alexander (left) and Brett Tuggle (right) at Unleashed rehearsals in LA

The Boss rocks the Superbowl and launches new US tour!

The inimitable Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band rocked the world at the half-time show at the Superbowl this past winter. Keyboard sounds from Roy Bittan's rig were from Receptor, and here's what Marty Gelhaar, the keyboard tech, had to say about the gig:

"We have to put a lot of faith in our gear every day, as well as when broadcasting live to 200 million viewers – the reliability of our Muse Receptors is without question. They were the primary devices we used in Roy Bittan's rig for the broadcast, and of course, they performed perfectly."

The Boss and his band recently kicked off their latest tour at HP Pavilion in San Jose, with Bill St. Amour looking after one keyboard rig and Marty looking after the other. Both rigs have Receptors.

The Boss

PHOENIX rises on Saturday Night Live

The Paris-based band PHOENIX played SNL recently, debuting two songs from their new album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. This exciting new folk / pop / rock / funk / electronica band plays edgy but accessible music and will be touring the US this summer. They have two Receptors with KOMPLETE inside in their rig. Be sure to check out their SNL appearance on YouTube and keep an eye on these rising stars on

PHOENIX Saturday Night Live

Until next time...
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