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Greetings from Muse Research!

As the temperatures rise in the Northern Hemisphere and the campaign trail heats up, we begin another tour season and of course Muse Research has some exciting news to share with you all in Receptorland.

Muse Research at MIX Nashville May 20th and 21st

Muse Research will be exhibiting at the MIX Nashville show this week... come by and see the latest / greatest from Muse Research and say hi to Chris Halaby, our CEO, and Gary Mraz, our Director of Sales.

Mix Nashville

For more information, visit

Version 1.7 software with Direct Install

You thought we were kidding, didn't you? Okay, so we haven't delivered Direct Install quite as quickly as we hoped, but I'm pleased to share with you that we are in final testing and the results are very promising indeed. The initial release of Direct Install software will allow you to install Komplete 5 as well as pretty much any Native Instrument Kompakt, Kontakt, or Intakt-based sample library, which means hundreds of sample libraries will now be usable on Receptor.

But wait, there's more! The release of Direct Install also gives you a brand new Receptor Remote Control application (for Mac or PC) that makes it as simple as can be to launch the Receptor Remote viewer, get help on various topics, or view your Receptor's hard drive. We think you'll all really appreciate how easy we've made it to control your Receptor from your desktop, and for you skeptics out there, here is a sneak peek of the interface:

Receptor Remote Control

Cool, huh? Please be patient with us, you should be able to download the new Direct Install update in a week or two. It will be worth the wait, we promise!

Antares Auto-Tune 5 on Receptor!

Auto-Tune 5Receptor makes the leap into vocal processing in a huge way thanks to the release of Antares Audio Technologies' Auto-Tune 5 plug-in on Receptor. Be sure to check out this legendary vocal pitch-correction plug-in today from Everyone gets to check it out for 30-days for free, and there's a crossgrade program to Receptor for those who already own it.

Receptor as a Vocal Processor
Never thought about using Receptor as a vocal processor? It's ridiculously simple: just plug a microphone preamp into the line input of your Receptor, select "Line In" from the source menu, and then open up an effects processing plug-in on that channel. Prepare to discover a new extremely powerful aspect of Receptor as an advanced stand-alone effects processor!


IK Receptor

Announcing the Racy Red, Road-proven, Rack-mount, Rock-solid, Radically Reliable, Really Responsive, Ready-to-Rock IK RECEPTOR!!!

There's a new Receptor configuration in town, and it's blazing hot. The new IK Receptor features the entire Total Workstation Bundle from IK Multimedia. Available soon only from IK Multimedia and on Plugorama, you can purchase this powerful "ultimate sound module" with SampleTank2, SonikSynth2, SampleMoog, SampleTron, and Miroslav Philharmonik pre-installed and ready to make music. Not only does this new configuration give you thousands of sounds at the push of a button, you'll be pleased to know that you can purchase this model for a bargain price of just $1999 direct from IK!

Of course if you're reading this, then you already have a Receptor, but we wouldn't want you to feel left out... so you will be able to install the IK Total Workstation Bundle yourself, or any component thereof. IK Multimedia is also offering a special bundle price for existing Receptor owners who want to run this comprehensive collection of sounds on their own Receptor.

Please contact for more information about the special offer!

Refer A Friend

Tell a friend about Receptor, and you'll both get $100 in software when they buy!

Refer A FriendHopefully your Receptor is one of your favorite, if not your most favorite music instrument. And we're grateful to those who have recommended Receptor to their friends, in fact a large number of our sales occur through friends turning their friends on to Receptor. So, we've decided to make a great thing even better, so now both YOU and YOUR FRIEND are going to get a pat on the back when your friend buys their Receptor.

The program is called Refer A Friend, and it works like this. Simply sign up on the Muse Research website and list the friends you are telling Receptor about. When your friend purchases a Receptor, you AND your friend will be automatically credited with a voucher worth $100 off any purchase of $100 or more on Vouchers can only be used on purchases on and have no cash value. The good news is that the vouchers are combinable and there is no limit to the number of vouchers you can earn! Program details can be found on the Muse Research website. Sorry, program is for registered Receptor owners only and is not applicable to dealers.


RecepTOURIts spring to there's a lot happening in terms of touring going on around the world. Alicia Keys is out on a world tour and has added two more Receptors to their rig... manning the rig are techs Eli Ward and Ian Kelly. Billy Joel continues his tour with David Rosenthal manning the keyboards... be sure to check out the April issue of Keyboard magazine for a in-depth article about David and his work with Billy. The Boss continues his tour in support of his latest release Magic, and apparently Receptor is working its magic with them as they've added a third Receptor to their rig. Kurt Wolak and Marty Gelhart are the techs on this massive tour.

Crowded House is out for another round of excellent rock and roll with Mark Hart playing his two Receptors, having added a Receptor with Komplete Inside to his rig last year. Cher just opened a concert theater run in Vegas with Paul Mirkovich serving as MD. In fact, both keyboard rigs feature Receptors, and the drummer Mark Shurman is using Receptor as well.

Michael Bluestein takes over the keyboard chair for Foreigner and brings with him two new Receptors with Komplete Inside. FooFighters added another Receptor to their rig, as did Tori Amos who continues her world tour in support of American Doll Posse. Rumor has it that Nine Inch Nails are in rehearsal for a new tour, Receptors in tow...

South American Superstar Juanes is out on his world-wide La Vida tour. Emmanuel Briceno is covering the keyboard parts with his Receptor PRO running Ivory as well as several electric piano plug-ins and synths. We snapped this picture of Emanuel at his immense show in San Jose's HP Pavilion:

Emmanuel Briceno and his Receptor   Emmanuel backing up Juanes
Emmanuel Briceno and his Receptor   Emmanuel backing up Juanes

Other bits and bobs

Check out over the next couple of weeks for the debut of the Receptor Sales & Tutorial Collection of videos (hey, we had to call it something) featuring yours truly (Bryan). These videos are intended to explain Receptor, what it does, how to use it, and more...

Muse Research

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