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Summer Musings

Ahh... Summer. Vacations by the lake and trips to the beach. Summer concerts, picnics in the park, barbeques with hot dogs and ice cold beer... baseball... cricket... (hey, my wife is British, we're well aware it's a big world)... soccer (okay, football although we hear that Spain is changing the official spelling to Futbol!)... camping... fireworks... smoke filled skies throughout California and waterlogged corn fields in the Midwest... wait a second – getting too real here.

Despite the current spate of natural disasters, Summer is my favorite time of year and there is plenty to talk about in the world of Receptor... including a couple of MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS (said in a deep, highly reverberated voice, ala monster truck radio spots):

Announcing a NEW Receptor model

Powered by SampleTank

Its going to be a RED, WHITE, and GREEN summer... thanks to our new partnership with IK Multimedia from Italy. RED is the color of our hot new Receptor model with the Total Workstation Bundle built-in, pre-authorized, and ready to go. Featuring SampleTank 2, Sonik Synth 2, SampleMoog, SampleTron, and Miroslav Philharmonik, this is an amazing module. WHITE, the color of purity and cleanliness, is also the combination of all the colors in the color spectrum. And it's exactly what you'll experience sonically with the thousands and thousands of pristine presets of lush and responsive sounds. Finally, GREEN for all the cash you're going to save... because this bundle has a suggested list price of over $3700... and it's yours for just:

No, this is not a misprint.

Already Own the Total Workstation Bundle? Or some other IK Software? Or are you just interested in using IK software?

Well it's a red, white and green summer for you as well since EVERY Receptor owner qualifies for special CROSSGRADE pricing to ANY IK Multimedia software title! That's right – you can pick up SampleTank 2, SampleMoog, Ampeg SVX, Classic Reverb... ANY IK title at a special crossgrade price as part of our new partnership with IK Multimedia. Simply visit to learn more about how you can participate in this exciting promotion!


Direct Install

I know, we said it would be done a while ago, but we wanted it to be right so we spent extra time polishing our latest technological breakthrough: Direct Install technology for Receptor. Direct Install is a NEW installation technology that will greatly expand the world of software that works on Receptor, allowing you to run the native .exe installer programs from your computer to install various new titles on Receptor.

Our initial release of Direct Install is primarily focused on allowing you to install Komplete 5 (as well as any of the updates) on Receptor, as well as all the constituent components of Komplete 5. Additionally, we'll rapidly expand the Direct Install support to include the whole range of Native Instrument's powered plugins (such as EastWest, Best Services, Zero-G, Big Fish Audio, etc.) Then we will be expanding Direct Install to accommodate the large masses of Windows VST plugins that are out there... So thanks for your patience, and let the journey begin... Direct Install is now available.

Please visit to download this exciting new technology (You'll need Receptor 1.7 software and Receptor Tools 1.2). Checkout the 1.7 Release Notes / Manual Supplement (PDF) for a more detailed explanation of how it works.

ALSO NEW: Receptor Tools

Receptor ToolsEven if you aren't interested in installing new software onto your Receptor via Direct Install, you'll definitely want to download the new "Receptor Tools" package anyway as, besides enabling Direct Install, it includes new versions of the Receptor Remote Control software and the UniWire plug-in.

Receptor Remote Control (RRC)
The brand new RRC has on-line help as well as one button connection to Receptor's hard drive that makes system software updates and backing up presets a cinch! So don't wait... download this cool new technology and enjoy the latest and greatest from our engineering team!

UniWire 1.2
Aside from fixing several bugs and improving overall compatibility, UniWire 1.2's most obvious new capability is that it works with multicore processors. You no longer have to disable multi-core support in your host application in order to use UniWire. Hooray!

Receptor: A Rising Star on Broadway and in the London theater scene

  In The Heights
In The Heights Music Director/Orchestrator Alex Lacamoire (Tony Award - Best Orchestrations 2008) and Randy Cohen (In The Heights Synth Programmer)

Receptor has quickly become the go-to technology for using lush synths and sampler programs in pit orchestras in major shows around the world, including the 2008 Tony Award winner for Best Musical, In The Heights.

Seems that keyboardist / music conductor / programmer Randy Cohen has been busy in New York as well as in various regional theaters using Receptors to fatten up existing instrumentation and to cover modern synth, organ, and piano parts using Receptors.

Noted composer, keyboardist, and arranger Irwin Fisch programmed up an impressive rig for Legally Blonde – The Musical, which continues its Broadway run.

Our mates across the pond have similarly discovered Receptor, with London's National Theatre using 10 of them in various productions, as well as using them on tour with Andrew Lloyd Weber's Aspects of Love.

Vince Hudson

Vince Hudson, Keyboardist / Programmer on Andrew Lloyd Weber's Aspects of Love

For a complete story of Receptor in the pit and an interview with Randy Cohen, visit and check out the artist section.


RecepTOUROf course what would Summer be with out Summer tours? We're pleased to announce that there are tons of Receptors out there on the road doing their thing. The International sensation from Colombia known as Juanes came through San Jose, with keyboardist Emmanuel Briceno sporting his Receptor Pro. Running Ivory, various EPs and some organ patches, Emmanuel loves his Receptor, and still can't believe how alive everything sounds thanks to Receptor's ultra low latency.

Emmanuel Briceno

The secret of his great sounds...

Emmanuel Briceno

Emmanuel Briceno (left) with Juanes

Over in the UK, some of the highlights of the tour season include several acts at the legendary UK Glastonbury festival using Receptor, including Crowded House, John Mayer, and Billy Cobham with Asere. Also out and about this summer on tour but not coming through the Bay Area is UK chart sensation MIKA, Mogwai, The Waterboys, Joe Sample, Rooney, and many, many more.

For fans of fusion (yes, there are more than a couple roaming the halls around here) there can be no more impressive a line up than Return To Forever, with Al Dimeola, Lenny White, Stanley Clarke, and the ever-astounding Chick Corea. All who attended their four sold out performances in San Francisco were blown away, and we'd have to add we're mighty proud that Mr. Corea has placed a Receptor in his main rig. And to make a special evening even better, it was Chick's birthday... yes, he's 39 yet again this year, just like me!

Here are a couple of shots from the gig:


From left to right: Al, Stanley, Lenny, Chick, and Chick's tech, Brian Alexander.



Chick's Rig

Chick's Rig, with Receptor PRO running plugins such as Atmosphere.

The Bay Area is seeing its usual onslaught of incredible talent, including the arrival of Stevie Wonder (Phil Mo), Coldplay (Miller's our man!), Tom Jones (Brian Monroney and Frank Strauss), The Doobie Brothers (Guy Allison on keys), Foreigner (Michael Bluestein), Heart (Debbie Shair) Herbie Hancock (the man himself!), Tim Bradshaw is once again covering the keys for John Mayer (whose taste in women is to be commended, if I may be so bold) and the ever-iconic Madonna (Ric'key Pageot on keyboards) is out in support of her new release, Hard Candy. Yum. Famed New Age composer and performer KITARO has added another Receptor PRO to his rig, as he begins an extensive tour in the Pacific Rim, and Toby Keith's keyboardist Rex Mauney is loving his new Receptor PRO, receiving big-time compliments from his FOH mixer for his new & improved sounds!

Other tour news: Jordan Rudess recently upgraded his Receptors to PRO models and added the latest software including the Italian Grand from Synthogy. Pendulum is out touring around the UK and parts of Europe this summer with their newly upgraded... what is it now - 10? 12? Receptors... And STS9's Hunter Brown (guitar) and David Phipps (keyboards) are now toting Receptor PROs on tour... retiring their laptops to more mundane tasks!

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