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Greetings from Muse Research!

NAMM Musings

NAMM 2008Well, you can tell that things are busy around Muse Research these days since we're just now getting around to sending out our NAMM report! We're including our Musikmesse report as well, so we're not late on all fronts... So check out the somewhat latest news from Muse Research where we survived tens of thousands of people converging on the Anaheim Convention Center and the Frankfurt Messe to play too loud, drink too much, and check out all the cool toys... At NAMM we had FOUR demo stations showing what's new and cool with Receptor:

1: A carbon fiber X-Drums kit connected to a BFD Turbo Receptor. We're talking groove heaven!
2: A fab American Fender Strat and a kickass Warwick bass were suitable companions at the guitar station with a Receptor with Komplete Inside.
3: The keyboard station featured the latest synths and an awesome Studiologic controller to play the latest and greatest virtual instruments.
4: Last but not least, the UniWire™ station featured a somewhat wimpy Mac Mini streaming audio from either Cubase 4.0 or Logic 8 over to a Receptor with Komplete 5 Inside featuring not only all the great instruments available in Komplete but also vocal processing plug-ins from Antares Audio Technologies.

NAMM Notables

As always, many notables made their way to the Muse Research booth. It's always a great pleasure to meet with our customers who use Receptor, and even more fun to hear them lay down a few riffs. Unfortunately, we were a bit slow whipping out the camera for many visitors, but we were fortunate to be paid a visit from Paul Mirkovich (Cher, Janet Jackson), Terry Lawless (U2), Will Alexander (Rolling Stones), Korel Tunador (GooGooDolls) Debbie Shair (Heart), Kevin Antunes (Justin Timberlake), Leland Sklar (James Taylor), Jon Gilutin (Linda Rondstadt), Richard Davis (The Eagles) Adriana Balik (Pink), Richard Devine, Phil Ramone, Vernon Reid (Living Color) Matt Fink (Prince), Val Garay, John Boylan (Boston), Bashiri Johnson (Madonna), Herman Jackson (American Idol), Tish Diaz (Jersey Boys) and many, many more.

Here are a few pictures of the notables who we did manage to get a photo with:

Will Alexander Terry Lawless Richard Davis and Adriana Balic
Rolling Stones
Keyboard Tech
Will Alexander strikes
a pose with Receptor PRO
U2 Keyboardist
Terry Lawless
poses with Muse Research CEO Chris Halaby
Eagles keyboardist Richard Davis (L) shares a moment with Pink Keyboardist Adriana Balic (center) and Richard's wife Julia (R)

New plug-ins from NAMM

As always, every new trade show also comes with an assortment of new plug-ins being announced on Receptor. Below is the complete list of what we showed:

Muse Research Receives the Remix Technology Award!

RemixRemix presented Muse Research's Receptor with Komplete Inside their Remix Technology Award for 2008 on the night before the NAMM show. Presenting the award from Remix Magazine was Markkus Rovito following an exceptional review of Receptor by Jason Blum.

We've included a picture of Markkus, Chris Halaby, Farhan Mohamed, and Gary Mraz just in case you thought we were making this all up! It's true, really. We have been told that the award should not be eaten, exposed to laser light due to its crystalline structure, or used as a projectile. We are willing to comply, and we are honored to receive the award.

L to R: Markkus Rovito, Chris Halaby, Farhan Mohamed, and Gary Mraz

L to R: Markkus Rovito, Chris Halaby, Farhan Mohamed, and Gary Mraz

Musik Messe in Frankfurt: Guten Tag, y'all!

Muse Research demonstrated the Komplete 5 Receptor along with all the plug-ins shown at NAMM for our European dealers and friends at the Frankfurt Musik Messe held in Frankfurt Germany. This was our first year showing in the booth of our new German distributor, Digital Audio Service, based in Hamburg.


This winter saw record rains and winds in California but that didn't stop Receptor user Kenna from blowing away crowds in San Francisco during their recent stop playing his very unique and hip music. Of course lots of tours are in rehearsal or are getting ready to embark on tour for the spring, including such greats as Rod Stewart whose percussionist Matt O'Connor has added a Receptor to his rig, soul diva Alicia Keys who will be using Ivory, EWQSO Gold XP, M-TRON, and other virtual instruments on tour. Did you check out the Super Bowl half-time show with Tom Petty's keyboardist Scott Thurston using his Receptor? Not a football fan? Then surely you caught Rami Jaffee with his Receptor playing with The Foo Fighters during the Grammy Awards!

Receptor will be a big part of the Reba McIntyre / Kelly Clarkson joint billing tour as the keyboardists for both bands are using Receptors! And we're pleased to welcome Rex Maundy, keyboardist for Toby Keith to our Artist family. Julio Iglesias's keyboardist Christian Tamburr is making some impressive music thanks to his new Receptor with Komplete Inside, coupled with Ivory and the Italian Grand expander pack. And Cher is gearing up to headline an extended run in Vegas with Paul Mirkovich serving as MD… and American Idol is underway with another hit season with Receptor user Herman Jackson manning the keyboards… with his replacement Receptor (see below). Finally, Scotland's coolest band, Mogwai, picked up their first Receptor… keyboardist Barry Burns now owns a Receptor PRO.

Stolen Gear Alert

Please be careful when buying any 2nd hand Receptors in the Los Angeles area. American Idol Music Director Herman Jackson had one of his Receptors ripped off during a gig in the Valley. If you hear of Receptor serial number C07060100016 being offered for sale, please notify your local police.

Last but not least

Refer A FriendAs you know, we really appreciate the fact that you purchased a Receptor. As a small company, we appreciate the fact that you put your faith in us and in our product. Even more flattering is that many of you actively recommend Receptor to your friends and associates. We've been thinking about how we might "show a little love back" to those who are actively telling their friends about Receptor, and we've come up with a pretty cool way to share the love. It's called the Receptor Refer A Friend program, and it starts now.

Its pretty simple. Just give us the name of anyone you are recommending to purchase a Receptor. When they purchase a unit and register it on, you will automatically get a $100 voucher for any purchase on Even better, your friend will get a $100 voucher too! So everybody wins when you refer a friend. Just a little way we can say "thanks" for your loyalty and for sharing the news about Receptor.

Register your friends today and read the program details here

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