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Greetings from Muse Research!

AES Newsletter

There's a distinct briskness in the air, and that can only mean one thing: It's Autumn. And that can only mean one thing: It's time for AES. And that, in turn can only mean one thing: Muse Research is announcing a bunch of news. And this is the AES Edition of Musings, and that too, means only one thing: you're going to hear all the AES news here, first. Isn't life great?

Tons of new plug-ins coming to Receptor

Farhan's been busy this summer, getting a whole throng of new plug-ins all working on Receptor. And you know what that means... there is a whole bunch of new software to try out on your Receptor by simply downloading it from For those of you who aren't currently connected to the web, here is a summary of what's new in terms of plug-ins for Receptor:

Ivory Synthogy Ivory Italian Grand Expansion Pack support - finally, the Fazioli arrives on Receptor.   MasterVerb Wave Arts MasterVerb5 - This new reverb sounds great, and doesn't kill your CPU. Yes!
Discovery Pro discoDSP Discovery PRO - a huge new plug-in with incredible expressive power. Panorama Wave Arts Panorama5 - a surround sound panner plug-in.
OP-X Sonic Projects OP-X - That classic Obie sound finds its way to Receptor! FinalPlug Wave Arts FinalPlug5 - perfect for insertion in the MASTER section of Receptor.
OP-X Pro Sonic Projects OP-X PRO - And its even better with the PRO version! MultiDynamics Wave Arts Multidynamics5 - a truly powerful multi-band compressor.
Stringer Sonic Projects Stringer - classic synth strings for all you 70's and 80's fans. TrackPlug Wave Arts TrackPlug5 - a comprehensive channel strip that is also super efficient
Cameleon 5000 Camel Audio Cameleon 5000 - Camel Audio's super synth ready to work its magic for you Oddity GMEDIA music Oddity update - newest version of the much-admired Oddity.
Camel Space Camel Audio Camel Space - amazing spatializer plug-in that must be heard! impOSCar GMEDIA music Imposcar update - ditto for Imposcar.
Camel Phat Camel Audio Camel Phat - Appropriately named, this plug fattens up guitar, keys, more. Pianoteq Modartt Pianoteq - An astounding physically modeled piano that works and sounds great
Camel Crusher Camel Audio Camel Crusher - beat those bits into submission. High quality nastiness. Mu Voice Mu Technologies Mu Voice - Ground-breaking polyphonic pitch corrector / harmonizer.
Albino Rob Papen / LinPlug Albino 3 - an update of the remarkable LinPlug synth with presets by Rob Papen BVC Studio Devil BVC -
this is a really great little free plug-in from a new company in NY.
Blue Rob Papen / RPCX Blue - a nice VA synth capable of far more colors than its name suggests. TimewARP Way Out Ware TimewARP 2600 - give me my Arp 2600, complete with virtual patch cords!
Predator Rob Papen / RPCX Predator - an incredibly fat and organic sounding synth with tons of presets. Kikaxxe Way Out Ware KikAxxe - cool monophonic synth with step sequencer!

Receptor with Komplete Inside to support Komplete 5!

Komplete InsideYou might recall that this summer we announced Receptor with Komplete Inside, our version of Receptor that has Native Instruments Komplete pre-installed, pre-authorized and ready to make music right out of the box. Since then, Native Instruments has announced Komplete 5, a collection of 11 different instruments including the addition of Massive, a new updated version of Kontakt (Kontakt 3) and a new version of the venerable Guitar Rig (Guitar Rig 3). We're pleased to announce that Receptor with Komplete Inside will soon be the Komplete 5 collection. Worried that you already purchased the version with Komplete 4 installed? Gotcha covered as you'll be able to upgrade to Komplete 5 at very low cost or for free depending on when you purchased it.

Receptor with Komplete Inside

Important news: NI has changed the way that plug-ins are authorized. As of the time of this newsletter, it is NOT possible to use the installer helper method with any of the NI sample-based plug-ins. Instead you have to use the NI Service Center. Please visit Plugorama and download the Service Center tool for Receptor, as well as the instructions for use. Sorry to break it to you gang, but you really will have to follow the instructions on how to install and use Service Center. The good news is that it is easy when you know how! (The Service Center installer and PDF instructions can be downloaded from any "User Installable" NI plug-in's page at Plugorama)

UniWire makes a giant leap towards RTAS compatibility

Those of you who have DAW's that are VST or AU compatible already know that UniWire, our exclusive technology that lets you use your Receptor as a system accelerator over Ethernet is almost indescribably cool.

Tour and Artist News

There's been a continuous stream of great artists and bands to come through town. Of course a large number of them are Receptor users, a fact that makes us proud and sometimes makes us blush! Here are some of the artists and groups to come through town:

HEART at Mountain Winery: Keyboardist Debbie Shair worked their magic, man, with the Wilson sisters laying down some astonishing rock and roll. This was a particularly eye-opening experience for the author… Heart has been around for nearly three decades yet they still sound like a couple of rockers from Seattle in their 20's. Astounding.

Crowded House: Mark Hart was a busy man has he covered keyboards, guitars, and background vocals during this seminal band's return to the road. The weather was record hot, and the music was even hotter as the Mountain Winery audience of "Crowdies" provided a warm welcome for their two night stay. While in town, Mark paid a visit to our facilities where he was able to check out the latest in brass and string virtual instruments. At the gig, Neil Finn and Mark checked out Ivory running on a Receptor PRO… and left town with another Receptor added to their collection! If they come to a venue near you, do yourself a favor and check out this amazing band. Here is a picture of their sound check, with their two Receptors at the far left in the rack…

Crowded House

PINK continued her world-wide tour, covering the V festival in Staffordshire and playing throughout Germany. Adriana and Jason, the two keyboardists, both rely on their Receptors for many of the sounds used during the show. Adriana sends us this picture of her "command center":


Doobie Brothers at Mountain Winery and Shoreline: Everyone's favorite band from San Jose made a triumphant return with two shows in the Bay Area. Keyboardist Guy Allison impressed everyone in attendance with some amazing piano solos, and the band rocked the house with their classic rock and roll.

Arcade Fire at Shoreline: This incredibly fresh and original band from Canada blew through the Bay Area, Receptor's in tow, running Kontakt with the Notre Dame Cathedral Organ Sample library from Hungary's Inspired Acoustics. Unfortunately we couldn't attend due to a scheduling conflict, but the reviews were impressive…

Dave Mathews Band: The incredibly talented music machine known as DMB came through town, and Butch Taylor proudly displayed his Receptor on top of his keyboard rig. Rumor has it there are more Receptors due to make their appearance on the backline on their next tour…

Foo Fighters: A new album. A new tour. And keyboardist Rami Jaffee has a new keyboard rig featuring not one by two Receptors. Check 'em out when they roll through your town… Joe, our VP of Sales says the new album is great!

As Fall morphs into Winter, Trans Siberian Orchestra brings its stunning Christmas production out for all to enjoy. And this year, they add a Receptor with Komplete Inside to their rig… I know it's a little early to get into the Holiday spirit, even though Receptor with Komplete Inside sports a yuletide green front panel… Maybe we should come out with a Halloween model?? That's a scary thought…

Event News

Well, there's AES, of course, but also there are some really big drum shows coming up, both of which will feature our friend John Emrick playing his BFD Turbo Receptor using his X-Drum pads or his ZenDrum controller. John just finished the FutureDrum show in Ohio, and will be featured in several booths at the PASIC convention happening from October 31st through November 3rd. For more information, visit

DID YOU KNOW... You can select what parameters you want to show up in the EDIT menu on the front panel? Simply do a "list reduction" of the parameters by choosing the Controller Assignment page while you are in the Edit screen. This calls up the list of all supported ("published") parameters that you can then bring out to the front panel in the order in which you click on the parameters of interest. This is a way cool feature since it means you don't have to go through hundreds of parameters to find the ones of interest, and the first four parameters you select are assigned to the front panel editing knobs. Now be honest… did you know any of that?

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