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Enhancements in v1.2
Updated Manual

ADAT Multiple Output support - You may now route each Receptor channel to a specific output

New MIDI Filter Button
New Note Range and Velocity Range parameters - allows keyboard zones and layers
Faster plugin instantiation with new Zload™ feature
New Program Change Channel parameter
New Memory Usage and Hard Disk displays
Channel Bypass Button now MIDI controllable
New "Load Blank Multi" Shortcut
Tempo Source parameter now saved Globally
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Receptor v1.2 Update Now Available

Muse Research is pleased to announce that the version 1.2 update for Receptor is now available in the updates section at Plugorama!

The version 1.2 software adds several new features including ADAT output support that increases the number of outputs to a total of ten - Receptor now allows you to return individual channels of audio signals back to your DAW or mixer through the ADAT outputs, providing you with complete routing control over 10 individual outputs streams. The new output routing feature also allows you to send the Effects bus assignments to their own individual outputs, allowing you to create three complete separate stereo mixes inside of Receptor, dramatically increasing its flexibility in the studio and on stage.

Additionally, the new software features a revolutionary, high-speed plug-in loading technology called “Z-Load” (patent-applied-for) that dramatically reduces the amount of time required to load a plug-in.

Also new is a powerful MIDI mapping feature with flexible support for keyboard zones and layers, dramatically improving Receptor’s functionality as a synth, sampler, and sound module. Designed with the input of Jordan Rudess, keyboardist with Dream Theater and Receptor user, these MIDI mapping features make it easy to set up multiple layers and splits in Receptor, making it an ideal tool for live performance, regardless of what music style you make.

Download the update now!

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