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Enhancements in v1.1

Multi and Single patches load up to four times faster.

Dramatically faster startup times.
EVE Sound Set Support.
Select MULTI Banks without sending an MSB (CC00) message.
New Receptor Remote application significantly improves Receptor control using MacOSX.
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Receptor v1.1 Update Now Available!

Muse Research is pleased to announce that the version 1.1 update for Receptor is now available in the updates section at Plugorama! This update contains numerous enhancements, fixes, and improvements, official compatibility with several additional commercial plug-ins plus "unofficial support" for Spectrasonics' Atmosphere, Stylus Classic and Trilogy! There are also updates to three of the Receptor v1.0 plugins.

New Plugins
Official compatibility has been added for discoDSP's Discovery, Phantom and Vertigo, FXpansion's DR-008, GMEDIA Music's impOSCar, Native Instruments' Pro-53 and Wave Arts' FinalPlug. You can download the Receptor installers from the Plugorama product pages and enjoy a full 30 day demo period for each product (initiated the first time you instantiate each plug-in) so download and install them today!

FXpansion's DR-005 is also now available for download and free registration, plus Steinberg's freebie tape echo plugin Karlette has been "Receptorized".

Details on how to install and authorize the Spectrasonics plugins using Receptor's "Unsupported" Plugins feature can be found in this Knowledge Base article.

Updated Plugins
The following updates to Receptor v1.0 plugins are also now available, you can download the updated versions from each plugin's page:

  • Eve: allows you to install additional Eve sound banks (requires Receptor v1.1).
  • Green Machine II: fixes CPU spiking issues. Unfortunately, patches saved with the original Green Machine plugin are not compatible with the new version. If you have any custom-created Green Machine patches, you should write down the parameter values before updating to the new version.
  • Vanguard: fixes an issue where recalling a new patch would close the plugin's edit view. Now, if you open Vanguard's edit view, it will stay visible when switching Receptor patches.
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