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April, 2013

Musings April 2013 Edition

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Ahhh... Spring has Sprung in Museland. Winter begins its retreat as new buds welcome the warm weather. What could be more appropriate than to launch in to Spring with TWO NEW PRODUCTS? Not much, we know.


After a huge amount of work our engineering team has released what is without a doubt our most impressive products yet: the RECEPTOR TRIO and RECEPTOR QU4TTRO , featuring an integrated PreSonus AudioBox 18-channel audio interface, new 64-bit plug-in support, LIVE MODE with support for up to 16GB of RAM, and number improvements to the user-interface.

The new RECEPTOR TRIO and RECEPTOR QU4TTRO join their lil' brother VIP to make a complete line up, spanning the market from the soloists who need vocal processing while they play guitar or keys, all the way up to top touring acts and recording studios running the mega-sample libraries that are on the market.

There's now a Receptor for every budget and performance situation, either live or in the studio. You'll definitely want to check out preview of the TRIO and QU4TTRO, which you can do through the magic of video by clicking here.

First there was MiniMe, now there are MiniStrips!

One of our favorite new features in the RECEPTOR TRIO and RECEPTOR QU4TTRO is something we call MiniStrips. Those of you who use the VIP love the fact that the Rack Mode lets you simply drag and drop your plug-ins into the virtual rack, but once you start loading up say more than 4 or 5 virtual instruments or effects, the rack can start to get a bit "tall", requiring you to scroll up or down to see the various plug-ins you're running.

MiniStrips remedies this by letting you selectively shrink or expand each channel strip, as well as shrinking or expanding ALL of the strips at once. This is particularly handy when running lots of plug-ins simultaneously, allowing you to keep a "bird's eye view" of everything going on in your RECEPTOR. This feature will soon be made available to all VIP customers at no charge, and will come to the Receptor 2 world as major update in a couple of month's time. Check it out!

Spring Launches New Tours for Various RECEPTOR Artists

Along with the promise of warmer weather comes the launch of several great tours, including the following RECEPTOR users:

Alicia Keys is out on the "Set the World on Fire" tour.

The Beach Boys are gearing up for some Fun Fun Fun using their shiny new RECEPTOR QU4TTROs, provided by tour production supply company Jonas Productions. Can't wait for surf to be up in our area!

Paul McCartney is gearing up for the new "Out There" world tour , with Paul "WIx" Wickens as MD featuring brand new RECEPTOR VIP and RECEPTOR TRIOs in his rig...

Sigur Ros is out on a new tour, promoting their new album "kveikur" which drops in June. Great that they are doing multiple nights in smaller venues in most metropolitan areas... not to be missed!

Depeche Mode is out promoting the new "Delta Machine" album. Huge number of R2+ PROS on this tour.

Selena Gomez is heading out with a new album, with Dane Forest handling keys with his trusty Receptor 2 PRO.

The indie band SPOON is gearing up for a new tour, with a new VIP for keys, played by Eric Harvey.

The living legend Billy Joel is gearing up for some new dates, with David Rosenthal playing keyboards using his shiny new RECEPTOR 2+ PROs.

Trey Anastasio (of Phish Phame... sorry Phish Fame) has a new Broadway Musical opening soon, called "Hands on Hardbody". There will be four Receptors in the pit covering keyboard parts, programmed by the esteemed Randy Cohen.

Randy is also busy on "Motown, the musical", also using RECEPTOR for keyboards. Lots of Receptors in use on the great white way these days...

Using Pro Tools? Using RECEPTOR? Check out the Pro Tools Guide... it's FREE!

Many of you use ProTools, and many of you also use your RECEPTOR with Pro Tools to take some of the load off your DAW CPU. Now with the TRIO and QU4TTRO coupled with the PreSonus AudioBox 1818 interface, integrating RECEPTOR with a ProTools rig is easier than ever. Now our friends at DiscMakers are making it easy to brush up on your ProTools skills with the FREE "ProTools for Musicians" guide.

This guide has tons of tutorials on how to get the most out of your Pro Tools system, and includes a great behind-the-scenes look at a recording session with the band MUSE, who is not only our namesake but also a user of our products!

You can get your free copy of "ProTools for Musicians" by clicking on this link.

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