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February, 2013

Musings February Edition

Greetings and a belated Happy New Year to you all. It's been a busy few months here in Museland, and there is some really big news to share with you all. So let's get right to it.


We've just gotten back from NAMM, where we introduced the new RECEPTOR TRIO and RECEPTOR QU4TTRO to great reviews. So for a limited time, you can pre-order a RECEPTOR TRIO or a RECEPTOR QU4TTRO and save $300 on the TRIO or $400 on the QU4TTRO.

For the TRIO pre-order, see here.

And for the QU4TTRO, see here.

The last of the new RECEPTOR 2's are gone, but we have some great savings on some B-stock units that are in fine shape, with a factory warranty. These units all come with KOMPLETE 8 pre-installed in demo mode, and you can add a license to any of the units above for just $399 additional... a tremendous way to pack your New Year with tons of new sounds and inspiration. When they're gone, they're gone. Visit: RECEPTOR B-stock units.


The RECEPTOR VIP received its first review, and it was a great one. In addition to receiving the KEY BUY award for being an exceptional value, the VIP also received some amazing praise from the reviewer. Here are our favorites quotes:

"The most exciting new feature is Live mode... Live mode is about as close to stepping through a ROM-based sound module as you can expect when each "patch" can actually be a "multi" consisting of huge sample sets and powerful soft synths"

"Did I mention the RECEPTOR VIP sounds fantastic?"

"...the VIP does a fantastic job of giving you the main benefits of (a computer and a hardware sound module) in a way that ultimately becomes something powerfully unique"

"Most importantly, the Receptor VIP bridges the limitless creativity of the studio with the necessities and immediately of the stage in one of the most stable and user-friendly ways we've tested to date."

"Bottom line: If you need a roadworthy rig for soft synths, samples, and effects the Receptor VIP is the best game in town."


This was a huge NAMM show for Muse Research, with TWO big product announcements, namely the RECEPTOR TRIO and RECEPTOR QU4TTRO.

RECEPTOR TRIO: Big power, Big RAM, lots of I/O

The RECEPTOR TRIO is our new "middle child" of the RECEPTOR line, with a quad-core processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 1TB drive. It features the new "rackstyle" interface and the amazing new LIVE MODE feature.

But the big news is the inclusion of the PreSounus AudioBox 1818 interface to compliment the built-in line level inputs and outputs. This gives you a whopping 18 inputs and outputs, in the form of 8 analog inputs, 8 analog outputs, and 8 ADAT inputs and outputs, in addition to S/PDIF inputs and outputs.

This means that you can send individual virtual instruments out their own dedicated outputs, as well as using the effects aspects of the product as a multi-effects processor... now is that cool or what?

RECEPTOR QU4TTRO: Our new top-of-the-line workhorse

Looking for the penultimate RECEPTOR? Look more further than the new RECEPTOR QU4TTRO, with its even faster quad-core processor, 16GB of high speed RAM, and a 2TB hard drive for storing all your sample libraries.

Of course the new 64-bit operating system brings you new capabilities with the 16GB of RAM, letting you load up tons of sounds for instant access with the LIVE MODE feature. And of course you can run many of the new 64-bit plug-ins that are on the market, letting you take advantage of the huge new sample libraries out there.

And you'll put those sample libraries to good use since the RECEPTOR QU4TTRO also comes with the PreSonus AudioBox 1818 interface. The RECEPTOR QU4TTRO is an excellent addition to any studio where you need massive power to run plugins that would otherwise bog down your DAW, and the versatile audio interface lets you integrate it with ease. And for musicians who take their show on the road, the RECEPTOR QU4TTRO also serves as a virtual effects processor for Front of House mixing.

In fact, the RECEPTOR QU4TTRO is so powerful and so versatile, you can have your guitar player plug-in to one audio input to run a guitar amp model, the singer running through vocal enhancement processors, the drummer coming in through MIDI or USB to run incredible e-drum plug-ins, and of course huge amounts of power left over for you to run Synthogy Ivory, or KOMPLETE 8, or Omnisphere... all at the same time, and all sent out individual outputs to your PA system or mixed together into one composite band mix. Talk about versatile!

RESERVE YOUR RECEPTOR TRIO OR QU4TTRO at a special introductory price, available for a limited time only. For the TRIO pre-order, see here. And for the QU4TTRO, see here.

NICK SMITH & FRIENDS Wows the Crowd on Saturday Our friend and Receptor user Nick Smith brought together a bunch of friends to swing the crowd on Saturday at the show. He also was a regular in the Synthogy booth demonstrating Ivory 2, as well as in the AAS booth showing off Lounge Lizard 4 running on a RECEPTOR VIP.

And watch the video of him performing on RECEPTOR here.

A big THANK YOU to various artists who came by our booth to check out our latest wares, in addition to providing some impromptu concert moments, with a special shout out to Ruben Valtierra who entertained us all with some seriously hot salsa music.

You can check out all our NAMM show pictures posted on our Facebook page here.

While you're there, please "friend" us so we can keep you posted with all the latest news, or follow us on Twitter at @museresearch.


BIG TIME TOURS GEAR UP WITH RECEPTOR There's a lot of action happening with new tours starting up, and we're pleased to inform you that many of the biggest acts will be touring with RECEPTORS in their rigs:

Grammy-award winning band Fun. is using a RECEPTOR VIP for their piano sounds...

Pop superstar P!NK is launching her "Truth About Love" tour with multiple Receptors, including three new RECEPTOR 2+ PROs...

Bruce Springsteen is off to Oz with his 12 Receptors covering everything from drums to piano to sample libraries...

Bon Jovi is in rehearsals for a new tour with David Bryan playing his three new RECEPTOR 2+ PROs for the first time ever...

New Broadway productions (we don't know if we can drop their names yet...) are gearing up with RECEPTOR 2+ PROs...

Joe Cocker has a new album coming out, and Nick Milo is covering all the new keyboard parts with his two RECEPTOR 2+ PROs...

The Goo Goo Dolls are rehearsing for a new tour with Korel Tunador covering keys with his newly SSD-ized RECEPTOR 2 PROs...

Until next time...
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