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Musings Fall 2012 Edition

Wow... time flies when you're havin' fun as they say, and we've been busy as the early Beatles these last few months. The good news is that there's a lot to catch up on, starting with....

MuseBox is now shipping!

"Receptor's little brother" is now in stores throughout the US, and soon to be available internationally. In case you haven't heard, MuseBox is a completely new, compact, versatile solution for musicians who want great sounds and great effects thanks to the ton of built-in and ready-to-use software. Born of a partnership between Muse Research and Peavey Electronics, MuseBox comes with a sizzling "meat and potatoes" keyboard sound set, Peavey's ReValver HP amp modeling software, MuVoice LE vocal processing software, AAS Player, Alchemy Player, and a ton of other software that lets you cover most any style of music.


Also new is a completely updated user interface, emphasizing easy and quick access to presets using a new feature called SOUNDFINDER. SoundFinder makes use of the concept of "TAGS" which are either pre-defined or user-defined categories by which to organize your sounds and effects. Combine this with a new hardware front panel design and you've got an incredibly easy to use product that truly is as easy as dialing up a sound and goin' to town with it. MuseBox has an street price of $999, and is perfect for keyboardist, guitarists, vocalists. Check it out:


Receptor VIP

Although MuseBox is perfect for those looking for maximum music-making possibilities in the minimum size package, there are some who need the ability to install some of the state-of-the-art software like KOMPLETE 8, Ivory II or Omnisphere, yet still want a simple and affordable platform that lets you take full advantage of everything the world of virtual instruments and effects can offer.

For you, there is the RECEPTOR VIP. Based on the same easy-to-use interface as the MuseBox, but incorporating a 1TB hard drive, faster dual-core processor with 4GB of RAM, the RECEPTOR VIP offers advanced features such as 16-channels of instruments or effects, as well as support of the tried-and-true Mixer-style interface familiar to RECEPTOR users. The RECEPTOR VIP replaces the RECEPTOR 2+ as our "entry-level" RECEPTOR at an attractive $1599 MAP price.

Looking for even more coolness? RECEPTOR VIP is available in four different configurations: base model, which comes with a 1TB drive and K8 pre-installed and ready to authorize, VIP+K8 with KOMPLETE 8 pre-installed AND pre-authorized, VIP+ SSD with a 256GB SSD drive, and VIP + K8 + SSD with K8 pre-authorized, all on a super-fast 256 SSD hard drive. Nice!

Learn more about RECEPTOR VIP by visiting our website, and better yet, ask your local music dealer to carry it!


Live mode is an evolution of our Snapshot technology that makes it possible to instantly switch from one preset to another, even when those presets involve gigabytes of sample data. When you select a particular TAG of interest (say a TAG you've created that has your sounds for a particular gig) and then enter LIVE MODE, the presets in that TAG become ready to play instantly in a special screen designed specifically to be controlled remotely from a tablet computer of smart phone running a VNC viewer. Stay tuned for some demo videos of this awesome feature, and for those who can't wait, here's a screen shot of the LIVE MODE performance screen!

Live Mode Screen

New LIVE MODE screen, with your set list sounds ready to go. Check out the NOTES field for entering in those simple reminders like who plays what and when!


The summer concert season is drawing to a close, which means there is lots to catch up on! Clearly, there is no shortage of big acts hitting the road, using RECEPTOR to wow audiences around the world.

The Boss Upgrades to RECEPTOR 2+ PRO for the Wrecking Ball Tour

Bruce Springsteen hits the road again with a massive 17-piece band, and a whopping 10 RECEPTOR 2+ PROs supporting the two keyboard players, a percussionist and a drummer. With a rig programmed up by Billy Joel's Dave Rosenthal, as well as programming and technical support by Marty Gelhaar and Bill St. Amour, The Boss is in good hands and good form as he takes his show around the world. Since then, we've received an update on the road from Marty Gelhaar in Europe, who said the RECEPTORS were all performing fantastically under very harsh conditions. Hey, we take care of our own.

Bruce Springeteen Rig

Check out the Muse interview with David Rosenthal, system consultant for the tour here:

Coldplay packs the arenas on the Mylo Xyoto Tour

Coldplay is back on tour packing arenas around the world, supporting their Mylo Xyoto album, and delighting hundreds of thousands of fans. Promising to be one of the top grossing tours of the year, Coldplay is making good use of their RECEPTOR 2+ PROS with 256GB SSD drives, as well as the stable of RECEPTORs with KOMPLETE INSIDE that they've been using for years. Reports lead tech Matt Miller: "We love our Receptors... you just turn them on and they do their thing". Music to our ears.

Coldplay in Manchester

Coldplay packing them in and doing their thing in Manchester, England

All American Rejects tour with new album and a revitalized Blink 182

Scott Chesak has joined The All American Rejects as keyboardist / guitarist / vocalist as they embark on a world, playing a large number of shows with the reformed Blink 182. Scott picked up a RECEPTOR 2+ PRO and immediately fell in love with it, and now plays all his organ and piano sounds using Kontakt 5.

Sigur Ros starts world tour, chooses RECEPTOR 2 for keyboard sounds

Indie phenomenon Sigur Ros from Iceland is embarking on a world tour, and they have chosen RECEPTOR 2+ PRO MAX to help create the dense, intoxicating sonic landscapes that are a signature of this evocative band. Managing the keyboard rig is Mark Traynor, who is making big use of KOMPLETE 8 to capture the massive sonic palette of this landmark band.

Jessie J's Hannah Vasanth joins the RECEPTOR artist family!

Britain's wildly popular pop diva Jessie J has engaged the talents of Hannah Vasanth to play keyboards on her European tour, performing in front of massive crowds at various festivals. Hannah made the leap to RECEPTOR a few months ago to supplement the sounds of her Motifs with piano sounds from Ivory 2 and powerful sampling and synthesis for Kontakt and Omnisphere. Hannah is a unique player who not only has a degree in Jazz performance from the Royal Academy of Music in London, but is also incredibly technical and understands synth programming as well as full time professional programmers. Watch out guys, this woman means business!

Hannah Vasanth

Cirque du Soleil "TOTEM" Deploys RECEPTOR 2 on World Tour

If you find yourself wanting to get inspired about what is possible in live performance, go see a Cirque show. One of their latest offerings is TOTEM, the story of the ascent of mankind, featuring cutting-edge projection systems, killer use of surround sound, and of course, acts that are as breath-taking as they are awe-inspiring. To pull of such a show, you need top notch music and a world-clsee production values, and TOTEM delivers big time.

With Chris Cormack serving as head of sound and creating a sonic landscape that is every bit a part of the show as the acts on stage, and Charles Dennard covering the incredibly busy keyboard book running Omnisphere and Native Instruments on his two RECEPTOR 2 PROs, this show is not to be missed when it comes through your region.


Charles Dennard, Keyboards with Totem, at his dual-Receptor rig.

Doug Sisemore backs Reba on tour and on TV with his RECEPTOR 2+ PRO

Long-time Reba McEntire MD and keyboardist (and vocalist, and guitarist, and arranger, and...) Doug Sisemore is out on tour with his RECEPTOR 2+ PRO, and he'll soon be creating the music for Reba's upcoming new TV show.

Doug Sisemore

Doug Sisemore manning the keys in Reba's killer band

Rufus Wainwright hits the road with new album, Andrew Burton covering keys, Rufus picks up a VIP to run Ivory II!

Although he is the son of legendary songwriter Loudon Wainright, Rufus Wainright has become an incredibly respected songwriter and performer himself. Now Rufus has hit the road with a new band in support of his new offering called "Out of the Game" and enlisted the multi-talented and long-time Receptor user Andy Burton to cover keyboards.

After touring through Europe running plug-ins like Ivory 2 for piano sounds and Kontakt 5 for strings, Rufus decided that he wanted the same piano sound to be triggered by his Steinway, and they picked up a new RECEPTOR VIP SSD to run Ivory II and serve as their main piano module.

Roger Waters' THE WALL returns to SF on its final tour leg

Pink Floyd forever changed what it means to attend a live show, and with this latest incarnation of Roger Waters' THE WALL, fans of Floyd were not disappointed. How do you describe such an event? Spectacle? Stupefying? Sensational? Actually, words are fairly poor descriptors for a production of this scope, with dozens of trucks, and multiple crews that put on what has to be one of the most impressive shows ever. We're incredibly proud to be part of this show, with RECEPTORS triggering drum sounds for Graham Broads impressive DW Kit, and we commend Mike McKnight, Tim Meyers, and Eddy Butler for wowing audiences world-wide with this amazing show. Take a bow, boys, job well done!

The Wall The Wall Bows

THE WALL wowed audiences in its final appearance in the US

Paul Mirkovich, Keyboardist and Music Director for The Voice

Paul Mirkovich is continues showing his musical skills as MD for The VOICE with season 3 off and running. His two RECEPTOR 2+ PROs continue to provide all the sampling and many of the synth and piano sounds for this hit TV show. Check out the exclusive interview with Paul Mirkovich on the Muse Research website here:


We're proud to announce that Babyface's engineer Paul Boutin just picked up a RECEPTOR 2+ PRO...

The amazing gospel / soul / funk keyboardist Carl Wheeler has added one more RECEPTOR 2+ PRO to his rig for Frank Beverly and The MAZE.

Ruben Valtierra is out again with Weird Al Yankovic, RECEPTOR 2+ PRO in tow, complimenting the sounds of his Kurzweil keyboard...

The legendary Joe Cocker brought his tour to the Bay Area in September, with the incredibly talented Nick Milo covering piano and playing his RECEPTOR 2+ PRO. This was a very special evening with the soulful Cocker delivering a song like no other. Nick also has a solo album out that is both engaging and eclectic... check it out at

Nick Milo

Latin music sensations Marc Anthony, Chayanne, and Marco Antonio Solis are teaming up on the GIGANTES tour, selling out arenas throughout the US. Manning the keyboards for Anthony is new RECEPTOR user Ricky Gonzales, and manning the keyboards for Chayanne is long-time RECEPTOR user Doug Emery. While in town for the show, they stopped by to check out the new RECEPTOR VIP.

Shania Twain is coming to Vegas in a huge show at Caesars Palace. Hardy Hemphill, long time keyboardist with Shania will be using a RECEPTOR 2+ PRO in the show, running Ivory II, KOMPLETE 8, and Omnisphere...

Long-time RECEPTOR user Alicia Keys is preparing for a new tour, with David Rosenthal consulting on the touring systems, and Miles Robertson playing keyboards, fresh off his tours with Adele who is currently on hiatus. Keeping things sane is tech wiz Eli Ward. Their new rig features RECEPTOR 2+ PROs for running soft-synths and samplers, and of course Alicia's rig features RECEPTOR 2+ PROs with SSDs running... what else? Alicia's Keys by NI.

The popular theatrical Beatle's tribute show RAIN is making its way back to where it all began, performing their amazing and entertaining show for the British audience, some of who probably remember some lads from Liverpool who cranked out a tune or two. RECEPTOR 2+ PROs will be providing the keyboard, string, horn, mellotron, and other sounds... Mark Beyer is the music director and one of the show's creators.

Broadway arranger / keyboardist / programmer Billy Jay Stein who used RECEPTORs in the pre-production of the Broadway Musical "Spider Man" is now working on "Jekyll and Hyde", with two RECEPTOR 2+ PROs providing keyboard sounds.

Speaking of musicals, the immensely talented Brendan Milburn just finished the world-premier of the new musical "Wheelhouse" at Theatreworks in Mountain View. As one third of the power-pop theatrical trio Groovelily, Brendan relied on a single RECEPTOR 2+ PRO MAX with 256GB SSD for piano, bass, synths, drums, you name it. Congrats to Groovelily on what was an incredibly impressive premiere.

And last but not least, we're proud to introduce one of our latest RECEPTOR VIP users. Admittedly he's not that well known in the upper echelons of the music business, but look out for this guy. He's really going places. We give you HUGO, the wire-haired dachshund with exceptional taste in music gear:

Until next time...
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