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December, 2012

Musings December Edition

Holiday Greetings from Muse Research! On behalf of everyone here at Muse Research, we'd like to extend our warmest wishes for a happy and joyful Holiday season to you all, and share our hopes and wishes for a New Year that is healthy, fulfilling and full of music for everyone.


It's year-end, so we're delighted to celebrate with you by offering a super deal on some B-stock units that are in fine shape, with a factory warranty, with pricing that is sure to bring a smile to Santa's face:
  • RECEPTOR 2+ PRO MAX - like new
  • RECEPTOR 2+ Standard with older blue cosmetics
  • RECEPTOR 2+ Standard - like new
These units all come with KOMPLETE 8 pre-installed in demo mode, and you can add a license to any of the units above for just $399 additional... a tremendous way to pack your New Year with tons of new sounds and inspiration.

Visit: DECEMBER HOLIDAY Sale on RECEPTOR B-stock units.

Or maybe you have an older receptor sitting around that you don't use any more. Well, during this sale, you get an extra $100 credit for trade-in on a new RECEPTOR VIP or RECEPTOR 2+ PRO. That's right, just $1099 plus your trade-in for a new RECEPTOR VIP. Or $1999 plus your trade-in gets you a new RECEPTOR 2+ PRO.

Email us at if you are interested in this trade-in.

And what is a December sale without some stocking-stuffers? If you already bought your Receptor, but didn't add Komplete 8, you can do it now for just $399.

Email us at if you are interested in adding Komplete 8 to your Receptor.

This sale starts as soon as you read this but will expire at midnight (California time) on Friday December 28th so ACT NOW before these great deals disappear!

It's beginning to look at lot like... NAMM SHOW?

The great tribal gathering of musicians from all over the world takes place in Anaheim from January 24th through January 27th next year. The fact we are planning for this event is proof that we are not expecting the world to end on 12.21.12 although it would mean we wouldn't have to do laundry. If you plan on coming to the show, please come by and say hi, and check out the latest offerings from Muse Research. Who knows... you might even get a free flashlight if you say the magic words: "RECEPTOR ROCKS!",

Receptour News

This is a season of giving, and we'd like to explicitly acknowledge some of the artists who have really gone above and beyond to help those in need this season. Top of our list are the artists who participated in the 12.12.12 benefit for superstorm Sandy victims. Those lucky enough to score a ticket were treated to a once-in-a-lifetime lineup that included some of the most famous and talented artists of this generation, including many whom we are very proud to be associated with: Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band, Bon Jovi, Alicia Keys, Roger Waters, and The Rolling Stones. All of these artists and more united for this cause in a great gesture of charity. One artist, due to scheduling conflicts beyond his control, had to air-freight his entire backline to NYC for the concert, and personally covered all the expenses for the cause. And it didn't even get publicized by his agent. Bravo!

Speaking of 12/12/12, we were not aware that that was International FOH Test Day (one two, one two, one two...check...check) Don't blame us, we didn't make that up...

A fabulous season of THE VOICE is nearing completion

Our friend Paul Mirkovich has taken his incredible band of musicians to new heights this season on NBC's "The Voice" which is entering the finals this week. Congrats to Paul!

Read our interview with Paul Mirkovich here.

Until next time...
Muse Research

November, 2012

Musings November Edition

It's Thanksgiving Week here in the U.S., which is one of our favorite Holidays. What could be better than taking a day off work to spend time with friends and family, stuffing yourself silly with a delicious meal, and maybe watching some football or a good movie on TV? Thanksgiving is great because it is an equal-opportunity, totally inclusive Holiday that celebrates nature's bountiful harvest and gives you the opportunity to take time to give thanks for the countless number of blessings in our lives. We're thankful for you, our customers, and for the music you make with our products. It's an honor to be able to help a fellow musician in their musical quest, and we're truly thankful for the opportunity to contribute even in a small way.

New Software Update announced for the RECEPTOR VIP model

Do you have a RECEPTOR VIP? If so, have you updated your system software to the latest release? Its easy to do, it only takes a minute, and we highly recommend that you keep your system software current to enjoy everything that your VIP has to offer. We have a new automated process for updating your VIP software. To see how to do it, see this knowlege-base article.

Muse Research Salutes the Volunteer Fundraisers for Hurricane Sandy Relief

The last few weeks have been tough for our friends and colleagues on the East Coast who have been battered by Sandy only to get inundated with a Nor'easter soon after that. We're thankful (there's that word again) for all those who contributed to the American Red Cross to supply disaster relief, and we applaud that so many artists who use RECEPTOR performed on NBC TV to an audience of millions in support of the disaster victims. Specifically, we'd like to acknowledge Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Billy Joel (and his keyboardist David Rosenthal) for offering their talents to this great cause.


ASIA re-united

Time flies when you're having fun, and when you're making great music. And when ASIA re-united with original members John Wetton, Carl Palmer, Steve Howe and Geoff Downes, you know there was some serious music making to be observed when the 30 Year Anniversary of ASIA began their tour. We're very proud to be associated with Geoff, and for those who managed to catch this tour, we hope you were transported as we were back to the heat of the moment. Riding shotgun with Geoff and keeping all of his 9 keyboards and Receptor 2+ PRO humming is the talented Will Alexander.

Blake Shelton is on a roll

Blake Shelton is on a roll. Not only has he become a TV star thanks to his role as a judge on the hit TV show The Voice, but he also cleaned up at the Country Music Awards. Playing keys in the band was none other than Philip De Steiguer, who is now the proud owner of a second RECEPTOR 2+ PRO for use on his fly dates. Philip reports that Blake is just as nice a guy in person as he seems on TV, and we don't doubt that for one minute. Congrats Blake and Phil!

Until next time...
Muse Research

October, 2012

Musings Special Spooky Halloween Edition

Hello to all our musers out there. As you know, those of us living in the US are pretty big fans of Halloween, so we've decided to share some special tricks and treats with you.

KEYBOARD magazine gives big thumbs up to LIVE MODE

Steven Fortner, Editor for Keyboard magazine, came by the Muse offices to check out the new LIVE MODE feature on the RECEPTOR VIP. Steve was really taken with how easy it is to set up a "virtual set list" of presets by dragging and dropping sounds in to a TAG, and then performing those presets LIVE by turning on LIVE mode from the GUI or from the front panel. LIVE MODE then automatically loads all the presets and lets you instantly switch from sound to sound using the rear-panel footswitch input, MIDI program chances, turning the front panel knob, or pressing the patch advance button on the GUI. The GUI was even designed for display on an iPad or other mobile device making it possible to control your VIP remotely from across the stage via Wi-Fi. There's even a "notes" field to keep your performance notes (lyrics, keys, tempos) at the ready! Check out the Keyboard Magazine Video by clicking visiting: for more information.

REHEARSE plug-in from FatBee Productions FREE to RECEPTOR users

Software engineer Fedde B from the Netherlands is a long-time Receptor user who needed to learn various keyboard parts with his band. What better way to learn a tune than putting that tune inside your Receptor and triggering it from your keyboard? The result is the REHEARSE plug-in, Fedde's first plug-in, designed exclusively for RECEPTOR. Rehearse allows solo performers to trigger a .WAV file for playback from your keyboard while you comp, jam, or sing over the top of it. The REHEARSE plug-in now ships on all RECEPTOR 2 and RECEPTOR VIP models, and if you want to try it on your own unit, simply visit:


Carrie Underwood Blows Away San Jose

American Idol superstar Carrie Underwood blew away San Jose with her "Blown Away" tour last week. We were pleased to meet up with Jonathan Hamby who is playing keys with a RECEPTOR 2 PRO doing sampler duties. Jonathan has been out with Carrie all during her rise to super-stardom and is handling the keyboard duties which include several beautiful solo moments with grace and sensitivity, something not always easy to do on a whirlwind of a tour that heads out East for the winter.

Jonathan Hamby, keyboard player for Carrie Underwood

Jonathan Hamby, keyboard player for Carrie Underwood

Until next time...
Muse Research


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