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Musings Spring 11 Edition

Well, its about time to send out another Musings, and a lot has happened over the last few months. In the interest of efficiency we'll skip the marginally humorous introductions and get right down to business:



Our new, faster and more affordable RECEPTOR 2+ line is now shipping and is getting great reviews from clients world-wide. Especially appreciated is the fact that KOMPLETE 7 comes pre-installed on all models, making it a breeze to authorize your unit with a copy of Komplete you own or purchase at your local retailer.

MuseFest draws a supremely talented group from as far away as London!

Muse Research presented their first "master class weekend" for Receptor owners at the beautiful Paicines Ranch outside Hollister the weekend of March 19th. Artists, keyboard techs and product specialists from around the world were invited to spend a weekend with the Muse crew to dive deep into Receptor, as well as learning networking tips for mobile devices as well as getting the most out of Kontakt 4.

Left to Right: Frank Smith, Tim Bonhomme (The Beach Boys) and Nick Smith

That evening after a scrumptious dinner of locally raised grass-fed beef, an open jam ensued, all based on Receptors of course. Some serious tunes went down thanks to the talents of Brendan Milburn and Val Vigoda from Groove Lily, Fred and Jen Chel from L'Amour band, along with Dave Medd from the Tubes. And then there was the late night duel between two truly gifted pianists: Frank Martin and Nick Smith, who proceeded to completely stun the crowd with their talents. With a little help from Ivory 2 and Receptor, of course!

Left to Right: Toad (All American Rejects), Jeff Diffner and Debbie Shair (Heart),
Matt Christiano, CEO Muse Research

Muse Research Shows at Musik Messe

Muse Research showed the RECEPTOR 2+ for the first time in Europe at April's Musik Messe in the EMC booth, as well as showing the pre-production MuseBox in the Peavey booth where Tom Allen took the unit through its paces.

A surprise at the show was a concert headlined by Europe's famous Sunrise Ave, a group of truly talented guys from Finland who also happen to be long time Receptor users (covering both guitars and keyboards). Sunrise Ave played both on the Agora Stage at the fairgrounds, as well as headlining a sold-out concert in Frankfurt sponsored by HR3 Radio Frankfurt. We wish the guys continued success with their new release "Out of Style" and we're pleased they use RECEPTORs to power their high-energy shows.

Sunrise Ave doing their thing on the Agora Stage

We pause now for a "Musings Isn't Just About Music" moment:

Even though you spend most of your time in a big building full of noise during a trade show, Axel Hartman of Design Box and I had a meeting outside the venue in a little seen part of the Messe complex. We were enjoying the fresh air and talking business when Axel noticed the astounding architecture of two adjacent buildings.

Pity that the only people who will ever notice this remarkable bit of architecture are the truck drivers heading to the loading docks!

Okay, back to the Musik Messe. Of course we ran into plenty of artists and users at the show (thanks for coming by to say hi!) and we had more than our fair share of great musical moments, including the incredible jazz stylings of Valentino Favotto (Mr. Hancock, should you be reading this, your protégé awaits).

Mega-talented Valentino Favotto with Muse's Bryan Lanser

Receptor expert Robert Karasek explains the mixer to a customer from Austria

Sunrise Ave's Raul Ruutu and Mikko Laine stop by and say "Hi" between shows!

Spring Has Sprung Applied Acoustics Special!

Its spring here, so there's a lot of blooming going on, so we thought we'd spring a great deal for all you Receptor users. From now until May 31st, all Applied Acoustics Software is just $99 each... that's a whopping 50% off the normal price!

Need some Rhodes or Wurly sounds? Then Lounge Lizard 3 is your answer.

Looking for arguably the finest sounding Virtual Analog Synth around? You gotta check out Ultra Analog for some of the fattest oscillators anywhere.

On the prowl for something unique and different? String Studio delivers with great string and plucked sounds that are unlikely anything you've heard before.

Can't decide? You can own them all for $297, which is over $100 less than the normal bundle price! Just go on to Plugorama and order now to get these great prices... But hurry, prices return to normal on June 1st!


As the weather improves in the Northern Hemisphere, bands start to load up and hit the road for another concert season. We're pleased that several new artists have chosen RECEPTOR to power their rigs, and here are but a few of the latest:

Paul Mirkovich and Receptors power NBC's hit new music show: The Voice

The multi-talented Paul Mirkovich, fresh off his extended run with Cher in Vegas (where they had 4 Receptors running full out) has landed a new gig as the MD of NBC's new smash hit "The Voice". "The Voice" is a vocal competition hosted by Carson Daly and features four musician / coaches: Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, who will coach only the most talented vocalists.

Of course Paul is using his Receptors on the show, working the incredibly talented keyboardist Eric Daniels, who is also using Receptor to cover all the synth parts. Add to that Blake Shelton's keyboardist Philip DeStiguer is also a Receptor user, and it would seem that "The Voice" is not only an exciting new concept in musical reality television, but also a veritable Receptor showcase! Congrats to Paul and Eric on their exciting new project!

The set for NBC's The Voice. Paul is playing keyboards on the left, Eric is on the right

Celine Dion's new Vegas show has Mego on keys and Receptor in the rack

Celine Dion's long-time music director Mego picked up a Receptor 2+ PRO MAX a couple of months ago for Celine's new Caesar's Palace show that opened in March and begins an extended run in June. Since you can't get enough of a good thing, they promptly added another unit to the rig to cover just piano parts, running Ivory 2 off a solid-state drive. Congrats to Celine and crew for a triumphant return to Vegas.

Claude "Mego" LeMay next to his MIDIfied piano controlling his RECEPTOR 2+ PRO MAX

Josh Groban's keyboardist Tariqh Akoni hits the road with Receptor and Project Sam and Los Angeles Studio Strings...

Looking to enhance the sound of the live orchestra on stage at every Josh Groban performance, keyboardist / arranger / music director Tariqh Akoni has picked up two fully-loaded RECEPTOR 2 + Pro Maxes to add various enhancements to the show, as well as a third unit just for running Ivory 2 for the piano sounds. Looking after the rig is Michael Klavana, who first got introduced to Receptor working with Crosby Stills and Nash who use Receptor for running Ivory an Omnisphere live and in the studio. The Groban tour just returned from a successful run in Europe. Comments Tariqh on the Receptors: "The Receptors are AMAZING!"

Coldplay upgrades to RECEPTOR 2+ PROs with SSD for their rig

As Coldplay readies a new album and concert tour starting in Germany this June, keyboard tech wizards Miller and Neill Lambert are readying their rigs with upgraded RECEPTOR 2+ PROs with SSDs to join their existing four Receptors. Hopefully their Receptor rack mates won't get too jealous of their faster siblings!

Rex Mauney backs Toby Keith on Dancing with the Stars

ABC's hit dance competition features various musical guests week to week, and a recent appearance of Toby Keith capped "American Week" in the TV competition. Despite the fact you saw a Yamaha keyboard, the piano sounds you heard were actually Receptor, according to Rex. In other news, Toby and the Easy Money band are off to the Mid-East for another round of USO shows this month, starting in Kuwait. We wish them Godspeed and we thank them for entertaining our men and women in uniform overseas.

Toby Keith with the Easy Money Band and Cast of DWTS

Pendulum picks up yet another RECEPTOR 2 with SSD.

Between tearing around the world performing their infectious LIVE D&B grooves and working in the studio on new tunes, Pendulum has finally found time to experience the new RECEPTOR 2+ with SSD, adding it to their collection of... drum roll please... 10 Receptors, making them our single largest Receptor user.

Pendulum at the Fillmore. Rob Swire is on keyboards on the left

If you're not familiar with Pendulum, just pick up the latest copy of MIX magazine where they cover their recent tour of the US (with Receptors in tow, of course) and check out their infectious grooves on their website:, or check out their latest release "Immersion" or download RANSOM, a charity track for Japanese Tsunami Relief.

Jim Harp upgrades to the latest / greatest for "Sleeping Beauty Awakes"

Noted Broadway synth programmer Jim Harp is trading up his RECEPTOR 2 PROs for RECEPTOR 2+ PRO MAXs as he begins work on the new Groovelily musical " Sleeping Beauty Awakes". This inspired show finds Sleeping Beauty waking up centuries later in a sleep disorder clinic where all the Princes seem to have left the building. Featuring the musical work of Brendan Miburn and Valerie Vigoda of Groovelily and "Striking 12" fame, this show is sure to captivate audiences with its own fairy tail magic. For up to the minute news, visit the Groovelily website and check out Brendan's blog:

Steve Ferlazzo lands another Receptor as he heads out on Avril's world tour

Keyboardist / engineer / producer Steve Ferlazzo added another RECEPTOR 2 + PRO to his keyboard rig for Avril Lavignes's new world tour launching next month. Steve uses an Arturia Origin for classic synth sounds and RECEPTOR 2 for all his sampled sounds, organs, and pianos. Everything is networked together into a mothership of a rig, controlled by iPad. Receptor is in the rack on the right, and this picture was taken before his 2nd one was installed.

Rod Stewart hits the road with Stevie Nicks

Two legends of rock-n-roll are on the road with a great double billing - Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks. We had a chance to connect up with Matt O'Connor who is playing percussion, drums, and mallets in the show, using a Receptor and an Alternate Mode Mallet Kat.

Matt is using a combination of the Native Instruments Kontakt library supplemented by sounds from Project Sam True Strike, along with some different sounds as the music requires. During the show Matt covers a TON of parts, from congas/ bongos to various mallet instruments to drum kit to hand percussion and even background vocals. Needless to say Matt is one very busy guy!

Rod Stewart with some of his band...
That's Matt O'Connor on the riser playing Receptor through his Mallet Kat

Until next time...
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