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Musings NAMM Edition

Greetings and salutations from somewhat-soggy Northern California. Don't get us wrong, we love the rain since we live in such a populous state, but every once in a while it's nice to se the sun, don't you think? Nothing shakes off the winter doldrums though like a trip to beautiful sunny Southern California to attend (yet another) NAMM show! Whoo Hoo! Road trip!

Actually this NAMM was particularly unique because we showed new products, and announced new partnerships that give us cause to celebrate. In case you didn't get by our booth at the show, here is a run down on what you missed:


The RECEPTOR 2 line received a major refresh with larger drives and faster processors on the PRO models, letting you store and run more virtual instruments and effects then ever. Here's a brief summary of the product line.

RECEPTOR 2+: NEW 750GB hard drive... more than 2X the storage capacity of before! We're talkin' mondo storage now.

RECEPTOR 2+ PRO: FASTER 3GHz processor and bigger 1TB hard drive than before! Basically its the PRO MAX at the old PRO price! Gotta love it.

RECEPTOR 2+ PRO MAX: EVEN FASTER 3.3GHz processor - the fastest one available - and 50% more storage capacity with the 1.5TB drive. Whoa. Crazy, huh?

It gets better: these improvements all come without a change in price. And as always, you can upgrade to the latest greatest at a modest price so you can keep up with our improvements and refinements of the hardware plugin player that has no equal!


We know. It's late. However, MuseBox is progressing nicely and was shown in its production clothing, featuring a robust die cast aluminum panel, soft-touch membrane switches, and sexy blue LCD, and was giving people a taste of what our bad boy in blue is going to sound like. Players loved the keyboard sounds, especially the pianos, commenting that it sounded way better than their Motifs and Tritons thanks to the killer UVI powered MUSEPLAYER virtual instrument. And guitarists can't wait to crank it up to 11 with the ReValver HP amp modeler. We also announced that the MuseBox will have the Masterverb 4 and TrackPlug 4 effects built in so you can process guitars, drums, voices, and of course the resident keyboard sounds. We also shows MuseBox doing its thing at the Peavey Stage, with Goo Goo Dolls multi-instrumentalist KOREL TUNADOR and Santa Cruz's very own TOM SAVELL playing guitar through it at the Peavey Booth.


Thanks to everyone who came by to say "hi" and see what's new in MuseLand. Here are but a few of the distinguished guests who came by to see and be seen!


Abel Pabon (Joss Stone)
and Gary Grove

Debbie Shair(Heart) & Darian Sahanaja (Brian Wilson) Checking out MuseBox

Korel Tunador (GooGooDolls), Matt Christiano and Ruben Valtierro (Weird Al)

Guitarist Tom Savell puts MuseBox through its paces at the Peavey Booth

Phil Muller and Muse R&D CEO
Matt Christiano

Eric Shnell, Bryan Lanser,
and Terry Lawless (U2)


We also had some significant news about our developer relations, with Native Instruments signing an agreement to have KOMPLETE 7 installed on each and every RECEPTOR we sell. Gone are the days of tedious software installation of this stunning collection of sounds from world-leader NI. Of course you can still purchase the KOMPLETE INSIDE version of RECEPTOR which will come to you pre-authorized and ready to make music (along with the discs and extra licenses for your computer or another Receptor) but now everyone is KOMPLETE READY with our new distribution relationship with Native Instruments.

MOTU is now officially supported on RECEPTOR in the form of Ethno 2 and Electric Keys, with Mach V likely to follow very soon. Please keep an eye out for the requisite installer files on Plugorama so you can install and run these very impressive plugins on your RECEPTOR.

Italian Grand II is officially supported on RECEPTOR 2 as well. Those guys at Synthogy really know how to make a piano sing, and we're pleased to have both IVORY 2 and Italian Grand 2 available for installation on RECEPTOR 2.

Last but certainly not least, we announced the PROJECT SAM RECEPTOR which has all of the stunning PROJECT SAM plugins pre-installed and authorized on a custom drive available with the new RECEPTOR 2+ PRO MAX. This special order unit is perfect for the composer or arranger who wants to take advantage of the amazing PROJECT SAM libraries, including Symphobia 1 and 2, True Strike 1 and 2, and Orchestral Brass Classic. This special unit is available from Project Sam in Europe and from Muse Research in North America.


Dan Schlessinger Demos the Microphone
as Music Instrument.

Note the Receptor on the far right
on the pedestal!

Everybody knows Sennheiser, right? You know, that classic old German microphone company? Well forget about your preconceptions about classic mic companies doing something extraordinary, like showing off their Performance Microphone technology at the NAMM show. This wireless microphone featured MIDI triggers and programmable controllers combined with a gyroscope and accelerometers, all connected up to a RECEPTOR 2 to provide processing and sound effects. Sennheiser's Dan Schlesinger showed how a person could use a looping plug-in to create a groove, then provide different effects over the top of the groove based on the singer's moves. Need more reverb to hit that high note? No problem. Have an instrumental section that needs tambourine? Just press the button and shake the mic. And I have to say using the mic as a virtual percussion trigger for air drums had this particular observer blown away with the possibilities. Its not a product yet, but it is an amazingly cool concept and I have to say we're pretty proud to be providing the processing and effects engine for this break-though product. Microphones are now music instruments. It's about time!


Being winter in North America, a lot of acts are hunkering down and waiting for Spring to come before they venture out, but that doesn't stop some intrepid souls from doing their thing come rain, sleet, or snow... for example:

Steve Ferlazzo rings in the New Year with Avril Lavigne

Keyboardist / engineer / producer Steve Ferlazzo appeared on Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve playing keyboards with Avril Lavigne. Steve uses an Arturia Origin for classic synth sounds and RECEPTOR 2 for all his sampled sounds, organs, and pianos.

Roger Waters The Wall relying on RECEPTOR 2 for drum and effects sounds

The Wall is legendary as a powerful show both for its themes as well as its production values. So when drum tech Eddie Butler needed a reliable platform to for drummer Graham Broad to trigger drum sounds and effects using Battery 3, he enlisted RECEPTOR 2 to fill the bill.

Tim Myer and Eddie Butler posing with their RECEPTORs.

Graham Broad's Drum kit... note Receptor's screen to the left

Until next time...
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