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Musings Winter 2011 Edition

Woosh. The Holidays start coming at you starting with Halloween and suddenly it's all over and we're facing a New Year. We hope your Holidays were enjoyable - we were all busy getting ready for some huge announcements at the NAMM show. However, there are some things we can talk about now, so we'll get right to it:

A hearty Happy New Year and official invitation to come see us at NAMM!!

Well, a New Year is upon us and like every January for the last many years, we will be heading to Anaheim for the NAMM WINTER SHOW, occurring from January 19th through the 22nd. This is an extra-special show for us since we have a really big announcement planned (a couple of them, actually) so if you are coming to the NAMM show, be sure to come over to booth 6729 and check out what we have in store for what promises to be a very exciting 2012! So tweet yourself, tweet your friends, put it in your calendar, and post it on your facebook wall!


RECEPTOR 2 series get updated to V1.9.

Hopefully you've seen the new items that we have released a FREE update to the RECEPTOR 2 family system software, called V1.9. I know it’s been a while since we released an update, but MuseBox was a "difficult birth" as they say on TV so we've been kinda distracted. But, we now have V1.9 ready to download and install, and it gives you several performance improvements such as better multi-core processing compatibility, improve USB compatibility, new support and diagnostic tools as well as SMART SNAP SHOTS.

Yes , those plucky Snaphots went to college and got Smart on us, basically allowing you to select which channels in a Snapshot bank you'd like to thaw from their frozen state and receive patch changes. This means if you have a virtual analog synth or something that doesn't use a ton of samples, you can let it change its source presets along with the main snapshot preset, drastically improving the power and flexibility of the already-way-cool Snapshot feature.

This update is FREE to all registered RECEPTOR 2 customers, and is available here:

As always, you MUST have V1.8 installed before you can install V1.9. And if you have an older Receptor, say a Rev 1 A / B / C model, you can be part of the fun as well, since you can STILL upgrade it to the latest greatest and run the new system software and all the latest/ greatest plug-ins thanks to our excellent upgrade program:

MuseBox wows Peavey Sales Staff - Official Launch coming at NAMM!

MuseBox is finally on its way to market. MuseBox is an exceptionally easy-to-use half-rack, 2U instrument and effects processor that is being manufactured and distributed by Peavey Electronics. To that end, Peavey recently had a big sales training in anticipation of its official launch at NAMM, and as a testament to how easy to use the product is, at the end of the presentation the room broke out in a spontaneous jam with the sales staff.

Since you are probably reading this because you own a RECEPTOR, it is useful to understand the differences between RECEPTOR and MuseBox. First off, MuseBox is designed to be a complete "meat and potatoes" solution for most keyboardists, guitarists, and vocalists, and heavily emphasizes the presets that have been created for the resident software inside. It boasts a comprehensive collection of sounds featuring UVI player-based MusePlayer from Universons, as well as virtual instruments from AAS, Camel Audio, ForeFront, U-he, and others. Each preset has been meticulously crafted by Muse's Kevin Bryson and noted sound-designer Chris Martirano (of Synthogy and Kurzweil fame).

Even with an amazing 800MB piano and a 200 MB electric piano that blows the socks off any workstation keyboard sound you might have played, MuseBox also takes its talents into the world of Guitars and Vocals with ReValver amp modeling, MuVoice Lite vocal processing, as well as awesome reverb and signal processing with WaveArts Masterverb 4 and TrackPlug4. And all of these presets are available with a simple twist of a knob and push of a button.

However, rest assured that MuseBox won't replace your beloved Receptor, since the processor and storage limitations in Receptor's lil' bro make it impossible to run virtual instruments like Ivory, Omnisphere, or Komplete 8. And although MuseBox supports adding additional software via CF card, it can't run the hundreds of plug-ins that work on the RECEPTOR. And when you consider RECEPTOR's multi-channel I/O, digital I/O features like Smart Snapshots, and road-proven rack-mount design, we think you'll see MuseBox as a really likable companion to your Receptor, not a replacement. There's a ton of good stuff about MuseBox, and if you're like most people who've checked it out, you'll want one for yourself. However, its not threat to RECEPTOR's dominance as the best place to run virtual instruments and effects!

KOMPLETE 8 / KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE now pre-installed on new RECEPTORs

All RECEPTOR 2+, RECEPTOR 2+ PRO and RECEPTOR 2+ PRO MAX products come with Native Instruments KOMPLETE 8 installed, and if you pick up a PRO or PRO MAX, they also come with KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE installed. Considering these incredible new virtual instrument and effects collections from Native Instruments have over 100GBs of libraries at your disposal (over 200GB in ULTIMATE) you will thank us for not putting you through the installation process. Feel free to buy us a coffee next time you see us. Of course you can still purchase your RECEPTOR 2 + model with KOMPLETE 8 pre-authorized, which means all you do is take it out of the box and start playing. I wish all music tech worked like that...


Well, the year wound up with several tours finishing up what was a banner year for attendance. And many Receptor-using artists were nominated for CMA awards such as Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton, and plenty of Receptor-using artists were nominated for AMA awards such as Lady Gaga, Foo Fighters, Enrique Iglesias, Beyoncé, and Blake Shelton! Congrats one and all!

Second Season for "The VOICE" on NBC

Paul Mirkovich is the MD on the new season of The Voice, and to start off the new Season he recently traded in two of his older Receptors for two brand-spanking-new RECEPTOR 2+ PRO models. Can't wait to catch the new season of this exciting new show... with RECEPTOR in tow!

DECEMBER PEOPLE do Christmas with a Twist

December PeopleDecember People

Dave Medd, (keyboard player for The Tubes, The Greg Kihn Band and Quicksilver Messenger Service) joined bass player Robert Berry (of Asia / ELP / GTR fame), drummer Mike Vanderhule (of Y&T), Gary Pihl (lead guitarist with Boston) and the multi-talented Jack Foster to form December People, an incredibly entertaining group that covers Christmas classics with a serious rock-and-roll attitude.

We expect that December People will become much more popular in the coming year as they recently taped a PBS special that will air next Christmas, and given their ultra-tight harmonies, awesome arrangements, and impeccable musicianship, we think this band is destined for great things!

The Boss revs up for a new tour, gears up with new RECEPTOR 2+ PROs

Keyboard techs Marty Gelhaar and Bill St. Amour are readying the rigs for the Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band tour of 2012! They are replacing their tired Emulators 4s (alas, I knew them well) with RECEPTOR 2+ PROs running KONTAKT 5, in addition to FM sounds from FM8 and various samples as well. We know their tour will be a huge success, and we're honored to be supplying gear to one of America's rock and roll legends!

INCUBUS hits the road with Custom Receptor Keyboards!

The astounding alt rock/funk/ fusion band INCUBUS is back with a new release called "If Not Now, When?" and has been out touring the world with a few RECEPTORS covering various keyboard duties. Of particular note is the amazing repackaging of a Fatar StudioLogic controller along with a RECEPTOR running Ivory 2 in a super small vintage spinet cabinet. Here's a picture of Monitor mixer / programmer Darren Lagroe and Keyboard tech Ted Whitacre with this very cool package: 

Incubus rig

Here's guitarist / keyboardist Michael Einziger with lead singer Brandon Boyd:

Incubus 2

Also shown is Chris Kilmore manning his killer rig consisting of a MIDI-ized Rhodes, custom B3, Moog , Turntables, and of course his RECEPTOR 2+ PRO!

Incubus 3

He writes the songs that make the whole world sing. And goes on tour, too.

Yup, that's right. Barry Manilow has finished up his long running hit show in Vegas, and is taking his show on the road. First stop... Radio City Music Hall! And keyboardist extraordinaire Joey Melotti will be doing his thing with his new RECEPTOR 2+ PRO

Joey Melotti

Alex Campos picks up Latin Christian Music Grammy, Juan Botello on Keys

Receptor user Juan Botello has been busy this year touring the world with South America's leading Christian music artist and grammy-award winner Alex Campos. Juan has been playing to sold-out houses all over the world during their "Language of Love" tour. ... Juan recently shared a short YouTube Video documenting the adventure:

Not only has Juan been a busy guy making great music, he also has shared with us some of the very best shots of Receptor in action we have ever seen. Check 'em out:

Juan Botello

Juan Botello

Cirque Du Soleil and Omnisphere bring ethereal dimension to TOTEM

RECEPTORs are often used in huge stage productions, including major Broadway and West End shows, so it should come as no surprise that the creative staff at Cirque du Soleil outfitted one of their newest shows TOTEM with RECEPTORs. Running in parallel in a very complex rig, RECEPTOR is used to run Omnisphere and a variety of other plugi-ns in this poignant show about humanity. On tour now in London and moving to California in the Spring, be sure to take in this remarkable show when it comes through your tribal lands.

Cirque Du SoleilCirque Du Soleil

Randy Cohen outfits several big Broadway shows with RECEPTORS, London's Loh Humm upgrades en masse

Keyboard programmer extraordinaire Randy Cohen continues to rely on RECEPTOR for blockbuster shows on and off Broadway, where "Follies" and "Lysistrata Jones” are using RECEPTORs in the pit. Also, the 'truck and bus' tours of "American Idiot" by Green Day and "In the Heights" are using RECEPTOR as well.

RECEPTORS were also sighted in the pit Lerner & Lowe's "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever" starring the multi-talented Harry Connick Jr.

Across the pond, Media Pros reports that Loh Humm Audio, the company that outfits much of the West End's keyboard rigs, is upgrading 10 Receptors used by various West End theater companies... more news on that as it develops, but for now we'd just say "Jolly Good" and leave it at that.

Breaking News: Weird Al Isn't. 

The immensely talented Ruben Valtierra has been playing keyboards for Weird Al Yankovic for years now, and recently updated his rig to include a RECEPTOR 2 PRO for a ton of sounds, including organs, pads, and a large variety of samples running in Kontakt.

On a recent swing through the Bay Area, Al and Crew managed to blow away the audience with a fast-paced and hugely entertaining show. One part comedy routine, one part music theater, and one part concert, the ever-irreverent Al pokes fun at all aspects of popular culture, all delivered with astounding musicianship that allows the show to ascend above the limits of parody and become an art-form in and of itself. Attendees were left with nothing but a profound respect for the artist and his band members, leaving the audience with huge smiles on their faces. Bravo Al, and thanks for relying on RECEPTOR for this amazing show, Ruben!

Weird Al Yankovic
Bryan Lanser (Muse), Ruben Valtierra (keys), Stephen Fortner (Keyboard Magazine), Al Yankovic, Kevin Bryson (Muse) Tina Jupp, Gary Gove (Muse)


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