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Muse Research Musings October 2010

Its October, which means that AES is just around the corner. You'll really want to come by our booth at this year's AES to see what we've been working on... we think you'll be impressed!! We could tell you what that is, but that would ruin the surprise. If you need a pass to the show (it's free) simply follow the link below and get your self signed up!

Only 3 Weeks Left For Amazingly Low Prices On RECEPTOR 2

These super-low prices won’t last forever! In fact, they’ll only last until October 31, 2010. So get a RECEPTOR 2 for $1599, a RECEPTOR 2 PRO for $1999, or a RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX for $2499 before it’s too late! Click Here!

Plus, if you refer a friend who buys a RECEPTOR at Plugorama, you can get a $200 gift certificate! Just make sure your friend fills out the referral fields during checkout.

Komplete 7 Available For RECEPTOR 2

Komplete 7

The RECEPTOR 2 series now runs Native Instrument’s new KOMPLETE 7 collection of virtual instruments and effects. KOMPLETE 7 features dozens of instruments with a massive sound library of instruments covering a huge range of styles. KOMPLETE 7 is available pre-installed on any model of RECEPTOR, or can be user-installed with Muse Research’s new Direct Install II™ technology.

Pablo La Rosa, International Director of Marketing for Native Instruments, shares, “KOMPLETE 7 is our biggest and most powerful software instrument and effects bundle ever. With all 24 of these amazing plug-ins now running on RECEPTOR, performing musicians now have the ultimate solution to cover just about any sound they need.”

Get Komplete 7 pre-installed, pre-authorized and ready to rock for just an additional $499 with purchase of any RECEPTOR, or purchase RECEPTOR WITH KOMPLETE INSIDE for just $1999... a killer deal if there ever was one. All Komplete packages include multiple authorizations, so it can be installed on a DAW computer as well.

Take Our SuperShort Survey!

Want extra I/O for your RECEPTOR? Take our 3-question survey and let us know what you think. Click here!

RECEPTOR/Ableton Videos

Check out our newest videos featuring pro-keyboardist Steve Ferlazzo (Avril Lavigne, DJ Muggs, Dramagods) as he walks you though using the RECEPTOR with Ableton LIVE. This series of videos is fun, informative and entertaining. Check it out!

Steve Ferlazzo - Using Receptor and the UniWire Plug-in

Chapter 1
Using Receptor and
the UniWire Plug-in

Chapter 2
Using Receptor To
Get a Big Sound

Chapter 3
On Stage

XLN Audio Addictive Drums and MuseBox

Addictive DrumsWe are happy to announce that XLN Audio’s Addictive Drums library of drum sounds is fully compatible with the upcoming MuseBox Software Synthesizer / Sound Module / Effects Processor. Addictive Drums’ Sonor, DW and Tama kits, plus its library of effects, presets and MIDI files will make your MuseBox the ultimate drum module.

“We are extremely pleased to be part of this next generation method of performing with virtual instruments in a live scenario. MuseBox and Addictive Drums are a perfect match and are sure to be a go-to solution for drummers who want to use the best drum software live,” shared Markus "Majken" Höglund of XLN Audio.

If you’re in the area, check out MuseBox at AES, November 5-7, 2010, in San Francisco, CA.

RECEPTOR 2 Earns Key Buy Award… Check Out The Review

Key Buy AwardKeyboard Magazine recently reviewed the RECEPTOR 2 in the August 2010 issue and deemed it worthy of a Key Buy Award. As editor Stephen Fortner and co-writer Kevin Lamb put it, “The RECEPTOR 2 is completely bad-ass...UniWire is so absolutely seamless that it makes the prospect of setting up multiple computers to do the same job unattractive—and I thought that before the price drop. For anyone touring or moving from studio to studio, the RECEPTOR 2 is almost too obvious not to use.”

Read The Full Review Here


Check out the new – the resource site for the Muse Research RECEPTOR! Configure and purchase your RECEPTOR, get RECEPTOR-compatible software, check out special bundle deals and register your RECEPTOR. Plus, you’ll find a treasure trove of tips, FAQs, video tutorials and so much more. Click Here!


The Infinite Response Solution

Muse Research and Infinite Response have partnered to deliver an integrated solution for RECEPTOR 2 and Infinite Responses’ VAX77 High Performance MIDI Controller Keyboard.

VAX77 High Performance MIDI Controller KeyboardSimply import you RECEPTOR 2 Bank and Patch file into the VAX 77 Patch Librarian program. Download the patches into the VAX77 and set the VAX77 to “RECEPTOR Mode” and you have all of your presets and library of sounds available at your fingertips!

The VAX77 color touch-screen allows you to scroll through the banks and presets on each RECEPTOR channel for ease of use whether in studio or performing live on stage. The touch-screen displays the current preset and any other standby presets. Random access is achieved by scrolling through the play-list with the right-side wheel, then touch the name of the preset you want.

The VAX77 was recently awarded Keyboard Magazine’s “Key Buy Award” and was described as “a beautiful instrument with real power to make gigging easier...” And one more thing… the VAX77 folds providing you with the only high performance keyboard that is truly portable!

As a special offer to current RECEPTOR owners, the VAX77 is being offered now for only $2,695 plus $25 for shipping, exclusively from! This special deal is only good through December 31, 2010 and represents a 10% discount from the regular price of $2,995.00.

The VAX77 comes with 76 weighted keys and is available in either black or red.

VAX77 High Performance MIDI Controller Keyboard


November 5-7, 2010 – See us at the AES Show in San Francisco, where we’ll be up and running with RECEPTOR 2 and MuseBox demos! Find us in booth 2987. Find out more at

129th AES Convention


Roger Waters' live tour of "The Wall" reinforced with RECEPTOR 2 PROs

The Wall Live

The Wall Live

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame continues to tour the U.S. performing “The Wall Live.” Why revisit this landmark, decades-old album? As Waters shares, “This new production of The Wall is an attempt to draw some comparisons, to illuminate our current predicament, and is dedicated to all the innocence lost in the intervening years.”

The Wall, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, spent 15 weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, and has been certified 23-times platinum.

The centerpiece of the show is an actual wall that’s constructed during the first half of the show and knocked down at the end. In wanting to trigger effects from the album and drum sounds for the show, the crew on The Wall, with Tim Myer supporting the guitarists and Eddie Butler supporting drummer Graham Broad decided RECEPTOR 2 PRO was just the solution they were looking for. They transferred samples from their Macs into Battery 3, and in a couple of hours they had a road-ready, awesome sounding solution ready to build and tear down that Wall around the world.

Don't miss your chance to see what will be arguably the most spectacular concert tour of the year when it comes through your town!

Korel Tunador releases his first solo work

Korel Tunador

Korel Tunador
Korel’s setup with the Goo Goo Dolls

Korel Tunador, a long time user of RECEPTOR with the Goo Goo Dolls and Katy Perry has been busy both performing with the aforementioned groups as well as creating a CD of solo work in his “free time.” The result? His new release, No Tomorrows, which features some great music and a whole lot of RECEPTOR!

Korel shares, “I spent a lot of time on RECEPTOR coming up with custom sounds. For this project I would spend some time pulling up a bunch of different pads in a snapshot multi for whatever tune I was working on.  I would end up with a huge palette of potential sounds, but be able to cycle through all different combinations as snapshots.  When it came time to tracking, I could audition the different options quickly. Then I would solo the sounds individually for recording so the mix could be more tailored."

“A good example is the song ‘It Hurts.’ It's a very sparse and subtle tune,
but there's many layers of RECEPTOR weirdness! Along with a few other synth sounds, I made a custom pad in Atmosphere; a smooth low synth bass, coupled with a scary wind type sound that I concocted. I tracked the pad twice with the sounds individually, so we could ride them separately later."

“With the RECEPTOR's portability I was able to design sounds at home, then do my keyboard tracking either at my home studio, the bigger studios or even while on the road, with a midi-sport hooked up to my laptop. In general, the layout of RECEPTOR makes it super quick to mix and match your favorite boutique plug-ins, then take your totally unique signatures on the road, to the studio, or in a two-space rack as a carry-on through the airport. ...not so easy to do all of that with your studio tower."

Check it out at

William Butler and Arcade Fire get out of the suburbs with RECEPTOR

The SuburbsIndie band Arcade Fire have been touring the U.S. in support of their new release, The Suburbs. William Butler, brother of frontman Win Butler, is responsible for keyboards, bass, guitar and percussion. How does he juggle all of this and keep the crowds happy? He shares, “We've got a fairly complicated stage setup - we probably use more instruments than is good for us. Before we found the RECEPTOR, we were depending on computers to create some of the sounds we wanted live, which made us all a little nervous. Now we can get the sounds we need and the instruments we want in a reliable, simple package." Find out when they’re coming to a city near you at

Arcade Fire

Mark Hart and Crowded House spread some Intrigue with new album / tour

Crowded House have been bringing down the house as they tour the U.S. in support of their latest release, Intriguer. Next stops include the UK, Australia and South Africa! With them for the long haul are Mark Hart and his RECEPTORs. As the keyboardist and guitarist for the band, Mark has found RECEPTOR indispensable. Even his tech Marcus Bennett thinks the world of their RECEPTORs, saying "The RECEPTORs have been great. Solid as a rock, not a moment's trouble. I can’t begin to tell you what a great attribute that is... I really believe in the product. I think it’s one of the best devices to come out in a long time". Find out more at

Crowded House

David Gray ventures out in The Foundling, Tim Bradshaw joins World Tour

Long time RECEPTOR user Tim Bradshaw joins David Gray on a world tour to support David's new release The Foundling, available now on CD. Tim reunites with David after spending a few years out with John Mayer, and is happy to be back in a keyboard chair with a RECEPTOR in the rack. Says Tim: "The RECEPTOR is the best sounding rack unit I've used. Editing the sounds and setting up multis or snapshots, effects, etc. is a pleasure not a chore as the editing interface is logical and quick. You really can't play your best unless you have complete confidence in the sound you're using, and the RECEPTOR really delivers."

Joe Cocker keyboardist Nick Milo embarks on world tour with RECEPTOR 2 PRO

Powerhouse and multi-talented keyboardist, producer, arranger, and music director Nick Milo has long been interested in RECEPTOR, and finally made the leap this summer in anticipation of a new Joe Cocker "Hard Knocks" CD release and tour. Nick is using his RECEPTOR to upgrade his usual synth sounds, as well as playing back samples off the CD itself. The versatility of the RECEPTOR 2 PROs are proving themselves with their ability to cover a wide range of instrumentation all with unbeatable sonic quality.

Look for Nick when the Hard Knocks tour comes through your town. Tour dates and CD info available at, and you can check out Nicks' considerable body of work at

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